A Recap: MAC Fashion Flower Collection Swatches and Review

As you probably read and saw on my First Video Review, I have played with the MAC Fashion Flower collection, but my video was more of just showing the products and swatches of the items. This time, it is a more in-depth review of the Fashion Flower collection and more product photos for you.

For some reason, the press sheet stated that this collection will debut in stores on May 5, 2011, but I guess it got bumped to this Thursday, April 28th.

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Lucky Green


Fresh Daisy


Free To Be

Bows & Curtseys

Fresh Daisy, Lucky Green, Aqua, Groundcover, Bows & Curtseys, Free to Be

I took swatches of these products under direct sunlight so you'd see how they really look like under natural light. As I had mentioned in the video, the cute daisy imprints are nice. They really give this spring and summer feel to the products. As I had also mentioned, I liked that several of the shadows are matte because even though I have tons of shadows, I don't own a lot of matte ones.

Fresh Daisy is a frosty white yellow that I like because the yellow tones complement my skintone. It is a nice highlighter that would be nice to pair with the mattes in this collection.

Aqua is a matte aqua blue which I welcome because I don't own a matte blue shadow yet. I think. The shade is very springy/summery and would be great to use on the lower lid for a pop of color. Aqua is a permanent shade.

Groundcover is a nice matte greyish brown. I don't own a lot of matte grey-browns that would work great as a crease or even liner color, so I appreciate that MAC included this nice neutral in this collection, even though it is technically not a spring/summer shade.

Lucky Green is my favorite. It was a much-coveted shadow in 2006, and it fetched insane prices on Ebay and MAC forums because it was a hard-to-find limited edition shade and the frosted mid-tone lime is gorgeous. I am glad MAC finally decided to repromote this. Edited to Add: Lucky Green recently became a part of the permanent line (a year or so ago).

Free to Be is a bright matte coral that reminds me a little bit of Soft Flower from the MAC for Emanuel Ungaro collection two and half years ago. However, Free to Be is brighter and deeper, although they are both mattes. Free to be is a permanent shade.

Bows & Curtseys is my top fave along with Lucky Green. This is such a gorgeous color. It is a metallic hunter green that reminds me of Grand Entrance from the 2008 Holiday Warm palette. However, B&C is darker and almost like a blackish green. Could be similar to Club but I would have to check. This would be great for a smokey eye with a twist, because instead of grays you would be sporting greens.

Beauty Powders and Lip Gelees

Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl

Light Sunshine

Alpha Girl

The beauty powders also have the cute daisy imprints on them, but for some reason, to my eye, they have a little less sheen compared to some of the beauty powders I own. As you can see from the swatches below, the sheen is a little subdued even under direct sunlight. This would be great if you don't like outright shimmer and you just want to have an almost lit-from-within sheen to your skin. Sometimes, though, I really want to have more sheen especially since summer is all about bronzed, glowy skin. I prefer Light Sunshine over Alpha Girl because of this. Alpha Girl is a tad too powdery-looking on my skin, while Light Sunshine gives a nice subtle glow.

Top: Now in Season
Bottom: Fashionflower

I used to loathe lip gelees but they kinda grew on me. I like that they have shimmer but not chunky full-on glitter. They have micro-glitter that really gives a luscious, high-shine look. They are also not as sticky as the lipglasses. The downside is that the lip gelees are not as long wearing as the lipglasses.

I only have two of the three lip gelees from this collection, but I plan on getting the third one, Budding Beauty which is a pale coral dazzle gelee. Fashionflower is a pale pink dazzle gelee that I have been wearing a lot of late. Now in Season is a pale yellow dazzle gelee that reminds me of a much-coveted lip gelee around 4 years ago, Dame in a Dress.

Beauty Powders: Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl

Top: Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl
Bottom: Fashion Flower, Now in Season

Fashion Flower, Now in Season


Mlle, Summer Shower

I have two of the lipsticks, but I am not a fan of these two that I have because they are too sheer.  Mlle (short for "mademoiselle") is a light white pink that would be great for light to medium skintones, but basically caters more to cool-toned skin.  I would have to try out Summer Shower (watch out for a look using this), a sheer light aqua, before I decide if I like this or not.  I am not a fan of too-sheer lipsticks.

All in all, I am liking this collection because of the cute daisy imprints, the eyeshadows, one of the beauty powders and the lip gelees.  I am not a fan of the lipsticks I've tried.  I recommend Lucky Green and Bows & Curtseys eye shadows, Fashionflower lip gelee, and Light Sunshine Beauty powder, which are my top picks for this collection.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Note: Media samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


Phyrra said...

The beauty powders look really nice swatched on your skin.

The Shades Of U said...

Phyrra- thanks, I think Light Sunshine looks better.