MAC To The Beach Swatches and Review Part 2

My little boy took one look at the pictures and said, "Ewww, what's that Mommy? Is that seahorse soup?". I was laughing like crazy and said, "No honey, it's makeup." He countered, "How can makeup have seahorses in it?". Ask MAC, baby, ask MAC.

(ETA: He said he thought it was seahorse soup because it looked like it was in a bowl.  Then he saw my watermark and said, "Hey!  How come you look like a cartoon?" LOL, I love my baby to death! =D)

So my little boy obviously doesn't like seahorses in makeup, but apparently a lot of people do. MAC website ran out of the Marine Life highlighting powder after just two hours of having it online. Nordstrom has pre-sold all of its Marine Lifes as well. I got the very last Marine Life at my MAC freestanding store; they said they only got around 12 pieces. Honestly, though, I haven't tried it yet, but it just looks like an ordinary coral blush once the gold overspray is gone. It does look pretty, and I do know some people who got this just for the sake of getting one and will not be using it. However, I gather from some pictures of others wearing Marine Life that it is a pretty pigmented coral.

To recap, here are some product photos from earlier reviews of MAC To The Beach. If you want to check out my previous reviews, go to the links below:

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MAC To The Beach: Cream Bronzer, Bronzing Powder and Blush Swatches and Review

Top to bottom: Lazy Day, Funbathing

Sun Rush Lustre Drops

Top to bottom: Rosemary & Thyme, Float On By

Temperature Rising

Here are new swatches of the collection:

Eyeshadows and Lipsticks:

I've given my thoughts on these, but I am really liking Sweet & Punchy. It's a spring and summer color that would look great with golds, neutrals, blues; pretty much anything.


My favorite is still Lazy Day. Perfect light dirty-blue pink that might seem too cool for my complexion but it's not. Great for dramatic eyes or even with neutrals.


See the rest of the swatches after the jump

Surprisingly, I was drawn to Flurry of Fun. It's pretty incredible the way the tiny specks sparkle like crazy. The sheer peach color is gorgeous as well. Easy Lounger is a light baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl, while Splashing is a mid-tone blue pink with soft gold pearl; this last one is also gorgeous.

Lip Pencil and Eye Kohl:

If you need to choose only one from this lot, I suggest get Float On By. It can stand on its own even if you are wearing a neutral eye. The pop of color will make your eyes truly stand out.

Powder Blush:

I have both of these colors and I love them to bits. Hipness is your quintessential coral blush. It has white pearl to give a nice shimmer to the cheeks. Get-away Bronze is a frosty mid-tone suntan to give you warm bronze goddess cheeks.

Cream Bronzer, Bronzing Powder:

I own most of these (with the exception of Beach Bronze). They all work great but I like Refined Golden to contour and Golden to give a nice warm shimmer to the hollows of the cheeks. These are perfect for summer, and I recommend the cream bronzers that you can tote to the beach because it's pretty low maintenance as you can use your fingers to apply them.

Lustre Drops:

At first I was at a loss on how to use these. You can apply them with your finger on your cheekbones to accentuate them and to give a glistening finish to your makeup.  The MAC MA said you can also mix them with your moisturizer or lotion to give a nice sheen to the skin.

Bronzing Body Oil:

Wanna fake a tan? You can use this to project the illusion of bronzed glowing skin even though you haven't done any tanning (which is bad for your skin!). You can shy away from the harsh rays of the sun and still look bronzed using this product. I didn't know that it can actually look good on the skin till I swatched it. Will be giving this away so stay tuned!

Note: Some of the products shown were provided by a representative of the company.


Yui said...

Your little boy is so cute! Seahorse soup.
I just got received some of my To The Beach items today. I love it all!!
Your swatch of shimmermoss is making me regret not getting it with this packaging. Perhaps I will place a 3rd order... XD

Anonymous said...

"Ask MAC, baby, ask MAC."
your kid is awesome XD
plus i love the reply :p

rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@nts said...

oh LOL! Leave it to kids to put everything in perspective. I was a bit upset at first about not being able to snag one, but I think I can live without seahorse soup! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you like beach bronze cream bronzer?

Sylvie said...

I *have* had sea horse soup. I was very grossed out by the dried sea horses in the bowl and that was why I didn't even bother buying Marine Life or even looking at it.

Sylvie said...

By the way, could I suggest that you do one of those giveaways where people leave comments and you pick one at random? I've been reading your blog for nearly two years, but I haven't participated in any of your giveaways because I don't own any social networking accounts. Yes, I have no twitter, no facebook, no myspace, and I don't go on forums, and even though there's very little chance that I actually get picked for a giveaway, still it would be nice for the rest of us loyal readers to be able to participate (for the fun of it) and not be excluded just cuz we're not like everyone else and spend all our time on facebook and whatnot.

Scientific Housewife said...

I got Thrills and Float on By and I can't wait to use them!

The Shades Of U said...

Yui- thanks, my baby's a darling =) Shimmermoss is cool if you love greens and colors of the ocean ;-)

rasilla- he's my pride and joy! He's so funny and makes me laugh every single day. =)

Sylvie- I'm sorry to hear that. I have had contests for those who subscribe to the blog via e-mail, so you don't need to have Twitter or Facebook to join, and I do that to thank those who exert effort to at least follow or subscribe to the blog. I also do viral contests in order to help spread the word about the contest. I am not the only blog who does this because our readers really help a lot in making other people know about the giveaway. I really hope you understand. =)

rainbow- I think I can too! ;-)

The Shades Of U said...

Scientific Housewife- let us know how you find those! =)