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Easy Makeover Tricks You Should Try
Easy Makeover Tricks You Should Try

See how day-to-night makeup and sexy face-framing layers can update your look

Makeover dream team -- American Idol lead makeup-artist Mezhgan, and stylists Paul Perez and Leland Ferrell and colorist Adam Scheib from the Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles -- give Web designer Dana a pretty-yet-easy-to-maintain beauty update. See how you too can transform your look without adding minutes to your routine. Photographs: Andrew Stiles

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YSL Parisienne Review


YSL Parisienne SP Ad


I was given a media sample of YSL Parisienne, the latest fragrance offering from Yves Saint Laurent. YSL launches the new fragrance in the United States this month, complete with a sensuous new commercial featuring Kate Moss:

First of all, the packaging is pretty simple but is a delight to the eyes- it reminds of a glass liquor bottle containing an alluring rose-colored liquid. Very simple lines, sleek, but attractive.

YSL Parisienne is obviously a modern take on the classic YSL Paris. I am fond of floral scents so this fragrance is up my alley. I like that the scent is not purely rose as pure rose scents sometimes have the cloying effect on me. The top notes are vinyl accord evoking metal gloss and varnish, followed by the tartness of cranberry, but softened by the fruity scent of blackberry. Its heart notes are definitely the unmistakable sensuality of damask rose, mixed with the powdery violet. It is this powdery violet that I don't really care very much for. However, the drydown is amazing on my skin. Its base notes are a cornucopia of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

Imagine the sensuality of roses mixed with the mysterious, woodsy scent of sandalwood and musk, but uplifting the somewhat dark elements are the fruity notes of blackberry and cranberry. It evokes mystery, sensuality, confidence, with a touch of playfulness. This is not your high school or college fragrance, but it's also not your grandmother's perfume. This is definitely for a woman in her prime, not too young, but not too old either. A woman in her thirties perfectly captures the fragrance, and I believe Kate Moss in the commercial depicts the kind of woman who wears this fragrance.

At first spritz, I found myself attracted to the alluring rose notes, but I was kinda disappointed at the powdery violet notes. Amazingly, though, the powdery violet scent disappears as the product stays longer on my skin, and as I said, the drydown is pleasant - a wonderful mix of woodsy floral with the tiniest hint of fruit notes.

The fragrance was created by Sophia Grojsman and Sophie Labbé for YSL, and the Eau de Parfum is available in 1 oz., 1.6 oz., and 3.0 oz. bottles.

My MAC Green Eyeshadow Swatches

I can't believe that I haven't posted my green MAC eyeshadow swatches yet, considering that green is my favorite color. I did these swatches way back in July, and I guess I just got sidetracked from posting it. Anyways, here are some of them. I have mostly limited edition ones, but it wouldn't hurt to see them anyway, because sooner or later, some of these will be repromoted in a future collection.


Metamorph is a limited edition eyeshadow from the Madame B. collection from way back. It is a highly-coveted shadow because it's been discontinued and the color is gorgeous. It is the perfect, springy light green for me that works great on the inner or lower lid area. The finish is amazing and it glides like butter on the skin and gives a pretty, low sheen. I also have Meadowland and Pink Papillion from the same collection and these three are gems from the Madame B. collection.

Pagan is a matte yellow-green from the Alexander McQueen collection. Like a lot of others, I wasn't too impressed with its color pay-off. You really have to pack it on and have a really good colored base underneath to make it pop. If you do get it to work for you, though, it is a pretty lime green that would also work great as a lid color.

Ah, Lustreleaf. Many hated it because it is in lustre formula, the most-loathed MAC shadow formula in my opinion, because of the lack of color pay-off. What is actually a point against Lustreleaf turned out to be its strongest trait. It applied sheerly so that you can actually use this green shadow to highlight your browbones when you do green-based eye looks. It's also great for the inner corners of the eyes.

Aquavert is a limited edition from the Lure collection in 2006, and it got repromoted in this year's Sugar Sweet collection. It is a light, frosty mint green that is very springy in look and feel. This would look great paired with darker greens or olives.

Warm Chill is another limited edition from the Cool Heat collection. It is a frosty sea foam green with gold pearl that I hardly use, but it is pretty nonetheless. The color would show up better over a green paint pot or other green base.

Meadowland is such a highly coveted LE shadow. It is also from the Madame B. collection. It is also a seafoam green but it is darker than Warm Chill and Meadowland has a lot better color pay-off. It is such a beautiful shade that would work great as an inner corner or lower lid color.

Guacamole is one of my very prized eyeshadows. It is such a highly-coveted shadow because it is a limited edition one from the Salsabelle collection, and whenever I see it being sold online, the prices were downright exorbitant and outrageous. I think Guacamole is worth the hype, though. It is a beautiful mid-green with gold flecks, a grass green with superior color pay-off.

Wondergrass is a limited edition shadow from the C-Shock collection. It is a bright grass green, perhaps the same depth as Guacamole but a lot brighter. It's quite bold, has a grittier texture than most MAC shadows, but the color pay-off is decent and if you like greens, you will probably like this one too.

Swimming is another lustre and is probably a few shades deeper than Lustreleaf, but more or less the same texture. This is a popular permanent shade, a mix of lime green and grass green. Lovely color, but it is a lustre so the color payoff is not as excellent.

Lucky Green - I was indeed lucky when I chanced upon Lucky Green on an online sale. A limited edition from the Belle Azure collection. It is another coveted green, a beautiful one at that. It is a gorgeous moss-lime green with heavy gold shimmer, with a rich and buttery texture typical of Veluxe Pearl formulas. Amazingly beautiful, in my opinion. This would look great with darker greens, olives and even with greys and blacks for a beautiful smokey eye. I hope this gets repromoted soon.


(Read the rest of reviews and descriptions after the jump)

Waternymph is also from the Lure collection. This is more teal to my eyes, but texture is a frost yet glides like veluxe pearl. Another gem in my collection.

Newly Minted is a matte offering from the Matte2 (Matte Squared) collection. It is horrible in color pay-off if you don't apply a good, preferably green or black base underneath. However, if you take time to layer it over a good base, it is a pretty minty matte that would work as a lid color. Beautifully contrasts with black, greys, browns, taupes.

Humid, from the permanent collection, is my all-time favorite green crease color. Whenever I use greens or golds, Humid is almost always my crease color, unless I use Grand Entrance from the Holiday 2008 Warm Eyes palette. It is a beautiful deep dark emerald green; great paired with any shade of gold, green, olive, and black. It would also work with beiges and other neutral colors.

Greensmoke is a permanent color, a nice dark olive green that is another good crease color. This looks great with Sumptous Olive and other light greens. Would also work great for smokey eyes.

Lastly, Flourishing is also from the Matte2 collection, a nice dark olive-grey-green. Wonderful as an outer lid color, as I love to use mattes to deepen the crease or create depth in the eye look. Another favorite of mine.

There you go, my MAC green eyeshadow swatches!

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Glam Halloween Looks and Tips From Celeb Makeup Artist


Halloween is a time to break out humorous or gory costumes, but for the single ladies out there, it’s an excuse to dress up and look ultra glam. Learn how to get the most from your makeup, and the rest of the costume comes easy!

Here are simple beauty and costume tips from celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman that will guarantee all eyes on you:

BARBIE – Perfect Cat Eyes: Give a silver dusting to the whole lid from lash line to brow line and into the tear duct. Add a sweep of a purple-gray hue to the crease of the eyelid to add depth. Then use a felt tip liquid eyeliner (Brett loves Sephora's version) and lightly dot on the lid, staying as close as possible to the lash line. Go back over and this time press the felt tip firmly into skin and 'connect the dots' to smooth the line, fanning it up and out toward the temples on the ends. Finish off your makeup look with pretty pink cheeks and lips!
· Pair with a pink form-fitting dress, pearls, pumps and the perfect clutch!

MARILYN MONROE – Bombshell Makeup: Start with a foundation that's a shade lighter than you usually use (try Revlon’s Custom Creations foundation). This sets the stage for the crisp, retro look. Shade the crease of your eye with a soft beige-y taupe shadow. With a sponge-tipped applicator, apply a matte, bone colored shadow (or pale face powder) all over lids and add a silvery shimmer along the brow bone to highlight. The black liquid liner is very important. Run from tear duct to outer corner very close to the lash line. Extend liner up and out. Corner false lashes finish this alluring eye look. Fill out lips with a true blue-red lip liner and fill in with a deep red lipstick. Use very minimal blush in a soft pink. Ice the cake with Marilyn's iconic mole aka your black liquid liner!
· Pair with a white halter dress...don’t forget the windy subway grate!

40’S PINUP GAL - For the brunette and redhead beauties that can’t pull off the Marilyn look without a wig, try the same makeup as above, but pair with voluminous hair, cherry red nails, maillot bathing suit, and pumps!

TWIGGY – Pop Art Eyes: You'll need two sets of false eyelashes for this monochromatic mod look - one very full, dark pair for the top and a second sparser, spikier pair for the bottom (try Andrea Perma-Lash). Sculpt lid out from the tear duct to outer corner with matte gray shadow - be very exaggerated and rounded and arc it like a rainbow. Take a near-white silver shimmer eye shadow and apply boldly to lid and brow bone. Use a liquid liner on top and bottom, extending on the outer corners horizontally (toward the mid ear, not the temple). Apply false lashes to top and bottom lash lines. Steer clear of blush and go for a very pale, fleshy lipstick or gloss.
· Pair with a short cropped coif, mini printed shift dress and white boots made for walkin’.

HELEN OF TROY – Gold Dewy Makeup: Start with an all over tan and shimmery glow (Vanitymark’s Shimmerskin is great!). Gold and peach tones are your friends. Give you cheeks a sweep of warm apricot blush and work it up around eyes. Get an eye shadow quad in browns – use the palest shade to highlight under the brow bone and layer the shades from lightest to darkest. The darker the shade, the closer it should be to the lash line. Use a deep brown eyeliner pencil on the inner shelf of the eye for extra pop. Apply small, corner lashes to the top outer lash line to amp up lashes. Apply a peachy/golden gloss to lips. For the finishing touch, take a loose, sheer gold powder and dust over eye make up and along the tops of the cheekbones.
· Pair with a homemade draped toga or your fave little white dress, gladiator sandals and lots of gold bangles.

JOAN JETT – Smoky Eyes: It's all about the eyes. Too much is never enough. There will be little other make up so it's best to get your pow from really working your black eyeliner. Apply base as usual. Use a very neutral lip - clear gloss is best. Blush should be a fleshy, barely there pink. Using a soft black eyeliner, fill in your lid and under eye in quick strokes. Don't worry about getting it smooth and perfect because (in true rocker style) you're gonna smudge and blend with your finger. Curl your lashes and apply multiple layers of blue-black mascara (try L’Oreal Voluminous). Once mascara dries, take a small dab of clear lip gloss and rub into lid and lash line. This will give the liner a wet, naughty look. Rock on!
· Pair with a cropped motorcycle jacket, white tank, skinny jeans and boots...and an air guitar if you’re feeling festive!

Brett Freedman is an LA-based makeup artist that works with celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel, Jessica Lucas, Reba McEntire, and more.

Konad Nail Stamp Art: Flowers and OPI Get Me To The Taj On Time


Just a quick post about the Konad art I did recently. I wasn't too happy with the outcome because some of the images were blurred out by acetone I was using to clean up my work. However, I love the color combination. Take Me To The Taj on Time is not the kind of shade I would wear by itself (seems to be too dirty a white on me), but the contrast of the black image and the light background is nice. All in all, it looks clean but definitely not boring.

The 10 Most Vain Cities
The 10 Most Vain Cities

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which cities in the U.S. are the vainest of them all?

We're all for wanting to look good -- heck, we spend our days telling you about the latest, greatest (and not so stellar) in the world of beauty. But then there's vanity -- being obsessed with looks to the point of spending major bucks on stuff that's supposed to make you pretty. We compiled data on the vanity industry -- plastic surgeons, tanning salons and businesses that cater to your hair, nails and skin -- to find out which cities are more obsessed than the rest. Find out if you live in a me-me-me city.

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Origins Launches Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins Introduces NEW Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst. The company claims that when you apply this creamy, ultra-hydrating facial mask before bedtime, you will fall asleep confident that your skin will appear hydrated and refreshed with the morning’s first light.

The company gives an in-depth profile of this new product below:

Mega moisturizers including Orange Peel Wax, Avocado Oil and Mango Butter work with Sodium Hyaluronate and Apricot Kernel Oil to quench parched skin. Drink Up™ Intensive works while you sleep to repair and reinforce skin’s moisture barrier, helping to seal in valuable hydration long into the following day.

NEED: Skin temperature rises during the night causing precious moisture to be lost. Skin is also more permeable while we sleep, allowing products to absorb better and penetrate deeper, providing the perfect opportunity to counteract overnight dehydration.

PRODUCT: This intensely hydrating overnight mask utilizes the natural power of plants to quickly quench skin’s thirst and combat overnight moisture loss while boosting vital hydration levels. Within minutes of applying, skin’s moisture levels are clinically proven to surge to 75%.

BENEFITS: This rich, creamy mask utilizes a powerful combination of Orange Peel Wax, Avocado Oil and Mango Butter along with Sodium Hyaluronate and Apricot Kernel Oil to quench parched skin. Wheat Bran and Olive Extract fortify and seal skin’s vital moisture barrier with the help of Japanese Seaweed, ensuring replenished skin by daybreak. Pomegranate adds a natural boost of antioxidants while Oat Kernel Extract and Purple Rice help calm and soothe. By morning, a brimming reservoir of hydration amplifies skin’s ability to retain optimal moisture levels throughout the day. In a Sensory/Consumer study, 88% of women tested reported their skin was moisturized upon waking.

APPLICATION: Squeeze into palms to warm, and gently massage a liberal amount onto clean skin whenever skin feels thirsty. Tissue off excess.

PRICE: Suggested Retail Price is $21.00 for 3.4 oz/100ml tube

Key Ingredients include:

Orange Peel Wax- Helps maintain skin’s moisture levels.

Avocado Oil- Helps hydrate, condition and heal dry, damaged skin.

Mango Butter- Known for its nourishing properties, Mango Butter is used to heal and rejuvenate damaged skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate- Immediately provides skin with much needed moisture.

Apricot Kernel Oil A gentle, extremely nourishing emollient.

Wheat Bran- Helps fix and seal skin’s moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Oat Kernel Extract- Helps soothe skin.

Pomegranate- A powerful antioxidant that also encourages the healing of skin cells.

AVAILABILITY: Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst will be available November 2009 at Origins Retail Stores, select Department Stores and via

MAC Holiday '09 Magic Mirth and Mischief Colour Collection Review and Swatches

I've had the chance to play with the colors in this collection and I was able to swatch them since early last week, but I've been caught up in many different things so I apologize for the delay. For some reason, I'd totally forgotten to swatch the lipsticks (maybe because I got sidetracked by the eyeshadow palettes). Anyways, will post the lippie swatches later this week, so come back to this post for those.

Anyways, I'd been really, really excited about the counterparts of this collection in previous years, namely Antiquitease in 2007, and "Red" She Said in 2008. Sad to say, however, this new holiday colour collection didn't really pique that much interest in me, although I find the dazzleglass lovely but not must-haves. I also prefer the mineralize trios of Red She Said compared to this year's duos. Maybe it's just me, but I really didn't find anything that made me say, "I have to get this!".

No flash


Anyways, the mineralize eyeshadows have pretty colors, but as always, the glittery crescents are a bit chunky to apply, and are better applied wet in my experience. My favorite is It's A Miracle, a base of deep blue blurgundy with a gold crescent. I don't know if I'm getting this, though, because I already have a lot of similar shades in my stash. Mayhem is another pretty one, a dirty brown gold with a silver crescent. The base of Midnight Madness is gorgeous: a dirty grey brown, and its crescent is a gold frost. I would have loved to get this one just for the dirty grey brown shade, but I am iffy about the gold one. Under Your Spell is a light yellow peach pink with a rich copper crescent. Blue Sorcery is another pretty color if you like blues, a base of bright turquoise with a silver crescent.


The dazzleglasses are pretty nifty. Jingle Jangle is a yellow pink gloss with red and sapphire pearl. I think this is the prettiest of the bunch because it is not super duper sheer; it has some pigment in it. The other two would make for beautiful, shiny, luscious lips, but I didn't see much color pay-off in them. She-Zam is a sheer silver with silver and red pearl, while Phiff!is a sheer yellow peach. I would love to have She-Zam though because it looks quite festive. This would probably give a pretty frosty ice maiden look, but it would be quite wearable because it's sheer.

Cremesheen Glasses

Boy Bait and Ever So Rich are repromotes from early this year's Creme Team collection. Boy Bait is a light neutral beige with pearl, and Ever So Rich is a sheer lilac. I used to not like the formula of the cremesheen glass, but surprisingly, it's growing on me. It is not as glittery as the dazzleglasses, but they give out this nice, luscious sheen on the lips that is gorgeous. Of the two repromotes, I'd go with Ever So Rich. It is wonderfully creamy, both in feel and in look.


(See swatches and the rest of the review after the jump)

Mineralize Blushes

I LOVE the colors of the blushes in this collection, if only I didn't have similar colors in my stash. Superdupernatural is a beautiful mid-tone coral which I believe would suit my warm undertones. Conjure Up is a dirty, mid-tone plum that is right up my alley. These are the colors I wear almost everyday, and I can see myself reaching for these every single day.


Softsparkle Eye Pencil

I've never been impressed with these softsparkle pencils, and it's no different this time. I honestly don't like tiny shards of glitter or pearl or whatever you call them in my eye pencils because I mainly use these for the waterline and to tightline, and it is dangerous to have those shards near the sensitive areas of the eye as it can scratch the cornea. Therefore, do not use these to tightline and to waterline, but limit them to the upper lashline. Iris Accents is a pale violet with silver pearl and Nightsky is a true black with silver pearl. Both are pretty, but I just don't use them.

All in all, I am a bit underwhelmed by this collection. However, if you are new to these colors and shades, I would recommend both mineralize blushes, mineralize eyeshadow duos in Midnight Madness, Mayhem and It's A Miracle, and dazzleglasses in She-Zam and Phiff!. As for the lipsticks, Total Wow! (blue pink berry) and Utter Fun (Fuchsia pink berry) would be fun colors for the holiday. As for the cremesheen glass, Ever So Rich is my fave.

12 Major Hair and Skin Issues -- Solved!
12 Major Hair and Skin Issues -- Solved!

Get help for everything from cystic acne, hair breakage, psoriasis and more

Sure, we all get the occasional breakout or dry patch of skin, but if you're suffering from a more serious hair or skin issue then you need serious help. That's why we asked Dr. Heidi Waldorf, director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, Arielle N. B. Kauvar, M.D., director of New York Laser & Skin Care, Jerry Teuschler, Principal Scientist for Proctor and Gamble Beauty and Grooming Science, and Head & Shoulders hairstylist Ryan Trygstad to weigh in. They gave advice for the big issues facing readers, so read on for relief from your hair and skin woes.

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Another Giveaway! Sothys Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating Cream and Hydrating Mask

Here's another exciting giveaway for the subscribers of The Shades Of U! This time, our sponsor is Sothys USA, and one lucky reader shall win two free Sothys products, Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating cream, and Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Mask. Here are some tidbits from the sponsor about the items to be given away:

As the winter months are upon us, harsh winds and dry air damage your once vibrate and radiant complexion. Everyone strives for healthy and hydrated skin all year round, and Sothys has the solution. Sothys offer the ultimate solution for dried-out skin: Hydroptimale; a third-generation hydration system created to reinforce the skin’s water reservoir.

Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating Creams: Patented Sothys complex Optimizer SC regulates water flow through the skin the Molecular Patch acts as a pseudo-skin. Made of osmolytes encapsulated in algae and vegetable polymers, it assures ultimate and long lasting protection and hydration, at least 8 hours. Filagrinol® complex containing extracts from pollen, wheat germ oil, soybean and olive hydrates, softens and improves the overall function of the skin. Sothys’ Hydroptimale Creams produce instant hydration improvement in the skin by up to 82% after three hours. After continuous use for one month, hydration can be improved by 66%. (Price: $55, 1.7 oz)

•Recommended Usage: Apply morning and night to first reduce external signs of dehydration and increase skin suppleness.

Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Mask: Hydrating Mask offers an instant solution to any type of dehydrated skin, plumping the skin with moisture for a healthy lift and glow by re-balancing the water exchanges within the skin and lessening the tightening sensation associated with dry or dehydrated skin. Beetroot extract balances water movements in and out of the cells to improve their metabolism while plant-based complex Filagrinol retains and optimum moisture in the top layer of the skin with extracts of pollen, soybean oil, olive oil, and wheat germ oil. (Price: $33, 1.7 oz)

•Recommended Usage: Apply after sun exposure, post-laser or microdermabrasion, before or after glycolic or chemical peels, post party or during vacations.

According to Caroline Rushworth, Director of Education for Sothys, “dehydration is one of most prevalent conditions affecting all skin types. It is the first sign and cause of premature aging, therefore, good hydration is imperative for the health and good condition of the skin. Hydroptimale THI3 is a revolutionary multi dimensional hydration program containing patented active ingredients to reestablish optimum moisture levels in all layers of the skin. Once hydration is restored the skin will appear more youthful, the metabolic functions are improved, the skin is radiant and balance achieved.”

One lucky winner from the United States shall win Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating creams, and Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Mask.

Contest Mechanics:

1. This contest is open only to The Shades Of U subscribers in the United States. US-only please!

2. You must be a subscriber to become eligible to win. Subscribe to The Shades Of U via one of the following: the RSS Feed, e-mail subscription, Twitter, or Blogger/Google Friend Connect or Facebook. If you are currently a subscriber, you are automatically eligible to join and you do not need to re-subscribe.

3. Fill up the contest entry form below, include your name and e-mail address (don't worry, only I can read your information and these details shall not be published). You also need to answer the question, "How are you subscribed to The Shades Of U?". Your answer should be one of these:

a. RSS Feed
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4. The contest shall run starting today,October 26, 2009 and ends on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 11:55 p.m. EDT.

5. Contest Machine and The Shades Of U shall randomly pick one winner, announce the name of the winner on this blog, and shall contact the winner via the e-mail address provided in the entry form.

6. The winner shall respond with his/her mailing address within seventy-two (72) hours of the delivery of the notification e-mail; otherwise, the entry shall be disqualified and another winner shall be chosen. Thus, this is also the reason why entrants should subscribe to this blog to be promptly apprised of the winner's name just in case the notification e-mail does not go through or goes to the spam inbox.

7. The Shades Of U will then forward the information to the sponsor, which shall then ship the prize to the winner. As such, The Shades Of U does not have any control as to when the prize will be shipped out, but the sponsor has committed to ship the products to the recipient as soon as The Shades Of U determines the winner.

Goodluck to everyone! Remember: This is a US-only contest. For my international readers, watch out for more giveaways from The Shades Of U.

To join, fill up the entry form below and click "Submit".

Neutral Eye Look Using Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol. II



I've finally laid my grubby hands on the new Urban Decay Book Of Shadows, Vol. II. I had hesitated on getting the Vol. I because I already had some of the shades from that palette, but all the colors from the Vol. II are quite new to me, and they are captivating. I loved the colors and the non-glittery ones are perfect! I also like the ones with glitter but I wish they weren't too chunky, but they would do. I specifically loved the neutral colors of this palette. It's the perfect travel companion because everything you would need for the eyes is already in this "book". It comes with a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion and 24/7 Glide On eye pencils in Zero and Bourbon. I honestly can't have too many Zeros, it's my go-to black kohl pencil and it's absolutely great on the waterline and tightline.

The Book of Shadows is pretty nifty in the sense that it has a top compartment with a mirror and a booklet containing different kinds of looks using the palette. There is a little ribbon thingy that you use to pull the drawer that encases the shadows.


I did a neutral eye look using this Book Of Shadows. Here is a step by step. All products Urban Decay unless otherwise noted.

Apply Primer Potion all over lid and lower lashline. Using Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 3/4" (or MAC 239), apply Sellout in quick patting motions on the lid.

Using the MAC 224 brush, apply Twice Baked on outer V.

Apply more Twice Baked to deepen the crease using Sonia Kashuk blender brush (a stiff one). Blend using the 224.

Mix a little bit of YDK to Twice Baked using the Sonia Kashuk blender brush.

Using the Stila No. 5 brush, apply Midnight Cowbody Rides Again to highlight the browbone.

Apply L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner on upper lashline. Rim eyes (waterline and tightline) using 24/7 glide-on eye liner in Zero.

Apply Revlon self-adhesive false lashes in Intensifying.




Dr. Denese SPF30 Tinted Defense Day Cream
Buff'd mineral foundation in Almond
Lumiere Radiance in Island Sands
MAC Sculpt powder to contour
MAC Margin blush

MAC lipliner in Whirl
MAC lipstick in Pleasureseeker
Jouer lip gloss in Pink Sand

Eric Sakas and Vapour Beauty on ShopNBC

Vapour group from top lo res2

Vapour Eric Applying Vapour

Vapour Organic Beauty is back on ShopNBC Creating the latest Fall looks!

Tune in this Tuesday to watch Eric Sakas, makeup artist and co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty, demonstrate the latest Fall beauty looks on ShopNBC. He'll be showing how to create the hottest looks for fall and offering special kits that make it easy to create jewel-toned eyes, smokey eyes and pale lips.

Vapour is all about getting that natural look, using the best ingredients for your skin.

Date: Tuesday, October 27th
Time: 12 noon ET (A full hour of Vapour!)
4 pm ET (A full hour of Vapour!)
10 pm ET (part of Beauty Confidential)
11 pm ET (part of Beauty Confidential)

Vapour girl and logo

About Vapour Cosmetics

Vapour is a new prestige beauty company set to revolutionize the luxury beauty market with its innovative delivery system, unparalleled skin affinity and sophisticated color artistry. In a market filled with thousands of similar products distinguished only by packaging and branding, Vapour shines as the first truly 21st century beauty brand. Vapour’s range of high-performance cosmetic and skincare products utilize an exciting new delivery system – not a powder, liquid or cream, but a unique formulation that imparts a light-as-air texture while providing skin treatment benefits and rich mineral color.

The Vapour difference begins with its signature therapeutic treatment base of certified organic, light, dry plant oils that are non-comedogenic. To that proprietary base, specific certified organic botanical infusions with targeted benefits are added to provide deep moisture and anti-oxidant protection. Pure mineral pigments are dispersed in the base of the cosmetics, creating a breathable layer that moves with the skin instead of lying flat and lifeless. This movement allows for a play of light that appears completely seamless with natural skin, heightening its natural radiance. Vapour is the next generation of mineral cosmetics.

Each Vapour cosmetic or skin treatment glides on effortlessly, blends easily with fingers or brushes and enhances the skin without heavy or occlusive ingredients. In addition, Vapour has formulated virtually all of its products in a convenient stick form for precision application, portability and ease of use.

The Vapour revolution could not have been realized without the joining of two incredible forces – an artisanal cosmetic laboratory and Eric Sakas, a top makeup professional. The union began when Eric received an unlabeled cosmetic sample and was so blown away by the performance, texture and finish he was compelled to track down the manufacturer. With a 15-year career in the beauty industry that including co-founding Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and serving as Director of Color for Philosophy, Eric knew this was an exceptional formula created by an incredibly talented team.

Eric was thrilled when he finally found the remote New Mexico-based lab and learned that these effective, prestige quality formulations were also made by a company that refused to compromise, selecting only certified organic and food grade ingredients. Together, they were able to not only masterfully blend the simplest of ingredients into luxurious formulations, but create the palette and professional range of products Eric knew were necessary for top artists in the industry. This unity of alchemy and art resulted in the refined and perfectly edited collection of color cosmetics and skin treatment products that is Vapour.

And best of all, Vapour considers its commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable practices the new standard. Vapour has developed these incredible products to be 100 percent natural and chemical free with a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients. Each luxury formulation utilizes the purest, food-grade and certified organic ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and luxurious texture while respecting the environment and its resources. From the raw materials to the final packaging, each step in the process adheres to responsible practices, including utilizing wind power and sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging materials.

With the launch of both a full color collection and powerful treatment line, women have the ability to endlessly transform their look while taking care of their skin. Finally, the revolutionary breakthrough the beauty world had been waiting for – the fusion of health and beauty.

Vapour Color Cosmetics
Vapour launches with seven innovative color cosmetic products that allow for sophisticated application with the richness and depth of color expected in prestige beauty. The palette has been specifically selected to work for a broad range of skin tones and creates the look of naturally beautiful skin. The Vapour face is always polished, never overdone.

For Face: Vapour has created the must-have essentials for creating flawless, radiant skin – Atmosphere Luminous Foundation ($38), Illusionist Perfecting Concealer ($20) and Aura Multi-Use Blush for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes ($28). Utilizing the signature therapeutic base of light, dry plant oils, Vapour Beauty has added a face-specific nourishing botanical blend of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, anti-oxidant Tulsi and moisturizing Lotus flowers, as well as pure mineral pigments for the perfect balance of color and care.

For Lips: Vapour offers two distinct textures for lip color that are completely petroleum and chemical free, Elixir Lip Gloss ($20) and Siren Lip Stick ($19). Utilizing unique plant oil-based co-polymers and a lip specific nourishing blend of healing Lemon Balm, hydrating Myrrh, anti-oxidant Green Tea and anti-bacterial Iceland Moss, Vapour has created lip colors that enhance both the look and health of the lips.

For Eyes…and More: Vapour launches two innovative products that define and enhance—Trick Stick ($18) and Mesmerize Eye Color Treatment ($16). Both contain their nourishing, eye-specific botanical blend comprised of anti-inflammatory Chrysanthemum and Eyebright and circulation enhancing Horsetail for silky color and firm, smooth skin.

Vapour Rituals Evolutionary Skin Care
Vapour Rituals Skin Care is comprised of two innovative anti-aging treatments that deliver powerful anti-oxidants and hydration while feeling completely weightless on the skin.

For Face: Vapour launches Stratus Instant Skin Perfector ($44), an anti-aging, light reflecting, youth boosting product that immediately transforms skin by brightening the complexion, evening skin tone and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Infused with face-specific nourishing botanical blend of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, anti-oxidant Tulsi and moisturizing Lotus flowers, this hybrid product can be worn alone or as a hydrating, wrinkle-hiding base before Atmosphere Luminous Foundation.

For Lips: Vapour has created 95% Organic Lux Lip Conditioner ($16), an anti-aging, hydrating lip treatment that delivers moisture-rich oils as well as Vapour’s lip-specific nourishing botanical blend of healing Lemon Balm, hydrating Myrrh, anti-oxidant Green Tea and anti-microbial Iceland Moss. Anyone can repair and renew the delicate lip area for a more beautiful mouth.

Vapour products are available exclusively on and beginning in August 2009.

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Does Your Hair Care Routine Need a Makeover?

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