Eyes By MAC Starflash and Colour Forms, Brows by Anastasia

Here is a look and a step-by-step illustration featuring products from the new MAC Starflash and Colour Forms (Nordstrom exclusive) collections. I also featured my brows done with Anastasia of Beverly Hills' Five Item Brow Kit. I will be featuring a more detailed review of Anastasia's brow products, but for the moment, let me say that I am really loving the kit. It makes my brows look less harsh and a lot more natural. All products MAC unless otherwise noted.

First, apply Beige-ing shadestick from lashline to brows. Smooth product over brows. Apply Nice Vice paint pot sparingly on the lid using a concealer brush.

Using 239 brush, apply Circa Plum pigment (Colour Forms collection) on the lid wet using water-based mixing medium.

Using 239 brush, dab Baby Petals (Heatherette Trio 2) on inner to mid lid, as well as from inner corner to the browbone.

How it should look so far.

Using Japonesque crease/blending brush (akin to the 224 with a smaller, softer head), apply Top Hat eyeshadow (Starflash) to the crease and outer V.

Using the 217 brush, blend harsh lines. Apply a little Baby Petals on crease to soften the harsh Top Hat color. Apply Top Hat with the Japonesque blending brush again and blend. Apply Cassette shadow (Heatherette Trio 2) and blend in with Top Hat.

Apply Almay liquid eyeliner. Using the Anastasia angled brow brush and brow powder, mark the point through the center of the nostril directly up where it intersects the end point of the brow stencil cut-out (Point A) where the brow should start, and the point through the edge of the nose diagonally to the opposite end of the stencil cutout (Point B), or where the brow tail should end.

Choose the stencil that aligns with both the front and tail of the brow (points A and B) and has as much of your natural brow hair inside the brow cut-out as possible. I chose the Petite Arch stencil. Using the angled brow brush and brow powder contained in the kit, fill in the stencil shape and the arch. By the way, I already tweezed stray hairs earlier using the Anastasia tweezer found also in the kit.

Use the spoolie in the kit to groom hair and to blend the brow powder into the hairs. Apply brow gel in the kit; brush upward to condition and hold the shape of the brow all day.

Apply the highlighter underneath the arch, and blend in using a q-tip.

Using the 219 pencil brush, apply Baby Petals on inner to mid lower lashline, and Top Hat on mid to outer lower lashline. Line waterline using Graphblack Technakohl liner. Apply mascara.

Camellia-Rose skin-smoothing primer
Pure Anada mineral foundation in 80-20 mix of Flaxen Field and Niagara Fawn
Mary Kay undereye concealer in Ivory
Bare Escentuals Well Rested over Ivory
Joppa silk radiance finishing powder in Medium
MAC mineralize blush in Gentle
MAC Sculpt powder to contour

MAC In 3D lip liner in Plum Mate
MAC lipstick in Syrup
MAC lipglass in Lull


Anonymous said...


AskMeWhats said...

lovely look. Anastasia really is great then, your brows looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice :)
I like how you showed how you do your brows.

The Shades Of U said...

anonymous- thanks! :)

askmewhats- I'm loving Anastasia too, it makes my brows look really naturally groomed.

decorative diva- thanks, I usually don't use the stencil especially on manic mornings, but they are really helpful especially those who want to change the shape of their brows.

Tracy Roa said...

Beautiful look! I saw the Anastasia brow kit at Sephora the other day and decided not to get it since I have pretty much everything that the kit contains. I even have eyebrow stencils that I've never really used. I should probably try them out! Your eyebrows came out great!

JANE said...

The colors really compliment you. The stencils didn't work well for me, so I had to sell them :(

Alberta Cadwell said...

Wow! Your eyebrows DO look fantastic! I was actually at Sephora yesterday and I saw Anastasia's newest brow kit (in the purple case) and I was in a hurry and left but man I wish I had just picked it up and looked inside! I am definitely going back today! I really need a product that makes my brows look NATURAL and not too powdery or too penciled in! Thank you so much for sharing this! Is the highlighter Anastasia too? I love the way it looks!