Buff'd Mineral Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter Swatches & Review

If you check out My Comprehensive Review of Mineral Foundations I've Tried, you would know that I've tried over 20 mineral makeup brands. I love mineral makeup on my face because I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, and mineral makeup is one of the purest and gentlest on the face in the market today. I included Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics in my comprehensive review, and it was (and still is) one of my favorite mineral foundations. But first, let me show you some Buff'd mineral products and swatches.

Buff'd Illuminating Dust in Candlelight

Buff'd Mineral foundation in Chamois

Buff'd Velvet Matte Bronzer in Toast

Buff'd Velvet Matte Blush in Ransom

Buff'd Original Mineral Foundation in Warm Medium

Buff'd Original Mineral Foundation in Warm Medium

Buff'd Foundation in L-R: Almond, Chamois

Buff'd Velvet Matte Blush in Ransom

Buff'd Velvet Matte Blush in Ransom

Buff'd Velvet Matte Blush in Ransom

Buff'd Velvet Matte Blush in Ransom, Blush Velvet Matte Bronzer in Toast

Buff'd Illuminating Dust in Candlelight

Wearing Buff'd mineral foundation in Almond (natural light, no flash)

Wearing Buff'd original mineral foundation in Warm-Medium (with flash)

First of all, I've been using mineral makeup since 2005. I feel it is the best for my combination, acne-prone skin because it only has 4-5 ingredients in it, and it has the purest ingredients without parabens, artificial chemicals and preservatives. Also, if you do not introduce moisture to the container, it will last you forever, since they do not expire and harbor bacteria. Thirdly, most of these mineral foundation companies that I've tried are small, independently-owned stores, and I love to support indie brands who have worked hard to establish their own brand and carve their own niche in this very competitive cosmetics industry.

There are many different kinds of mineral foundations. Some have this glowy finish because they have bismuth (like Bare Minerals original foundation which I also use). I am not allergic to bismuth, but some people are sensitive to that so a lot of mineral brands don't include bismuth in their foundations. Buff'd is one of those companies, so their formula is very gentle on the skin.

Buff'd has this amazing coverage for mineral foundation. Some minerals have very sheer coverage, while some have good coverage but looks too cakey. Buff'd is neither. It has full coverage but it still looks natural. I like that it efficiently covers all my blemishes but gives a nice, seamless matte finish.

As you can see in the photos, it is beautiful in natural light. Be careful if you are using flash photography as the sunscreen ingredient (titanium dioxide) can give a whitish cast, although as in you can see in my flash photo, it's not bad at all.

As for Buff'd's blushes and bronzers, I like that they have the matte ones because they look really nice on the skin and gives a non-splotchy, non-patchy look. It gives a nice flush or bronzed cheeks without looking unnatural, and it's quite easy to blend as well. What I like about mineral bronzers and blushes is that a little goes a long way. One pot can last you forever. If you do decide to get samples (which is an economical way to try out the products before committing to a full-sized one), you can sprinkle a few grains on a small condiment saucer or bowl and that is enough for one application.

You can try out samples of Buff'd mineral foundations and other cosmetics on buffd.com. They also have their fall collection out now so check that out as well.

Here is the summary of my review on Buff'd Mineral Foundation:

Pros: Conceals amazingly well but doesn't look caked on, very smooth, even, flawless finish, good staying power, gives a matte but not flat finish, very reasonably-priced.

Cons: Might not be for you if you don't like matte foundations.

All in all, Buff'd has not failed me after 5 or more years of using it. I love the flawless matte finish. If you think your skin is too dry for matte mineral foundations, you can use a light layer to set your BB cream or tinted moisturizer, and it will make your makeup last a lot longer.

The Shades Of U rating: 4.8 out of 5

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.

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