Nail Stamp Art Using China Glaze Nail Polish in L8R G8R

Holo polishes are all the rage nowadays. L8R G8R is from the OMG collection of late 2008, but this kind of holo is one of the very few ones that are linear holos - those that form lines vertically and give a rainbow effect along those lines. You can see the lines and the rainbow quite clearly in my photos. It is a beautiful lime green holo, and this kind of holo is the last of a dying breed - unless brands wake up and see how profitable it would be to come up with a collection of these vertical rainbow holos.

I used m69 image plate and Konad princess polish in Green. I added a small pearl in the middle of each nail as an accent. I really like this mani, one of my favorites. The holo is very distracting, it gets my attention every time. :D

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