Bliss Fabulips Kit: 4-Step Lip Facial Review

You know how sometimes your lips look and feel really icky and dry not only because of the colder season, but also because of the build-up of lip products on the skin? How many of us can attest that we clean off any last smidgen of lipstick or gloss on lips? Chances are, since these products are sticky and emollient, not all can be wiped off even with a wet wipe. This build-up, together with dried skin, make our lips look old and dry, and basically unready for high definition photography or for any occasion where our lips are the main focus. I swear that having dry lips is the bane of my existence, no matter how often I exfoliate. I was actually excited to try a kit that actually focuses on the lips and no other part of the body, and provides four products that together work to help achieve soft, smooth lips.

Bliss Fabulips Kit is just like an in-spa experience that you can use at home. There are four easy steps to achieve the peeling-free lips we want. According to Bliss, these steps are:

1. Refresh: Lift impurities with our one-of-a-kind foaming lip cleanser
2. Retexturize: Exfoliate with our deliciously sweet and gentle sugar lip scrub to remove dead skin
3. Rejuvenate: Follow up with our visibly volumizing instant lip plumper
4. Replenish: Seal the deal with our luscious moisturizing softening lip balm

Step 1 is the cleanser, Step 2 is the sugar lip scrub, Step 3 is the lip plumper, and Step 4 is the lip balm.

Step 1:


I admit, I've never encountered a cleanser specifically made just for lips! I am liking this cleanser as it gives a very gentle foaming action, and it does strip off stubborn and sticky products like lip stains or glosses. It is gentle enough for those sensitive lips.

Step 2:

Sugar Lip Scrub

Okay, just for the record, I am in love with this sugar scrub. The granules are not too big nor too tiny, and they really slough off dead skin, grime and leftover product on the lips. It has this sweet, coconut-y scent that smells so good! It also comes in a pot that is a pretty good size especially since this is not a facial scrub but a lip scrub. One of my favorites from this kit.

Step 3:

Instant lip plumper

Instant lip plumper (middle)

This is my least favorite. I am not really a fan of lip plumpers. Nonetheless, if you like these, it does instantly give a nice pillowy look to your puckers. It does have the usual minty, tingly feel of lip plumpers.

Step 4:

Lip Balm

The lip balm is also one of my favorites from this set. It looks like an ordinary lip balm but it's not. The scent is amazing (coconut-y like the scrub), and it just instantly softens your lips to prep them for the application of lip products. I like that it is not like one of those petroleum-based products that seem to look greasy. This one moisturizes without the greasy look and feel.

All in all, I am liking this kit with the exception of the lip plumper. I really, really like the cleanser (albeit a bit too small), the scrub and lip balm. This is also great for travel because you have everything you need to take care of your lips in one kit.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

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