MAC Holiday 2011: Dazzlesphere Mini Nail Lacquer and Smoky Berry Pigments Swatches and Review

Mini Nail Lacquer, Smoke Berry Ornament

These cute Dazzlesphere mini sets are great for gift-giving. They come in these transparent orbs that would pass for Christmas tree ornaments, but of course you can't use them as such because they don't have the requisite string loops to hang them with.  However, you can always display them on the counters or some flat surface because they are flat on the bottom and can stand on their own.

Smoky Berry Crushed Metallic Pigment Ornament:

Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke, Roasted Chestnut

Spicy Smoke

Roasted Chestnut


Rose Light

Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke, Roasted Chestnut

Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke

Spicy Smoke, Roasted Chestnut

If you like pinks, pearls, strawberry reds and red-browns, this quad of pigments is for you. It has Pearl which is like a whitish pink, Rose Light which pretty much describes itself, Spicy Smoke, a dark strawberry, and Roasted Chestnut, a deep chocolate with gold pearl. I like the colors, especially Rose Light and Roasted Chestnut. Pearl would make a great highlighter. Roasted Chestnut would be great as an outer lid or crease color. I partnered it with Rose Light on the lid and it's a pretty pinkish chocolate eye look. I love the gold pearl in Roasted Chestnut. It makes the color look radiant and not just a dull brown. Take note that these are not ordinary MAC pigments, they are the crushed metallic variety, so they will be quite metallic when worn.

Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament:

Much Adored, Style Pink, Mistletoe, Dark Angel

Much Adored, Style Pink, Mistletoe, Dark Angel

I am not really a fan of mini nail polish bottles. I would rather buy the full size. However, I gotta say that the colors of these nail lacquers from the Mini Nail Lacquer kit are gorgeous, especially Mistletoe and Dark Angel. I would totally snag these if they were sold in full size bottles. I really didn't care for Much Adored, though. It's a sheer white pink with pearl, an opalescent shade.  However, I think Much Adored would make a good layering polish, especially if you want an opalescent effect to your existing mani.  Style Tip is a soft pink nude that I can use if I want mannequin hands or something I'd go for if I want a clean mani look. Mistletoe is my most favorite of all. It's so gorgeous. It's a pale gold foil that looks fantastic, reminds me of the MAC Posh Paradise nail lacquer in Immortal Gold. Will take comparison swatches of the two. The one thing I hate about these mini nail lacquers are the brushes. They have the worst brushes ever. The one I got from Style Tip has hairs that were not cut properly, one hair was actually sticking out because it was in a loop as it was not cut at all. They were wonky and it was a pain to apply the product. I hope I just got a dud, but I was really disappointed with the brushes.

All in all, I am liking the crushed metallic pigments and nail lacquers, but the brushes bothered me. My favorites are Rose Light, Roasted Chestnut, Pearl metallic pigments, and Mistletoe and Dark Angel nail lacquers.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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Will be posting more product photos and review of the MAC Holiday sets, so stay tuned!

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


Jenn A. said...

Those pigments look so pretty, I love all of them!

Gianna @ Makeup and Me said...

I've never used pigments, but those colors are sooooo pretty! I'd def buy them :)

grumpyphee said...

I checked MAC's website and the polishes and pigments weren't there?? :( is it not out yet? Or if it is where are they being sold? Thank you for taking the time to review this I appreciate it hope to hear from someone soon :)

The Shades Of U said...

Jenn & Gianna- I really like the pigments too!

grumpeebee-these will come out November 10th.

Anonymous said...

The pigment swatches look fab! Did you swatch them wet or dry? With such rich pigmentation and pop it looks like they might be wet.

The Shades Of U said...

Teigh- they were swatched dry. Pigmentation is amazing.