Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Nail Polish Collection as of October 2011

Hey everyone! I posted my nail polish collection last February, and just a few months later, I had to add a third Helmer to my collection.  I have three of these off-white Helmers that can store hundreds of polishes. I got them at Ikea for around $43 each. Hubby assembled them for me.

I removed the Helmers from our bedroom and moved them to the new office/studio in the house. This is the room where I'll be making my videos and taking pictures of products and swatches. This is also the place where I will be storing all my makeup, and as you can see, my polishes. My husband made provisions for additional Helmers in the future by stacking them on top of the existing Helmers, not necessarily for additional polishes, but as storage solutions for other stuff I own.

I have hundreds of polishes, but I haven't counted exactly how many. I am thinking I may have already reached the 1,000 mark. I am planning to give some away because I know I won't be able to use them all. I am into nail art as well, so I am glad I have a stash that can support this interest of mine. I bought around 80% of the nail polishes in my collection. The rest were sent as press samples.

Also, unlike makeup, nail polishes last forever. They don't harbor bacteria because of the toxicity of the chemicals- bacteria will die in there instantly. If the polish gets goopy, just add a little bit of nail polish THINNER to your polishes, roll the bottle between your palms and they're good to go. (Note: Do NOT add nail polish remover to your polishes! You will ruin them.)

Labeled each drawer individually using our label maker machine.

First Helmer:

First OPI drawer with Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes

Close-up of the RBLs

Konad nail art polishes and plates, stamper

closeup of the Konad plates and Konad special polishes

Konad special polishes

My image plates. 95% are original Konad plates. A few are Bundle Monster plates and the jumbo ones are from Chez-Delaney.

Here are my XL image plates I got from Magno Nails in Germany.

Essie drawer with Misa polishes and Mia Secret crackle polishes

First China Glaze drawer with my OMG holo polishes

Orly drawer

Barielle polishes and nail treatments with Nubar polishes, and Deborah Lippmanns in the back

Second Helmer:

Second OPI drawer

Third OPI drawer

Second China Glaze drawer with Nfu-Oh flakie polishes

Third China Glaze drawer. The bottles wouldn't fit in the space at the edge of the drawer, so I placed my Eyeko and nail art striper polishes to fill up that space.

First Zoya drawer

Second Zoya drawer (with some Color Club collection on the side)

Third Helmer:

My Chanels, Butter Londons, Deborah Lippman glitters, Illamasquas, American Apparel.


Fourth China Glaze drawer

My MAC nail lacquers and tray of Gelish soak-off gel polishes

NYX, overflow Zoyas and nail rhinestone wheels

My pretty glitters drawer - Kleancolor, pumpkins, snowmen, Revlon, and other random polishes like Avon, Nicole by OPI, Japanese polishes, Skinfood (Korean), etc.

My snowmen and pumpkins

My husband is a handyman and he built me some nail polish drawers that I use for many of my polishes as well. They used to be part of my desk but we replaced my desk with a new one, so they now sit underneath the DVR and DVD player.

This was how the first drawer looked before I took out the MACs and Illamasquas. Now they just house my two Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures and random Milani, Maybelline and Sally Hansen polishes.

Second drawer contains all my Finger Paints (I really like this brand - I think this is a Sally Beauty exclusive), as well as some random polishes in the back.

Thanks for looking!


ZaraManaraski said...

My god!. This is insane. I thought that I had a lot of polish!> This is a really good storage idea though, I may invest in something like this when I move house :)
Zara x

Justine (Productrater) said...

I love your organization! I am always worried that I will buy a helmer and then the polishes will be too tall or something, those look like they fit nicely. said...

that's a really admirable collection! i could stay in your studio for days just to admire them ;)

morphine said...

is this heaven??

MereMakeupManiac said...

i just couldn't close my mouth while looking at your np collection - now that's huge! i admire your hubby for supporting your polish addiction! mine wouldn't stop scolding me buying more lol.