MAC Chill and Dame Edna Product Photos and The Penultimate Eyeliner Experience

NOTE: Swatches of these products can be seen HERE.

Here are product photos of Chill and Dame Edna collections from MAC. If I were to choose between the two collections, I'd pick Chill over Dame Edna because, as I said, I already own many colors that are similar to those of Dame Edna. However, if you are just starting with makeup, these collections have a good balance of both neutral and fun colors that are staples in every makeup traincase.

Let's start off with Chill. I'd mentioned previously that I fell in love with Arctic Grey, and I still am up to this day. It reminds me of dirty snow - a dirty greyish silver, and its name probably conjured images of ice and snow in my head. Applied on, it is beautiful without being overly shiny or garish on the lids. I have many MAC shadows, but this particular one is unique. I have silvers and greys, but not this kind of in-between, dirty snow color. Love it. Mont Black is a beautiful black with a lot of sparkles (or multi-dimensional pearl) in it, but I believe the light captures them as goldish sparkles, which are gorgeous. This is similar to Black Tied, but the sparkles in the latter are somewhat one-dimensional silver shimmer. If you have either, though, you can do without the other. Mont Black would give depth to those sultry smokey eyes and you can also use this to contour the crease.

Okay, I think I'm pretty qualified to review the new liquid liner from MAC called the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack, as I wear liquid liner about four times a week. I really like my Almay Liquid Liner in both Black and Brown because I am always in a hurry in the mornings, and the liquid liner gives me a very smooth, slick, perfect line in three seconds flat. I love that I don't need to scrounge around looking for an eyeliner brush. I don't need to dip it in any gel liner pot. I just unscrew it, and the cap has a felt-tip applicator built into it, and I just effortlessly glide it on my lashline for a smooth line. Personally, I believe once you get the hang of it, liquid liners are less cumbersome and more convenient than gel liners. Really. So anyways, I tried the Penultimate liner in Rapidblack and compared it to my favorite Almay liquid liner. They both have the same felt tip that I love that gives the ease in applying the liquid liner. I swatched them on my hand and this is what I got:

Almay gave a thicker line since I had to reapply it around 3 times because the first coat was kinda sheer. MAC Penultimate yields a very thin, heavily pigmented line, mainly because of the finer tip. I also love the fact that Penultimate is a lot darker than Almay, so just one application should be enough. I apply two lines of my Almay liner on the lashline to have the desired effect. All in all, I still like my Almay because it gives me the precise line that I like in less than five seconds, but the Penultimate is a winner as well because you can create precise, very fine lines with it because of its fine tip and very dark pigment. I am really loving it as well. The raves were true: The Penultimate rocks! I just hope that it lasts a long while because looking at the pen, you really wouldn't know how much is left in the tube.

I used Penultimate today, intending to post a look using this, but I forgot my camera. Bummer! Will be doing looks using it soon.

Dame Edna is such a fun collection. I love the little cards stuffed into the boxes with little quotes from Dame Edna, kinda like cosmetic fortune cookies, haha! The names are a hoot as well. Splendid is a pretty coral that I liken to some of my favorite coral lipglasses like Orangedescence. Kanga-Rouge is a dark blue red that would look nice on my skintone because warm red colors make my skin look dirty and yucky.

I like the idea of mixing a robin's egg blue color with silvers and greys for a pop of color in an otherwise boring neutral/smokey palette. As I said, if you already have similar colors (like Silver Ring, Knight Divine), you can skip this trio, but the combination of colors is pretty cool. You can use Wisteria on the lid and Fineshine and Divine Night on the crease and outer V, or you can use the latter two on the lid and apply Wisteria on your lower lashline for a pop of blue.


Phyrra said...

Of the two palettes, I really liked the Wisteria one better. I absolutely love Fineshine. I'm currently searching for a light silver color that has shine but isn't too glittery/sparkly. I have AL Fume, but that's too much when I need a softer lighter silver.

Thanks for the review and pictures :)
That liner looks AWESOME!

I'm so used to gel liners now that I am sometimes reluctant to wetline or use a pencil, though the 24/7 UD liners have me in love with them. I need to pick up a quick black liner like Penultimate, so maybe I'll go do that!

Askmewhats said...

Now I want to go back to liquid liner! :) :) :) And I love your Dame Edna purchase!!! the packaging is oh so pretty! :) Happy new Year!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I did not expect to like anything from Dame Edna but the Wisteria palette looks so lovely and sparkly...not at all dragqueenish.

And I want that liquid liner too...!

melvel said...

WOW, I want the Penultimate eyeliner so BAD! I wonder if it will ever get here. The problem I have with liquid liners available locally is that I have to go over my eyelids several times to get the black I want. But that line you drew with the Penultimate is just the black I want! Man!

Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- with your style in makeup, I believe you are going to rock Penultimate.

Nikki- Happy new year dear! Looking forward to more amazing beauty and nail tips from you!

Birkinbagbeauty- lol, I love your adjective, "dragqueenish". :) True, Wisteria is anything but that.

melvel- yeah, I had that problem too, but MAC's liquid liner is so dark, you don't need to line over and over again.