My MAC Blue and Teal Eyeshadow Swatches

A few months ago, I posted My MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Swatches, and it has been one of my most popular posts. I also promised to come up with swatches of all my MAC eyeshadows, arranged by color in order to show how each shade differs from another. Well, as promised, here is another installment of my MAC eyeshadow swatch series, this time featuring my MAC blue and teal eyeshadows. These were taken indoors but under natural light. Despite the scorching heat, I just love the Arizona summer sun for swatching! The swatches really come out faithful to its true colors. The swatches were primed with MAC Soft Ochre paint pot.

(See description of the shadows after the jump)

Haunting- is a light blue with green undertones in the Satin formula. It's a limited edition from the Alexander McQueen collection. I hardly use this, maybe because I hardly use almost-matte light blues. It would be great to wear as a wash for the summer, though.

Surreal- part of the permanent collection. This and Shimmermoss were two of my first MAC eyeshadows. Surreal is a frosty light blue that would be great to wear to highlight or to balance a blue-based smokey eye.

Shimmermoss- this is a gorgeous ocean blue-green that I often see in shallow tropical waters. This is amazing for a mermaid-inspired eye look, or just a simple summer wash paired with black liner.

Zonk Bleu!- it's similar to Surreal, but the latter has more green and this has more blue. I don't use this very often, but it is a pretty color.

Blue Absinthe- I bought this from a MAC community because I really wanted to try it. It's a gorgeous teal that would be great for green or blue looks.

Parrot- LOL. I remember how highly-coveted this eyeshadow was and in 2006, it would fetch insane prices on Ebay and MAC communities because it was a limited edition shadow and the hype was just over-the-top. It was sometimes priced at more than a hundred bucks, only for it to be repromoted in The Originals collection. Imagine the remorse of people who bought it for insane prices! It's a lovely deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearl, and I can understand why this was extremely hard-to-find and in demand.

Gulf Stream - a lovely frosty teal with multi-dimensional pearl from the Cool Heat collection. Again, a nice teal that would be a great addition in every traincase.

Tilt- a nice shimmery light blue, and I think I see some gold undertones in it. Great for the inner lid if you're doing a blue-based look.

Freshwater- a true blue; nice for the crease and outer V.

Deep Truth- a beautiful deep blue. This is a permanent color and yet been repromoted in some limited edition quads.

Stormwatch- a deep matte teal from the Blue Storm collection. This would be breathtaking in the crease or outer lid.

Blue Storm- a cool royal blue with blue and silver pearl in the frost formula, also from the Blue Storm collection. A nice crease or outer V shade as well.

Blue Flame- from the Cool Heat collection, a dark true blue.

There you have it, my blue and teal MAC shadows. Watch out for the next installments.


Phyrra said...

Beautiful blues :)
I really think I need to get Deep Truth.

I have Freshwater and Electric Eel and Shimmermoss and Steamy

The Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- ohh, you got some of the best MAC blues!

Phyrra said...

Hehe! Glad you think so!

Andreia said...

Oh I really want freshwater! Parrot looks so nice too, a shame it was a LE :(
Thanks for the post!