MAC Fall Event 2011: Posh Paradise, Styledriven, Art of Powder, Fall Colour Collection 2011

I went to the MAC Fall event at the Biltmore last Tuesday, and just as expected, they showcased several collections for this fall, mainly Posh Paradise, Styledriven, Art of Powder, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 and MAC Fall Colour Collection 2011. I will be posting some pictures from the event, but swatches will be posted with my separate collection entries/reviews. It was a fun event, even though the place wasn't as jampacked at let's say Tartan Tale, Venomous Villains or Hello Kitty (the most gigantic crowd I've ever seen inside a MAC store - and beyond).

The lovely half-naked model on a pedestal. It was like the Posh Paradise poster came to life! And yes, she's a real person, not a mannequin!

One of the friendly guys serving hors d'oeurves (wait, is wearing blush?).

Looks yummy. Too bad I didn't try it.

I didn't take a sip either. I was being good!


Posh Paradise

MAC Fall Colour Collection 2011 (originally named Cindy Sherman but it was renamed Fall Colour Collection 2011.  Cindy Sherman's only participation was during the campaign promotional photos.  She was not part of the creative process for this collection.)

Swatches and reviews will be up soon!

One of the Fall Colour quads, Parlor Smoke

Porcelain Pink mineralize skinfinish (MSF)

The coveted Lightscapade MSF

the other Fall Colour quad, Angel Flame

Art of Powder Eyeshadow, Highlighter and Bronzer (swatches and review will be up soon)

I even met one of my readers, Mika! Yay!

Watch out for my review and swatches of the collections mentioned. I also already posted swatches and review of the Posh Paradise and Styledriven collections, so don't forget to check them out as well.

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Lily Seymour said...

Thank you for this post! I'm so confused as to what's what but this certainly clears up a lot of things.