MAC Give Me Liberty of London Reviews and Swatches

The colors from this collection are some of the prettiest I've seen in a while. I love blue-based pinks, so the lovely lipstick, lipglass and beauty powder of this color palette are totally up my alley. Corals are also my faves, so the fact that there are a lot of corals in this collection thrilled me. Finally, the beautiful deep blues and greys are soothing to the eyes and beautifully contrast with the other colors of this collection. That said, I think this is going to be one of my favorite MAC collections for 2010.


First of all, how cute is the packaging? I love the refreshing white background and the little birdies and flowers - so springy and really perked up my mood.

As I said, the colors of the lipsticks are just lovely. The moment I saw Blooming Lovely, I just knew that I had to have it. The description alone is so "me" - it's a creamy greyed lilac mauve in my favorite MAC lipstick formula - amplified cream. My favorite MAC lipsticks have pinks mixed with grey tones in it: Brave and Noveau Frou. Now, I have another greyed pinkish-lilac mauve that is breathtaking; it really complements my skintone. My favorite item from the entire collection.

Peachstock is a neutral pink that is a PRO item; I've seen a tutorial where the girl wore this and it was so pretty on her. It is a satin finish, though, so make sure that your lips are primed with lip balm before applying the lipstick. I love the very pigmented formula, though.

Petals and Peacocks is another fave - a creamy bright magenta pink in the amplified cream formula. I might pick this up as well- so pretty and it really brightens up the complexion, and you can't go wrong with the formula.

Ever Hip is another cute color - a light coral in the creamsheen formula. If you like corals and you love creamsheens, this is for you. Heck, I love all these colors, I am really thinking of getting all.


English Accents

Most of the lipglass colors were actually the counterparts of the lipstick colors. The only color that deviated was A Different Groove and it's the color I liked the least, a deep purple brown with pearl. I just don't like dark lipglass colors.

Frankly Fresh is a neutral pink beige with soft pearl. I like lipglasses with pearl (or shimmer), so I like this better than Perennial High Style, a creamy bright pink coral, but I like the color so this is also a pretty shade for me.

English Accents is a creamy mid-tone blue pink that I am planning to get to layer over my beautiful Blooming Lovely lipstick.

Eye Shadows:

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My favorite of the bunch is hands down Birds and Berries. What a beautiful frosted dark green blue in the veluxe pearl formula. I don't wear blues so much but this is such a wearable shade, not too bright, not 80s blue, and definitely lends an interesting pop of color to smokey or even everyday eye looks. Will be getting this for sure.

Dame's Desire is frosty midtone reddish purple in the frost formula that is pretty but not as unique as I'd like it to be. I have a lot of purples so this is not a must-have for me.

Bough Grey is a lovely midtone blueish grey. The thing I like about this collection is that the blues are not straight-up blues. They are mixed with greys and greens that result in a beautiful hybrid shade.

Free To Be is a creamy matte true coral that would look nice as a lid color because it's matte. I can live without it, though, but I would imagine this would look great on the lid with darker coppers, bronzes or browns on the crease.

Give Me Liberty of London - maybe the longest name given to a MAC eyeshadow. It's a flat creamy matte pink that barely showed up on my skin. Meh.

Powder Blush:

For some reason, I didn't see these at my neighborhood free-standing store. Nonetheless, I have Dirty Plum from the Riveting collection, so here are some pics:

Of course, this is the Riveting packaging; for this collection, it will have the white packaging with birds or flowers on the window.

Dirty Plum on the bottom left.

I am just wondering why MAC chose to churn out the same blush shade in almost two consecutive collections.

Prim and Proper is a neutral nude which I will show in another entry.

Beauty Powder:

The first thing I noticed when I swatched these was that Summer Rose from this collection is a lot more pigmented that my Summer Rose beauty powder from the MAC A Rose Romance collection. Here is a photo of my Summer Rose BP:

The BP from Rose Romance collection is chalky and not as pigmented. The Summer Rose from Give Me Liberty of London is creamier and more pigmented. That said, I wonder why this is the case. Is it because the product would not form into the rose shape if it's the usual creamy beauty powder texture?

Anyways, it is a soft violet pink with pearl which, as with all makeup of this shade, is a favorite of mine. Shell Pearl is a pale peach with gold pearl that is so pretty a well.

Nail Lacquer:

Swatches to come, but Blue India is a dark green blue cream with pearl. Pretty, but I need to swatch it on my nails to really see if this would reel me in.

As I'd said, all in all, I am pretty biased because the colors from the collection are some of my favorites, so you can say that collection is a fave as well. I highly recommend the lipsticks, Birds & Berries eyeshadow, and the beauty powders. 

NOTE: Some products in this entry were provided by a representative of the company.  For more information on the matter check out the Disclosure Page.


Nea said...

Thank you for the swatches! I think I need Ever Hip, looks lovely <3

Sylvie said...

How is Petals and Peacocks different from Show Orchid? They seem very similar from the swatches that I've seen online.

Gabriela said...

Thanks a lot for the swatches!
I also love the Birds&Berries eyeshadow.

The Shades Of U said...

Nea- I think I might give in and get Ever Hip too!

Sylvie- I am sorry but I don't have Show Orchid so I can't compare. =( I did look at swatches online and they do look similar to each other. I wore Petals & Peacocks today and it's just a gorgeous hot pink.

Gabriela- Birds & Berries is my current favorite MAC shadow. =)