MAC Holiday 2011: Glitter and Ice Additional Swatches and Product Photos

Here are some additional swatches and product photos of the MAC Glitter and Ice holiday collection. I also included some swatches, but most of these have already been swatched and reviewed in my previous entry, MAC Holiday 2011: Glitter and Ice Unveiling and Swatches, First Impressions. Therefore, this entry will feature mostly pictures of the products and additional swatches if needed.

Mineralize Eye Shadows:

Top: Snow Season
Bottom: Hold That Pose!, Fresh Ice

Hold That Pose!

Snow Season

Fresh Ice

Snow Season, Shimmermint, Hold That Pose!, Frozen Blue, Fresh Ice

Snow Season, Shimmermint, Hold That Pose!, Frozen Blue

Hold That Pose!, Frozen Blue, Fresh Ice, Winterized

Beauty Powder:

Snowglobe Beauty Powder

Paint Pots:

Morning Frost paint pot

Paint Pots: Let's Skate!, For Effect, Morning Frost


Lipsticks: Such Flare, Whirls & Twirls, Eloquent Air

Such Flare

Whirls & Twirls

Eloquent Air

Such Flare, Double Spin, Soft Sable, Whirls & Twirls

What Joy!, Eloquent Air


Dazzleglasses: She-Zam, Love Alert

Love Alert


Love Alert

I have not reviewed the dazzleglasses yet so let me say that they have the usual feel and texture as the other dazzleglasses I've tried from the past. They are very sticky, but last a long time on the lips. Most of these dazzleglasses are on the sheer side, and I think are great for layering. If you don't like sheer glosses, though, these are not for you. The only dazzleglass from this collection that has a little bit of color is Love Alert, a raspberry red with gold pearl. She-Zam looks great, a sheer silver with silver and red pearl. If you want dazzlingly sparkly lips this holiday, try She-Zam alone or layered over your favorite lipstick.

Nail Lacquer:

Nail Lacquer: Get Noticed!, Festive Finery

Festive Finery

Get Noticed!, Festive Finery

Many of you know I'm a sucker for nail polish, so these new MAC nail lacquers are so up my alley. Get Noticed! is a bright, clean red, very festive and perfect for the holidays. Festive Finery is a mid-tone greyed violet creme that I've fallen in love with the first time I laid my eyes on it. I think it would be similar to some of my grurples (grey-purples), but having one from MAC and a limited edition at that meant that I had to have it. Also, even though I think I may have similar shades in my stash, I don't think I have an exact dupe yet, so this makes me all the more excited for Festive Finery. Formula is quite good. They apply well on the nails and have better brushes that those mini-lacquers from the Holiday Dazzlesphere sets. I even like the white caps.


Technakohl Liners: Sweet Manoeuvre, Seasonally Spicy, Fancy Moves

Fancy Moves

Seasonally Spicy

Sweet Manoeuvre

I've posted swatches of the Technakohl liners in my previous entry (see link above). I am a little bit disappointed that they are not as pigmented as I expected them to be. They glide really smooth and apply like butter on the lids. All in all these are good liners, but somehow the colors seem - muted, I guess? I love these purple, brown and black colors, though. I know I will use them frequently because these are the color families I often use on my eyes.

All in all, these are good products for gift-giving or for yourself for a festive holiday look. I am especially drawn to the Snowglobe beauty powder (beautiful frosty pink-beige), the mineralize shadows in Fresh Ice (great highlighter) and Hold That Pose (I love the muted taupe-ish mauve); Get Noticed and Festive Finery nail lacquers, and Morning Frost paint pot. If you are not a fan of white, then obviously you will hate the packaging. The only other collection I remember MAC doing an all-white packaging aside from Liberty of London was MAC Moonbathe many moons ago (early 2007).

This collection has the usual assortment of dazzleglasses, mineralize eyeshadows and lipsticks that I think started in 2008 (no dazzleglasses yet in 2007). If you like these MAC products, I'm pretty sure there will be at least one or two that will pique your interest. I am not that much into the lipsticks and dazzleglasses. Although they are pretty, none really stood out as a must-have for me. If you want a really pretty highlighter that will give a pinky-beige lit-from-within look, try Snowglobe. The paint pots are also some of the highlights of this collection. Morning Frost is a shimmering champagne taupe, Let's Skate is a pretty pale pink with pearl that looks kinda opalescent to me, and For Effect is a charcoal with pearl. Gorgeous shades of paint pots that don't have the gritty texture of the Cham Pale paint pots.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Note: This entry contains samples provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


Mrs. Sassy said...

I'm so broke, but I really need to find a way to get that paint pot! It's gorgeous!

The Shades Of U said...

It is! Actually all three paint pots are gorg.

ZaraManaraski said...

Oh my god this looks so beautiful!. Need everything.

TheDiversePhD said...

I picked up Morning Frost and love it!!!! Soft Sable is very pretty :)