Spa Week Madness: My Bio-Roller Anti-Aging Facial At Desert Bloom Spa

I'd hate to pepper this entry with a lot of text as the video is the highlight of the entire post, and almost everything is there. That said, however, allow me to say that I really had a wonderful, relaxing treatment at the Desert Bloom Spa in Scottsdale. Special thanks to Spa Week Daily for sending me to experience this amazing facial treatment as part of Spa Week Madness. I brought my brother with me who took the video of the procedure and did the editing (thanks bro!). Natalya, owner and licensed aesthetician, was very nice to give me a step-by-step narration of what the Bio-Roller Anti-Aging Facial is. Basically it is a long, heavenly 90-minute treatment that includes cleansing, application of masks, two soothing massages, facial steaming, and the main procedure, the bio roller. It is this contraption with around 300-400 surgical needles that allow the marine collagen ampoule to penetrate deeper into the skin, which is supposed to give deep hydration and elasticity to the skin.

One of the best parts of the 90-minute procedure was the massage. Did you see how she massaged my feet? It was heaven! It really soothed my frazzled nerves and made me feel so relaxed. Her 15-minute facial massage almost made me fall asleep, her hands were so gentle and soothing and just heavenly. The enzyme peeling was very soothing and relaxing that it didn't really feel like a peeling treatment at all. Natalya was very detailed in explaining to me what the bio-roller facial procedure is, what it does to the skin, and what I should expect, so I was very reassured and calm even at the sight of that intimidating roller. When the roller touched the skin, it stung a little bit and was a bit uncomfortable at the scalp area (because the skin is thinner there), but it was nothing to be scared about because it was very tolerable.

After the bio-roller procedure, Natalya slathered some soothing strawberry mask on my skin to cool it down and soothe it from the effects of the bio-roller. It smelled so good that on that particular night, my little boy kissed me and said I smelled like strawberries. =D The plaster mask pushed the concoction deeper into the skin to fully hydrate it.

After the facial, my skin felt very moisturized and supple. It smelled so good and I just felt pampered all over. The Bio Roller Anti-Aging Facial is designed for dryer, more mature skin. If you have oily or younger skin, you can also try the other procedures available at Desert Bloom Spa specifically designed for your skin type.

Remember: You can indulge in this facial and other procedures for only $50 during Spa Week, April 12 to 18, 2010. For more details, check out to see the list of participating spas in your area. If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, check out Desert Bloom Spa in Scottsdale. Natalya is a wonderful licensed aesthetician, careful, meticulous and explains procedures thoroughly. Avail of some of their treatments for only $50 during Spa Week.

Desert Bloom Skin Care Center
7110 E Mc Donald Drive suite Bl
Scottsdale AZ 85253

NOTE: The Bio Roller Anti Aging Facial was a complimentary treatment from Spa Week and Desert Bloom Skin Care Center as part of the Spa Week Madness promo.

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