Pixi Beauty Triple Threat Part 2: Eye Bright Concealer Kit and Redness Reducing Primer Swatches, Review

PIXI Beauty Eye Bright Concealer Kit (No. 1 Fair/Medium)

Pixi Beauty Redness Reducing Primer

Pixi Beauty Redness Reducing Primer

This is Part 2 of the Pixi Beauty Triple Threat series.  Triple Threat is a group of 3 products from Pixi that help combat beauty woes during winter.  In Part 2 of the Pixi Triple Thread series, I talked about the Pixi Beauty by Petra Triple Threat Part 1: Wide Awake Brighten and Lighten Eye Pen Duo, a dual-sided pen that has a matte and shimmer crayons that make the eye and undereye area look more well rested. In this post, we talk about the other two from this trifecta of face and skin brighteners - the Eye Bright Concealer Kit and Redness Reducing Primer.

The Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Concealer Kit has two different kinds of correctors (Pixi calls these a cover-up duo), one eye brightener (the pale peach color) and one highlighter. The brightener is great to apply on the undereye area and the outer corner of the eye. There is a cream highlighter that can be used beneath the browbone to create defined brows and a clean eye area for the brows to stand out. The correctors are in light green (which neutralizes redness) and light lavender corrector to neutralize sallow skin. This Pixi Eye Bright Kit is also crease-free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

I have to admit that my skin is not prone to redness, so I cannot really say that the Pixi Beauty Redness Reducing Primer combats the redness associated with rosacea, because I don't have that skin condition. I will say though that in the color wheel, green counter-acts red, so this green-tinted primer should be able to neutralize red areas of the face that are affected by rosacea.  What is great about this primer is that it reduces redness AND preps the skin for the application of makeup.  Even though I don't have redness on my face, I have tried this primer and it does make my makeup look good and last throughout the day.

The Pixi Eye Bright Kit retails for $18, and the Redness Reducing Primer retails for $28.  They are available at Target stores and PixiBeauty.com.

(Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are mine.)

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