New Coastal Scents Brushes Review

When I got the 88 Piece Warm Palette from Coastal Scents, I also got some of the new brushes, as well as good old staples that I needed to have. Here are my thoughts on them.


This has been compared to Bare Escentuals' Handy Buki brush, and although I don't have that particular brush, I own several BE brushes that have the same hairs as this Kabuki-on-a-stick. This also reminds me of MAC's 109 brush that I own. First of all, it has a small, albeit dense head of hair. I haven't tried this on mineral makeup yet, but I discovered that this is good for liquid makeup, actually. I used this to apply Joeur Luminizing Moisture Tint, and this brush worked amazingly well on spreading the product evenly on the skin and creating a smooth, flawless finish. I also use this brush to apply BB creams (reviews and thoughts coming soon!), and this also worked great; it spread the product neither too thick nor too thin, and it gave a pretty finish to the makeup. The only downside I can think about this product is that it is a tad scratchy, although it didn't bother me much, and the longer I use it, the more I get used to the sensation. Remember to wash this brush before using it. Using conditioner on the hairs may probably make it feel softer on the skin.

Jumbo Italian Badger Fan Brush

Whoever named this brush "Jumbo" wasn't joking. This fan brush is HUGE. It also has this nasty smell upon washing. It reminds me of the smell of a wet dog, probably because this is made of animal hair. Take heart, though, because you can deodorize your new brushes using this technique from Enkore of YouTube.

The nasty smell aside, this is a great tool to brush away shadow fall-out when you're doing your eyes. This would also be a great blush and highlighter brush. I guess the effect is akin to that of a duo fibre or stippling brush. It deposits the sheerest whisper of color on the skin, making you look like you're lit from within. If you have very pigmented blushes, try this brush and you will not have clown cheeks. It would also be a good brush to gently blend out blush or glow to make it look seamless on the face.

Chisel Detail Mini Brush

I don't know how I'd done makeup without this brush. It is very small, inconspicuous and dirt cheap, but it really does the job. I use this to apply highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes (tearducts). The very small head guarantees that you will be able to apply product precisely where you want it. This is also a great brush to apply eyeshadow or pigment on the lower lashline, and even to line the upper lashline. This has a wide variety of uses, so much so that I now have four in my stash. I think this is my favorite brush out of all the ones I'm featuring in this post.

Pink Oval Taklon Lip Brush

Another inexpensive but heavy-duty brush. I love the oval or cat-tongue shape, because it is very easy to control the product with this brush. I also like that the taklon bristles are short and stiff, because it allows you to apply the lip product precisely where you want it. If you are using a very bright red lipstick, a lip brush is almost always recommended to give the smoothest curves and lines. Essentially, a lip brush is almost always used regardless of the lipstick color if a flawless application of the product is desired. I believe this brush can deliver.

All in all, I really like these brushes, except for the nasty smell of some. It doesn't take much effort to deodorize them, though, so you might want to try these out. If you have very sensitive skin, I suggest you skip the Kabuki-on-a-stick, otherwise, this is a very good alternative to the MAC 109 or the Bare Escentuals' Handy Buki Brush. As for the Chisel Detail mini-brush, I haven't really found a brush similar to this, so I believe this is a must-have and of all the brushes I had just mentioned, this is my most favorite and I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

that jumbo fan brush looks a lot like my HG MUFE Large Powder Fan brush. it's very useful. i do trust enkore's opinion. :)

thanks for the review!

Phyrra said...

I have 3 of those Chisel Detail Mini Brush, and I love them for the inner corners of eyes or lots of little detail work.

Great review!

Shen said...

i love the mini chisel brush!! :)

plue said...

I love the chisel mini! It saves me a lot of time doing eye makeup :D

I have 2 on hand, but i think i shud go stock up! :P

AskMeWhats said...

I have a similar HUGE fan brush and I love it for contouring and blush application :D

Crystal said...

it looks like those brushes are really great! i don't own any CS brush because shipping is expensive :(

Iambrigitte said...

thanks for the review...will definitely get these brushes! :)

Winnipeg Makeup Artist said...

I'm a big fan of the Italian fan brush.

The Shades Of U said...

Jojoba- hmm, that MUFE brush sounds yummy.

Phyrra- I'm sure you're making the most out of that brush, it has so many uses for eyeshadow addicts like us!

shen and plue - love the mini chisel detail brush to bits too! I wish I got more, considering how cheap it is.

Askmewhats- that's a good idea-fan brush for contouring! Thanks for the heads up!

Crystal- I didn't know the shipping is expensive over there. Do they have it on ebay?

iamsutil- you're welcome! :)

Winnipeg Makeup Artist- I'm not surprised; I've seen makeup artists like Eve Pearl using the fan brush extensively. :)