NEW Aromaleigh Ciao Italia! Eyeshadow Collection Swatches and Review


Okay, so it's perhaps common knowledge in the makeup community that Aromaleigh is closing. However, even before Aromaleigh announced its closing, Kristen was already working on the Ciao Italia! collection, and decided to release this collection as Aromaleigh's last waltz before it closes.  I am SO glad Kristen decided to release this, because I can honestly say that this might be the best limited edition I've seen from Kristen in a long time!  I am so in love with the Ciao Italia collection.  Swatches are shown below.  These were taken on a cloudy day, which is very rare nowadays in my area, but still the pigmentation and richness of these products shone through.  Take note that these were swatched with no base or primer, but notice the depth of the hues.

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More swatches and the rest of the review after the jump!

I am loving most of the colors in this collection. Many of them remind me of the warm neutrals from the Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette; they have the same smooth, wonderful texture that makes the shadows glide like butter on the lids, the same rich pigmentation, but without the $50 price tag, especially when you purchase samples for only a buck each.  Bacio particulary reminded me of Urban Decay in Half-Baked, a beautiful rich metallic bronze with lots of gold tones.  It is such a beautiful color that would go great with neutrals, golds, browns, bronzes, basically any warm look.

Amarena to my eyes is a light shimmery whitish lilac color that would make a good highlighter color.  Fico is gorgeous; it's "fig" in Italian and is a beautiful mauvish taupe with purple undertones.  Aaarggh, I can already see myself getting many full sizes from this collection, Fico is one of them.  A great staple neutral.

Nocciola is "hazelnuts" in Italian, and it does remind me of the rich brown of hazelnuts, and it would also make another great neutral color.  Tiramisu is my favorite dessert ever.  Period.  I am glad Kristen gave the name to a shadow that really deserves it - a beautiful blackened chocolate with gold highlights.  This would make a great crease and outer V color, and of course would look wonderful as a liner.

Ciocollatto. Gosh, another gorgeous shade; this collection is driving me crazy! It is deeper than Baccio but lighter than Tiramisu, but those 3 colors would make for a beautiful neutral eye. I can't wait to play with these.

Albicocca is "apricot" in Italian. It is a rich deep tangerine, quite warm to my eyes. Mora is "blackberry" in Italian, a nice deep purple, and I haven't met a purple I didn't love.

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Fior di latte is smooth light pink with tiny multi-colored shimmer that looks great either as a lid or highlight color.  I am drawn to Mirtillo, a gorgeous greyish mauve that would look great also with smokey looks.  Lampocca is my ideal lid color so I will definitely get a full size of this.  It's a nice warm shade with lots of sparkle.

Melograni is Italian for pomegranates, and it's a nice reddish terracotta color.  Biscotti is another beautiful color.  It's a great mauvish color that reminds me of MAC Shale eyeshadow.

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These amazing shades can't seem to stop coming. Liquiriza is licorice in Italian. It's a purple-infused charcoal that is quite unique.  Fragola is strawberry in Italian that describes itself.  It's a summer shade that would look great with nail polish of similar color.  Rosemarino is of course rosemary in Italian which of course has beautiful olive green tones.  Mela is a subdued teal to my eyes.  Pistacchio pretty much describes itself.

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Yup, more great shades. Puffo is Smurf in Italian and it is indeed a nice smurf blue, but it doesn't appeal to me all that much as I hardly wear light blue shades.  Menta is a green minty shimmer that I would be wearing with the deeper olives and greens in this collection.  Malaga is a red-based purple that is also lovely.

I personally love the 3 middle shades the best.  Pera is a beautiful dark green that is my favorite out of all these shades.  This would make a great crease or outer lid color.  Frutti di bosco is a vibrant purple.  Melone is a deep emerald/forest green that has a pretty shimmer.  Zabaglione is a squash color that would work both as a summer or fall eyeshadow color.

There you have it, the Ciao Italia! swatches!  Watch out for looks using these.

Note: Samples were provided by a representative of the company for consideration.

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Anonymous said...

What seductive names and concepts for this collection. I was wondering if she could ever beat the En Pointe or Orchid collections, but her creativity is endless. Maybe this is a glimmer of hope that Aromaleigh will come back like a Phoenix from the Ashes, instead of going out of business as threatened. I loved their lipsticks and lipglosses which were discontinued first, and have been irreplaceable.

I also want to make a sad goodbye to another outstanding mineral makeup company that I became introduced to through this blog: EARTHEN GLOW. They had a staggering number of products, including the widest shade selection for women of color; indeed it was the only foundation match ( in more than one of their formulas!) I ever got after decades trying drugstore, department store, health food store.
Outstanding skincare, stunning finishing powders in so many subtle tones that could be used for sheer blush, eye shadow, highlighter, lip color under balm. And the blushes were unmatcheable - rich pigmented colors comparable to NARS Torrid, Outlaw, Taj Mahal, Taod, Dolce Vita - again without parallel in any other company, in clor selection for ethnic skin tones. I am hoarding mine, because I cant find anything as good and I have been LOOKING > Meanwhile, mineral lines dropping left and right : Aromaleigh, She Space... I want to see these women owned, health friendly, environmentally conscious companie THRIVE - what about you ?