MAC Trend F/W '09: Swatches and Review

Gentle Fume quad from the Smoke Signals collection (for comparison)

Gentle Fume quad swatches (top row)

I was able to play with the products from MAC's Trend F/W '09, and if you don't have these predominantly grey and deep berry, purple and vampy colors to herald the coming of fall, this little collection definitely offers something that can pique your interest. Let's go right away to the Tone: Grey quad. I am in love with the colors, if only I don't have stuff in my stash that can easily dupe these colors. In fact, one of them, Waft, is from the almost-similar Gentle Fume quad which I have and love to bits.

Warmer White is a satin white with a slight green sheen. It's obviously the highlighter of the bunch, but it does not really do anything for me- just your basic whitish highlighter for cool eyeshadow colors.

Tone Grey is a satiny light grey that doesn't have that much pigmentation. It's a pretty grey, though, and if you don't have much greys in your stash, this would be a good addition.

The Right Smoke is obviously similar to Deep Truth and Freshwater. Very pigmented, but obviously very dupe-able as well.

Waft is a deep blue grey that would make a good crease or outer V color or for a good smokey eye effect. A repromote from the Smoke Signals collection.

All in all, this quad would be a good buy if you are into greys and smokey eyes and you don't have MAC permanent shadows that can easily dupe these colors (hint: there are a lot of them floating in MAC-landia). Otherwise, you can totally skip this quad. Don't get me wrong: it is such a lovely quad (definitely love at first sight for me), but upon thinking about it further, I realize I have a lot of MAC shadows that are terribly similar to these four.


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Hipster is very, very fall. It is a deep berry lipstick that would go well with all the holidays the upcoming seasons bring. I have a lot of these colors in my stash so this is also quite dupe-able for me.

Red Full-Stop is interesting because it is not red at all. It is a bright coral with some gold tones in it, I believe. A very pretty color, but I don't think it would suit me because bright corals look horrendous on my skintone. I love peaches, light corals, but not the bright ones.

Faultlessly F/W is a deep purple that reminds me of Night Violet mattene. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I don't wear these shades so this is definitely a skip-this-one for me.

Our Pick is the one lipstick that beckoned to me from this collection. I know how almost everyone is scared of its brownish-taupe color. I like it because I think this would go well with some of my smokey or dramatic eye looks to tone down the makeup. I also like how unassuming and muted it is, but with enough character to give it some oomph. I also like that it is satin in formula, which means that it has better pigmentation and longer lasting on the lips than the lustre finish.

All in all, I believe there is at least one lipstick shade in this collection that would attract everyone.


I definitely love the coordinating lipstick-lipgloss shades. I would love to get Runway Fave to layer over Our Pick. I believe that true to its name, it is definitely a runway fave this season, as I noticed that many runway looks favor the nude lip.

So This Season is a great partner for Faultlessly F/W. Oooh.. vampy, vampy, vampy. This lipglass would look great alone, though, because it's not as dark and goes semi-sheer but it also has significant pigmentation.

New Berry is for Hipster lipstick, obviously, but personally, I would go for these dark lipglasses compared to their vampy lipstick counterparts because these are much more wearable for me, a bit muted and the shine is spectacular.

All in all, this collection offers a little something for everyone. I love the light lipsticks, and ironically, the darker lipglasses. As I said, if you don't have greyish shadows yet, Tone: Grey would be a good investment. If you are into the dark fall lips, though, you will have a field day with this collection.


Livia said...

Love your review and swatches!!

Idaira said...

Yeah! I agree with Livia! so useful! thanks a lot!

The Shades Of U said...

Livia and Idaira- thank you very much! Such comments inspire me to do more swatchin' and reviewin'.;-)

Crystal said...

it seems that MAC is releasing a lot of collections this year! i was really tempted but i overcame it!