MAC Love Lace Collection Swatches and Review

I was able to play with the Love Lace collection products at the MAC free-standing store, and I'd have to say that if Warm & Cozy has mostly warm and neutral colors, Love Lace is all things cool and frosty. All the eyeshadows from Love Lace are either in the frost formula or frosted in hue. This is of course the equivalent of the Chill collection from last year, a collection reminiscent of Winter Wonderland featuring ice-themed, frosted colors.


I really like the colors of the lipsticks in this collection, better than some of the lipstick colors from the Warm & Cozy collection. However, they really didn't make me fall in love with them enough to want them for myself. Pretty Please is a pale pink pearl which is a cute shade, these would probably be amazing on paler skin. Intricate is frosted cool icy taupe that would also complement cool skintone and would look great with smoky or dramatic eye looks.


Icescape is a beautiful sheer pale pink with pink pearl. I didn't have the chance to get this when it first came out in the Chill collection, because it got sold out in a matter of days at my store. I just love frosty pale pinks, and this one fits my needs to a T. I love to tone done very warm-toned lipsticks, so I use this over them to create a pale pink look. Utterly Discrete is a sheer frosted cool icy mauve that I don't really care very much for.


Pincurl swatch

Pincurl is a repromote from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. It's a lovely highlighter, a dusty, frosty white.

Hypnotizing is a frosted greyed mauve that I like, it would make a nice lid or crease color. Love Lace is a frosted mid-tone greyish blue that I don't see as very unique, but it is pretty. Suave Intentions is a light frosted silver blue which would look great on the inner lid.


Raven and Feline swatches

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Some of these are repromotes from the Smoke Signals collection. I like these colored eyeliners, but except for Feline and Fascinating, I have not had the opportunity to use these very often.

Raven - Intense black with red pearl (frost) (My take: I like it, I use this with my neutrals and browns and it just blends with the whole look and yet ironically, it stands out as well.)

Feline Kohl Power pencil is a repromote from the Smoke Signals collection, but it is amazing in the sense that it is very, very, very, creamy, and is the deepest, blackest black liner MAC has ever come up with. It is great for the waterline and to tightline, and also for creating the smokiest of eyes. The downside to this product is that it is so creamy that it can easily smudge if the skin is not primed. It is therefore a must that both the upper and lower lashlines are primed with an eyeshadow primer in order to prevent the product from migrating to the undereye area. Remember: prime your lashlines well when using this product if you don't want to create raccoon eyes at the end of the day. Another way to prevent smudging is to set the line with black eyeshadow, although the eyeshadow primer is still a must.

Fascinating is a great tool to use - line your waterline and inner corners using this to keep your eyes look wide and awake even when you use dark eyeliner and shadows for smoky looks.

Sense of Style is a blackened deep marine blue that I would love to use with grays, blues, smoky greys to lend a pop of color to the look.


Light Affair is pretty - it's a creamy pale grey taupe that is so up my alley as this is very office-friendly and yet festive as well. Very Konad-able as well.

All in all, I like some of the products in this collection, particularly Icescape lipglass, the kohl power pencils and some of the eyeshadows, especially Pincurl. If you like cool-toned makeup hues, this collection is for you.

Note: Some of the products shown were provided by a representative of the company. For more information on the matter, please refer to the Disclosure page.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! If you were able to narrow the list of products down to 3, what are your 3 must-haves for this collection? x

The Shades Of U said...

Princess Livia- 3 must haves would definitely be Icescape l/g, Fascinating and Feline (don't forget to prime eyes). :)