Finger Paints Special Effects Flakie Top Coat Collection Swatches and Review

Flashy, Flecked, Twisted, Asylum, Motley

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I found these awesome Finger Paints flakie topcoats at Sally Beauty Supply last week. They are part of the Finger Paints Special Effects collection coming out in January, but I was able to snag these early, thanks to some very nice Sally sales associates. I was disappointed when I dropped by my neighborhood Sally's and these were nowhere to be found. I was on my way out the door when I decided to go back and ask. The SA said that yes, they received a new shipment of Finger Paints, but she thought they were "bad" nail polishes because they looked all the same, and looked mottled/ruined. LOL! When I asked to see them, there are the pretties! The SAs asked me what they were for, and I demonstrated by applying one on top of my nail polish for that pretty flakie effect. Needless to say, they were mesmerized and told me that at last they knew what it was for. It was just weird that I was actually the one telling the sales associates what these were for!

Here are some amazing swatches of these pretty flakies. These are all swatched over Wet n Wild Black Creme:

Flashy, Flecked, Twisted, Asylum, Motley

Don't they look absolutely gorgeous? They all have the flakies (hence they look very similar in the bottles), but the colors of the flakies differ once applied over a base, and the darker the base, the better you can see the nuances of the flakies. Flashy looks like other flakie topcoats from different brands like Essie Shine of the Times - goldish or copperish in color. Flecked has sort of bluish green flakies, Twisted has green, blue, copper colored flakies, Asylum is similar to Twisted except that it does not have green flakies, and Motley has gorgeous blue flakies. Aren't they amazing? They completely change the look of your base polish.

Here are some swatches of the flakie topcoats over Essie Bobbing for Baubles:

Base: Essie Bobbing for Baubles
Flashy, Flecked, Twisted, Asylum, Motley

Over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys:

Base: OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys
Flashy, Flecked, Twisted, Asylum, Motley

And here are some hand swatches. These are all swatched over two coats of Wet N Wild Black Creme. Most of the swatches are two coats of the FingerPaints flakie topcoats:


I love how Flashy flakies look like autumn leaves or hot lava, depending on how you look at them.


Flecked has beautiful green and blue flakies that flash either color depending on the angle you look at it. One of my favorites from the collection.


Twisted is my top favorite. It's like technicolor leaves against a dark base. Breathtaking.


Asylum is similar to Twisted, albeit it is a bit less fascinating because it doesn't have the gorgeous green in Twisted.


Motley is another one of my top picks. It has these beautiful royal blue flakies that look gorgeous against a dark base.

All in all, I LOVE that Finger Paints came up with these. I remember the frenzy that came about when Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (similar to FingerPaints Flashy) first came out almost two years ago. There were only two of these available in every Walgreens, so people even had maps to help each other find the remaining Hidden Treasures. It was indeed like hidden treasure hunting! Now, I am glad flakie addicts can get their fill with Finger Paints Special Effects flakie top coats. You can use one layer over any polish, but I like two coats better to really see the nuances of pretty flakies.

My top picks (and therefore recommendations) would be Twisted, Flecked, and Motley. Which ones are your favorites?

The Shades Of U Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars


Makeup On A Budget said...

Are these permanent?

The Shades Of U said...

No they're limited edition.

Crystal Valentine-Burhans said...

I had a similar story trying to find these at my local Sally's. I went in, saw three bottles of "Twisted" in the regular display and grabbed two. Then asked the sales lady if they got any more in. She said "there's a cart full of stuff I have to put out... I'll check". She opened boxes and didn't look at the names on the bottom, and kept saying to me "Nope, these are all the shade 'Twisted'... sorry". But I knew she just thought they looked the same, after all when I mentioned the word "flakies" her head nearly exploded trying to figure out what in the world I was talking about. Sure enough, she too was amazed that they all looked the same. I had to also explain to her the process and how they look over dark colors. She was thankful to know what they were for.

Unfortunately they didn't have the shade 'Flashy', at least she didn't see it and I wasn't going to be too pushy, so I plan to go back tomorrow to see if they got put out or stop by another Sally's. I bought two of each shade, lol.

KrySTYLES said...

ahh, ive been wantijng essies version but I cant find it. Thanks for this post! ill have to check my local Sallys =)

Polarbelle said...

At the risk of creating frenzy, I was wondering if I might ask which area of town had it. I'll be there in six days, and I just gotta find em!

The Shades Of U said...

Crystal- amazing how they sometimes can be really clueless! lol

KrySTYLES-you're welcome, hope you find them soon!

Polarbelle- I found them on Camelback and 16th st. Goodluck!

Jdwg51887 said...

OMG! These are so pretty!! I have to get Twisted and Flashy.. too pretty over the black

CherM said...

I'm so glad I read your post because I went to my local Sally's and none on shelf. I asked the employee there if they had them and she looked at me like I was crazy. She went in the back and came out with 5 boxes of these beauties! She too was confused when she noticed they looked alike. I also had to explain what they were. Lol
So excited to have them!!!!!