My MAC Green Eyeshadow Swatches

I can't believe that I haven't posted my green MAC eyeshadow swatches yet, considering that green is my favorite color. I did these swatches way back in July, and I guess I just got sidetracked from posting it. Anyways, here are some of them. I have mostly limited edition ones, but it wouldn't hurt to see them anyway, because sooner or later, some of these will be repromoted in a future collection.


Metamorph is a limited edition eyeshadow from the Madame B. collection from way back. It is a highly-coveted shadow because it's been discontinued and the color is gorgeous. It is the perfect, springy light green for me that works great on the inner or lower lid area. The finish is amazing and it glides like butter on the skin and gives a pretty, low sheen. I also have Meadowland and Pink Papillion from the same collection and these three are gems from the Madame B. collection.

Pagan is a matte yellow-green from the Alexander McQueen collection. Like a lot of others, I wasn't too impressed with its color pay-off. You really have to pack it on and have a really good colored base underneath to make it pop. If you do get it to work for you, though, it is a pretty lime green that would also work great as a lid color.

Ah, Lustreleaf. Many hated it because it is in lustre formula, the most-loathed MAC shadow formula in my opinion, because of the lack of color pay-off. What is actually a point against Lustreleaf turned out to be its strongest trait. It applied sheerly so that you can actually use this green shadow to highlight your browbones when you do green-based eye looks. It's also great for the inner corners of the eyes.

Aquavert is a limited edition from the Lure collection in 2006, and it got repromoted in this year's Sugar Sweet collection. It is a light, frosty mint green that is very springy in look and feel. This would look great paired with darker greens or olives.

Warm Chill is another limited edition from the Cool Heat collection. It is a frosty sea foam green with gold pearl that I hardly use, but it is pretty nonetheless. The color would show up better over a green paint pot or other green base.

Meadowland is such a highly coveted LE shadow. It is also from the Madame B. collection. It is also a seafoam green but it is darker than Warm Chill and Meadowland has a lot better color pay-off. It is such a beautiful shade that would work great as an inner corner or lower lid color.

Guacamole is one of my very prized eyeshadows. It is such a highly-coveted shadow because it is a limited edition one from the Salsabelle collection, and whenever I see it being sold online, the prices were downright exorbitant and outrageous. I think Guacamole is worth the hype, though. It is a beautiful mid-green with gold flecks, a grass green with superior color pay-off.

Wondergrass is a limited edition shadow from the C-Shock collection. It is a bright grass green, perhaps the same depth as Guacamole but a lot brighter. It's quite bold, has a grittier texture than most MAC shadows, but the color pay-off is decent and if you like greens, you will probably like this one too.

Swimming is another lustre and is probably a few shades deeper than Lustreleaf, but more or less the same texture. This is a popular permanent shade, a mix of lime green and grass green. Lovely color, but it is a lustre so the color payoff is not as excellent.

Lucky Green - I was indeed lucky when I chanced upon Lucky Green on an online sale. A limited edition from the Belle Azure collection. It is another coveted green, a beautiful one at that. It is a gorgeous moss-lime green with heavy gold shimmer, with a rich and buttery texture typical of Veluxe Pearl formulas. Amazingly beautiful, in my opinion. This would look great with darker greens, olives and even with greys and blacks for a beautiful smokey eye. I hope this gets repromoted soon.


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Waternymph is also from the Lure collection. This is more teal to my eyes, but texture is a frost yet glides like veluxe pearl. Another gem in my collection.

Newly Minted is a matte offering from the Matte2 (Matte Squared) collection. It is horrible in color pay-off if you don't apply a good, preferably green or black base underneath. However, if you take time to layer it over a good base, it is a pretty minty matte that would work as a lid color. Beautifully contrasts with black, greys, browns, taupes.

Humid, from the permanent collection, is my all-time favorite green crease color. Whenever I use greens or golds, Humid is almost always my crease color, unless I use Grand Entrance from the Holiday 2008 Warm Eyes palette. It is a beautiful deep dark emerald green; great paired with any shade of gold, green, olive, and black. It would also work with beiges and other neutral colors.

Greensmoke is a permanent color, a nice dark olive green that is another good crease color. This looks great with Sumptous Olive and other light greens. Would also work great for smokey eyes.

Lastly, Flourishing is also from the Matte2 collection, a nice dark olive-grey-green. Wonderful as an outer lid color, as I love to use mattes to deepen the crease or create depth in the eye look. Another favorite of mine.

There you go, my MAC green eyeshadow swatches!

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Gabriela said...

Thanks a lot for the swatches and the review.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the swatches! Very helpful!

xbbkay said...

i LOVE GREEN TOO!!! ahh, i'm sad now, they are mostly all limited edition! u have such a beautiful green collectioN! im jealoussss

Andreia said...

I like all the colours but they're LE :( I only have humid and sumptuous olive.
Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

wow ur swatches are spot on . keep up ur goodwork