MAC Matte2 and Mattene Product Images and Swatches

Reviews to follow, but let me say I am so in love with Matte2 (read as Matte-squared) and Mattene's texture! Gone are the hard-to-blend, dry as the desert matte formulas - the new formulas glide like butter on the skin, uber-pigmented, beautiful, rich colors, and the product really clings to the skin so staying power is really great. Just beautiful. MAC has another winner in Mattene and Matte2!



Here's Plush Lash as well:


etirv said...

So much publicity about the new MAC Matte 2 products... and I haven't used MAC in a long, long time... but your reviews are always so detailed, honest and fabulous, I'm going to go a MAC counter soon!

shades of hue said...

Thanks for the kind words etirv! I'm making a more detailed review on these 2, so stay tuned! =)