MAC Holiday '09 Magic Mirth and Mischief Colour Collection Review and Swatches

I've had the chance to play with the colors in this collection and I was able to swatch them since early last week, but I've been caught up in many different things so I apologize for the delay. For some reason, I'd totally forgotten to swatch the lipsticks (maybe because I got sidetracked by the eyeshadow palettes). Anyways, will post the lippie swatches later this week, so come back to this post for those.

Anyways, I'd been really, really excited about the counterparts of this collection in previous years, namely Antiquitease in 2007, and "Red" She Said in 2008. Sad to say, however, this new holiday colour collection didn't really pique that much interest in me, although I find the dazzleglass lovely but not must-haves. I also prefer the mineralize trios of Red She Said compared to this year's duos. Maybe it's just me, but I really didn't find anything that made me say, "I have to get this!".

No flash


Anyways, the mineralize eyeshadows have pretty colors, but as always, the glittery crescents are a bit chunky to apply, and are better applied wet in my experience. My favorite is It's A Miracle, a base of deep blue blurgundy with a gold crescent. I don't know if I'm getting this, though, because I already have a lot of similar shades in my stash. Mayhem is another pretty one, a dirty brown gold with a silver crescent. The base of Midnight Madness is gorgeous: a dirty grey brown, and its crescent is a gold frost. I would have loved to get this one just for the dirty grey brown shade, but I am iffy about the gold one. Under Your Spell is a light yellow peach pink with a rich copper crescent. Blue Sorcery is another pretty color if you like blues, a base of bright turquoise with a silver crescent.


The dazzleglasses are pretty nifty. Jingle Jangle is a yellow pink gloss with red and sapphire pearl. I think this is the prettiest of the bunch because it is not super duper sheer; it has some pigment in it. The other two would make for beautiful, shiny, luscious lips, but I didn't see much color pay-off in them. She-Zam is a sheer silver with silver and red pearl, while Phiff!is a sheer yellow peach. I would love to have She-Zam though because it looks quite festive. This would probably give a pretty frosty ice maiden look, but it would be quite wearable because it's sheer.

Cremesheen Glasses

Boy Bait and Ever So Rich are repromotes from early this year's Creme Team collection. Boy Bait is a light neutral beige with pearl, and Ever So Rich is a sheer lilac. I used to not like the formula of the cremesheen glass, but surprisingly, it's growing on me. It is not as glittery as the dazzleglasses, but they give out this nice, luscious sheen on the lips that is gorgeous. Of the two repromotes, I'd go with Ever So Rich. It is wonderfully creamy, both in feel and in look.


(See swatches and the rest of the review after the jump)

Mineralize Blushes

I LOVE the colors of the blushes in this collection, if only I didn't have similar colors in my stash. Superdupernatural is a beautiful mid-tone coral which I believe would suit my warm undertones. Conjure Up is a dirty, mid-tone plum that is right up my alley. These are the colors I wear almost everyday, and I can see myself reaching for these every single day.


Softsparkle Eye Pencil

I've never been impressed with these softsparkle pencils, and it's no different this time. I honestly don't like tiny shards of glitter or pearl or whatever you call them in my eye pencils because I mainly use these for the waterline and to tightline, and it is dangerous to have those shards near the sensitive areas of the eye as it can scratch the cornea. Therefore, do not use these to tightline and to waterline, but limit them to the upper lashline. Iris Accents is a pale violet with silver pearl and Nightsky is a true black with silver pearl. Both are pretty, but I just don't use them.

All in all, I am a bit underwhelmed by this collection. However, if you are new to these colors and shades, I would recommend both mineralize blushes, mineralize eyeshadow duos in Midnight Madness, Mayhem and It's A Miracle, and dazzleglasses in She-Zam and Phiff!. As for the lipsticks, Total Wow! (blue pink berry) and Utter Fun (Fuchsia pink berry) would be fun colors for the holiday. As for the cremesheen glass, Ever So Rich is my fave.


Gemma said...

Will you name some dupes for It's a Miracle? I am trying to talk myself out of it.

Christy said...

I think you have Phiff! and Jingle Jangle switched. ;)

I love and got Jingle Jangle, Midnight Madness, Blue Sorcery, Utter Fun, Conjure Up and Superdupernatural. The blushes are divine! I wasn't a fan of the pencils either. I put the $ from those towards the UD 24/7 liner set instead.

The Shades Of U said...

Gemma- I was actually thinking of my Aromaleigh mineral shadows that can easily dupe It's A Miracle. However, when I checked my MAC eyeshadows, I saw a few that can work, like Demi-Sweet (from the Sweetie Cakes quad), Fig. 1 (from Matte Squared). From the regular line, Nocturnal is similar but not an exact dupe. I think a mix of my other shadows like Shale, 100 Strokes, Illegal Cargo and Nocturnal can yield a shade similar to the base in It's A Miracle.

Christy- thanks! Switched and corrected the labels/post. ;-)