MAC "Red" She Said: A Review

NOTE: Swatches can be found HERE.

I always love the collection immediately before the holiday sets because the products, packaging and colors are just gorgeous and well thought-of. Just like Antiquitease of last year, this year's counterpart in "Red" She Said did not disappoint. The combination of all my favorite MAC products in one collection made me feel as giddy as a child in a candy store when I stepped inside MAC. Seeing my favorite dazzleglasses, beauty powder blushes (yes, I prefer them to the regular blushes), holiday-jazzed up lipsticks and new-and-improved mineralize eyeshadows in one collection was just too much for me. MAC-gasm indeed!


First of all, the dazzleglasses. Aahhh! I'm such a dazzleglass bimbo, and on most days I really prefer them to the lipglasses because of the mega-watt shine, although I love lipglasses to bits as well. I heard they will become permanent, but as of now they have all just been talks; I really, really hope these become permanent. Sugarrimmed is a beautiful milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl. This would look amazing on top of darker lipsticks or on its own when I am sporting dramatic eye looks. I love the pearls incorporated in this shade. Baby Sparks is one of my favorites, if ever I have a favorite, as I love all of my dazzles. It's a pale pink with violet pearl that just gives the prettiest pink puckers with the trademark glassy finish. Miss Dynamite - ahh. I love it so much I am glad I have a back-up. Its sheer orange-y copper with pearl really complements my warm undertones. On its own it looks really beautiful. Love Alert is a raspberry red with red pearl; it's the first dazzleglass from this collection to get sold out on the MAC website. The festive color of Love Alert must be one of the reasons why it's such a cult favorite. Lastly, Date Night is a sultry deep plum with blue and gold pearl. This one is a favorite as well because it may look dark in the tube but it goes on pretty sheer but pigmented on my lips. Can't wait to play with these some more.

Mineralize eyeshadows

The texture and color pay-off in these are so much better than the previously released mineralize shadows. Except for the glittery "zipper" in the middle of the product, they are very pigmented and absolutely saturated in color. I believe you need to apply the glitter zipper wet to achieve decent color pay-off, but the shadows themselves can be applied dry, yet still bring forth rich, pigmented shades.

Inter-View is my absolute favorite as it is very versatile and the colors are just classic and classy. It has frosty deep navy with copper pearl stripe and frosty bronzy brown. The two solid colors look amazing as crease/outer V colors or to create a smokey eye.

Threesome is a combination of frosty burnt red, copper pearl stripe and frosty indigo. I read that it is also one of the crowd pleasers from this collection.

Dangerzone is sooo beautiful. It is a trio of frosty true red, silver pearl stripe and frosty black. They really do look "mysterious and dangerous". However, I believe the red is a very wearable one and coupled with the black side, they are gorgeous. The silver glitter truly kicks it up a notch.

Persuasive is a combination of frosty white blue, silver pearl stripe and frosty indigo. In the swatches I made, the indigo side is as rich and as deep as a stormy, tempestuous ocean. I would buy this trio if only for the indigo side. Just gorgeous.

Outspoken is a frosty plum and frosty violet with a silver pearl stripe. I've seen breathtaking eye looks using this one, so I believe this is also a very good buy especially if you like purples.

Word of Mouth is a frosty pale beige, copper pearl stripe and frosty blue grey. I am not a fan of this as I already have similar colors. This would appeal to someone who doesn't have these shades yet.


"Red" She Said
is the star of the collection, a very pigmented, mid-tone blue red that absolutely commands attention. I literally stared at the "Red" She Said-painted lips of the MAC MAs, and it looks amazing when worn. This is such a fabulous, festive red, and would truly herald the coming of the holidays.

Quiet, Please
is a sheer frosty pale beige that is as quiet as "Red" She Said is loud and festive. This would look great to pair with dramatic eyes or to tone down darker lipglasses.

Crazee is a mid-tone coral red with pearl that is warmer than "Red" She Said; a must if you love coral-reds.

Soft Pause is a sheer dark brownish berry that I believe would suit my complexion. I love berry shades especially for fall, so I also recommend this.

is a frosty mid-tone blue pink with pearl. Now this one truly suits its name. A little too pompous for me, I must say, and it reminds me a bit of the 80s, so I think I'm passing up on this one.


Silverstroke- I have been looking for a pigmented platinum gel liner all my makeup life, and this is the answer to my prayers to the MAC Powers That Be. A beautiful metallic platinum that would truly bring the holidays to your eyes. I also love how it opens up the peepers and makes them look less tired.

- well one can never have too many black gel liners. This is a back-up. A real classic. 'Nuff said.

Beauty Powder Blushes

First of all, I love these products because I really prefer beauty powder blushes over regular MAC blushes due to its beautiful finish. The colors are soft but definitely buildable, but the beautiful multi-speckled sheen is just amazing.

Stark Naked
- the emerging superstar of this collection. I can't believe it's sold out in many stores, and based on the online reviews, its fanbase is enormous. And rightly so; its shimmery mid-tone mauve with gold pearl is as beautiful as it is universal; it cuts across all skintone boundaries.

Enough Said is a shimmery light bronze with gold pearl, a cousin of Eversun, and would look good on medium to darker skintones.

Eye Brows

I have Stud, a deep rich blackened brown. It is deeply pigmented and looks great over my dark eyebrows. If you have dark hair like mine, I recommend this shade.

All in all, I believe this collection is one of the better ones from MAC this year. I loved most of the items from "Red" She Said, and the colors truly speak of the coming holidays.


Phyrra said...

I'm lovin' Sugarrimmed and Miss Dynamite. I may go back and grab Date Night. The Dazzleglasses are just so pretty!

As always, I love seeing your reviews and looks :)

ccre17 said...

I love the look you made with the Ungaro collection. And nice haul you got! I hope one day... i could buy all of the MACs that i fancy like you do... Anyway, does the peticoat MSF give you a blushed look? I've never seen a peticoat MSF here in the Philippines. If i would... i think i would buy it! Thanks and more power!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review, super helpful!

Kimberly Tia said...

Wow awesome review -- I woudn't mind looking into those blushes or the fluidlines... even those glosses look deelish.

Thanks for such a thorough review!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Great pics and great review!

moiheartsmakeup said...

wow 2 Miss Dynamite! i thought i was just seeing double lol! wanna get that too and now you make me lem for Baby Sparks! ugh... i hate reading beautiful blogs lol! i am getting Danger Zone too, such a pretty red right? plus i don't really have red shades. i was actually torn between Inter-View and Word-of-Mouth and the latter won. but who knows, i might change my mind at the counter. :D and yes, Silverstroke! another tempting addition... hmn... lol. i am sold to Stark Naked, another fan here! :D still, thinking about Enough Said... :D thanks for the all beautiful swatches and helpful insights on this collection! :D

Shades Of U said...

phyrra- thank you! And you're right, the colors might have mixed in one of the swatch pics. Blame it on me getting too excited!

ccre17- aww thanks! Yes Petticoat definitely yields a nice cool pink color. It has raspberry veining so depending on the amount fo venining in yours, you will get some raspberry sheen as well.

Nikki and home spa goddess - thank you!

kimberley- If you love mirror-finish lipglosses, you'll love dazzleglasses. They also have micro-shimmer which I really love. :)

mhean- hope you get your lemmings soon and I can't wait to see your looks using these. :)