Pixi Beauty by Petra Triple Threat Part 1: Wide Awake Brighten and Lighten Eye Pen Duo Review

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I was able to try some of the new products from Pixi Beauty by Petra, a brand that is available at Target.  Pixi has always been one of my go-to brands whenever I go to Target.  I like to browse the new products in that aisle, and I always gravitate toward Pixi whenever I see new products.  I was sent this new one called Wide Awake Brighten and Lighten Eye Pen Duo.  This is part of Pixi Beauty Triple Threat: three products to help you undergo the beauty challenges this winter.  I will be coming up with the other two products right after this post!

Pixi by Petra "Lighten" End

Pixi by Petra "Brighten" End

This Eye Pen duo reminds me of my Anastasia duo in Brow Duality in matte and shimmer.  The Pixi Beauty by Petra Wide Awake has a similar concept, but althoug the matte end called Brighten is described by Pixi as matte, it is more of a cream to me than matte.  It glides like a dream on the lids, and is very creamy.

I personally like the Brighten shade - it's a creamy almond beige.  Brighten can be used on the undereye area to make the eyes look more awake, or on the waterline for that "wide awake" look.  We are told that applying a white or light colored eye liner on the waterline makes the eyes look more refreshed.

The Lighten end is a champagne shimmer that is good for the browbone or on the inner corners (tearduct) to highlight.

I am glad that Pixi came up with this product, because this is a fool-proof way to create the illusion of well-rested eyes despite a sleepless night (or a night of less than adequate sleep).  I also like how very travel-friendly it is.  This double ended pencil can be used to brighten the undereye and waterline areas, as well as highlight the browbone and inner corners.  The Lighten pencil can also be applied on the cupid's bow of the lips to brighten the area and to make the lips appear more plump.

What I also like about this product is that it has caffeine that gives an energizing effect to the peepers. It also have chamomile that soothes tired eyes, and pearl powder to brighten the problem

This eye pen duo retails for $18 and can be found online at Pixibeauty.com or at Target stores.

(Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are mine.)

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