MAC Holiday 2011: Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag and Gold Eye Bag Swatches and Review

Here are some of the gift sets available as part of the MAC Holiday 2011 Ice Parade collection. The ones I have are the lip and nail bag set and one of the eye bag sets. Both sets come with this see-through plastic case with a glittered zipper and a round silver thingamajig in the center. I don't care very much for the packaging, and I read from a lot of reviews that a lot are not impressed with the bags as well. I was blown away by how pretty last year's Tartan Tale bags were, so this year was a disappointment for me in terms of the makeup bags. The bags this year look cheap compared to the nicer Tartan Tale bags from last year. Anyways, with that discussed, here are the products which are part of these sets:

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag:

Kanga Rouge lipstick
Golden Blanket lipglass
Asiatique mini nail lacquer

Kanga Rouge lipstick, Asiatique nail lacquer

Kanga Rouge

Kanga-Rouge lipstick, Golden Blanket lipglass

Kanga Rouge is a bright red lipstick in the amplified formula. It debuted in the Dame Edna collection three years ago. I like that it is a bright red that actually complements the Asiatique nail lacquer in this set. They can be worn together and they look doubly festive when worn in tandem with each other. Kanga Rouge is just right for the holidays, and the amplified formula makes this look very creamy, uber-pigmented and lusciously shiny on the lips.

Golden Blanket lipglass

Golden Blanket lipglass is described as a translucent gloss with silver pearl. However, to my eyes, it looks like a milky gloss with gold sparkles. It looks really pretty with the fine pearl infused in it. You can layer it over Kanga Rouge for a more subdued, sparkling red lip.

Asiatique nail lacquer

Asiatique swatch

Asiatique is one of the prettiest nail polish creams I've seen. Its name suits itself because it reminds me of Asia, specifically the lucky Chinese red shade, or the red cheongsam dresses that Chinese women would wear for special occasions. It's also similar to a candy apple red, but brighter. I wish I have a full-size bottle of this. It is such a lovely color.

SRP:$36 US/$43.50 CDN

Iced Delights Eye Bag in Gold

Brown Border Technakohl
Baby, It's Cold, Woodsmoke eyeshadows
Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara

Technakohl in Brown Border

Brown Border

Brown Border is a medium brown liner that has good pigmentation and glides smoothly on the skin. It's your typical brown liner that has a twist-up tube.

Baby It's Cold, Woodsmoke

Iced Delights Eye Bag in Gold: Brown Border Technakohl, Baby It's Cold..., Woodsmoke

L-R: Gold Iced Delights, Pearl Iced Delights

I am really liking the Gold Iced Delights eye bag, specifically the eye shadows. Baby It's Cold is a true butter yellow frost. It is not gold but yellow, so I really like it. This would be great as a highlight or lid color. Woodsmoke is gorgeous, a muted emerald green frost with a black base I think - reminds me of the back of a beetle! I can't wait to use this duo, it has great coordinating colors and the emerald green is perfect for the holidays.


I am glad that this set has the 275SE brush. I don't think I have one of these yet. Even though I know that the quality of these brushes in the sets is not the same as the full-size ones, this 275SE I got is still pretty decent. I am interested in using an angled shadow brush to apply product on the crease with precision. I can't wait to use this.

Zoom Fast Black Lash

Zoom Fast Black Lash, Brown Border Technakohl

Zoom Fast is one of the better MAC mascaras I've encountered. That is probably why they included this kind of mascara in the sets. It gives length and volume to my otherwise sparse and short lashes. I do recommend that you wipe the head with a tissue before applying, as the product can look clumpy on the lashes.

SRP: $45 U.S./54 CDN

All in all, these sets are great for gifting, and would be a good introduction to the MAC brand for the uninitiated. I am however disappointed with the bags, as they look and feel cheap, nowhere near the nice Tartan Tale bags (yes, I keep mentioning this as I can't get over it). My favorite items from these bags are Asiatique nail lacquer, the gorgeous Woodsmoke shadow, and Kanga Rouge lipstick

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


Anonymous said...

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag is really pretty. The red is quite vibrant!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Golden Blanket looks beautiful against your skintone in the skin swatch :3