MAC Fall Colour Initial Swatches and Review Part I: Parlor Smoke Quad, Pigments, Lightscapade and Porcelain Pink MSFs

I went to the MAC Fall Colour Collection's unveiling last week, and I was able to play with the colours. Here are my initial thoughts on this collection.

MAC Fall Colour Collection 2011 (originally named Cindy Sherman but it was renamed Fall Colour Collection 2011.  Cindy Sherman's only participation was during the campaign promotional photos.  She was not part of the creative process for this collection.)

Parlor Smoke Quad:

Parlor Smoke

Parlor Smoke quad: Parlor Smoke, Cross Cultural, Steel, Indigo Noir

I am really liking Parlor Smoke quad, and my favorite of the two quads featured in Fall Colour. I like that the colors are smoky, rich, fall-ish. Parlor Smoke is a mauve grey frost that is great to highlight. It is a nice mauvish grey that is unique in my opinion. Cross Cultural is a neutral brown matte. I appreciate that it is matte in color as I have a lot of browns that have either shimmer or sparkle. Steel is my top favorite, a beautiful almost black charcoal in the veluxe pearl formula. Lastly, Indigo Noir is a navy matte which reminds me of contrast, but is a bit purple to my eyes.


Blue Storm, Emerald Dusk, Starless Night, Tan

The pigments are wonderful.  These are my favorite items from the collection.  Blue Storm is a navy blue that leans on the purple side.  It is metallic and I like to use this as a liner.  Emerald Dusk is a deep yellow blue with white pearl.  It is my favorite out of all the pigments.  I love how deep, rich, and metallic it is.  It is described as a deep yellow blue with white pearl.  Starless Night is a deep black purple that would work great as a liner or used sparingly on the crease to provide it more depth.  It is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Lastly, Tan is a muted pinky brown bronze that would work as a nice all-over lid color or as a wash.  This is great paired with bronzes, blacks, plums, golds - the possibilities are endless.

Mineralize Skinfinishes:

Porcelain Pink mineralize skinfinish (MSF)

The coveted Lightscapade MSF

Porcelain Pink, Lightscapade

My OLD (circa 2007) MSF collection (my MSF collection has changed a LOT since then!); Porcelain Pink is on the top row, second from the left

I used to collect MSFs and I had every MSF MAC has released except Pleasureflush. Eventually, though, I got rid of Porcelain Pink and Lightscapade. I am now glad they're back in the Fall Colour collection, because they add variety to my collection (their shades are pretty unique).

Lightscapade- this was from the old Danse collection.

Lightscapade is probably going to sell out fast- it is one of the more coveted MSFs, and it is indeed very pretty.  It gives this whitish glow.  On the skin, it is not that unique- there are a number of highlighters on the market that can mimic the glow this product gives.  What is probably the selling point of this product is how pretty it is in the compact- the pastel-rainbow colored swirls are downright mesmerizing.

Porcelain Pink is a soft pinky-peach with gold veining.  Perfect for that coral pink glow.  I don't know why I actually gave this one up; it's quite pretty!


Blacktrack, Ash Violet

We all know how dark and rich Blacktrack is, but for some reason, Ash Violet swatched sheer on my skin. I'll swatch it again to be sure, but it wasn't a blackened purple that I'd envisioned in my head. It is pretty, though, and a refreshing color in a sea of black and brown liners.


C Thru, Pink Fade, Orange Tempera, Good Times

I somehow like the shades of these lipglasses except C-Thru, which has been repromoted a billion times, and I think it is also a part of the permanent collection. My favorite is Good Times which is also appeared in MAC Me Over. Good Times really caught my eye - it is a beautiful pale mauve. Pink Fade is a pale pink, and Orange Tempera is a pale peach. I like Good Times and Orange Tempera. Admittedly, these shades are not at all unique, although I still really like Good Times.

All in all, I find the darker, richer colors of this collection worth getting. I am not that fond of the brighter shades. My favorites would have to be Parlor Smoke Quad, the two MSFs, Blue Storm and Tan pigments, and Good Times lipglass.

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Lily Seymour said...

I just got my order today with some of the the things I wanted from this collection and of course I got Lightscapade. I have about 25 MSF and I bought all of them used from sellers in the Mac-Cosmetics community on Live Journal, I'm still on the lookout for Pleasureflush and Metal Rock which I want.... are you selling?

Nartian knits said...

Do you think the Parlor Smoke quad is better textured (smoother, less chalky) than the Evil Eye quad from MAC Me Over?

The Shades Of U said...

Hi Lily- no I'm not, sorry!

Nartian- yes, Parlor Smoke is definitely a better buy than Evil Eye quad, better texture and I don't see the chalkiness of Evil Eye in Parlor Smoke.