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I was given a media sample of YSL Parisienne, the latest fragrance offering from Yves Saint Laurent. YSL launches the new fragrance in the United States this month, complete with a sensuous new commercial featuring Kate Moss:

First of all, the packaging is pretty simple but is a delight to the eyes- it reminds of a glass liquor bottle containing an alluring rose-colored liquid. Very simple lines, sleek, but attractive.

YSL Parisienne is obviously a modern take on the classic YSL Paris. I am fond of floral scents so this fragrance is up my alley. I like that the scent is not purely rose as pure rose scents sometimes have the cloying effect on me. The top notes are vinyl accord evoking metal gloss and varnish, followed by the tartness of cranberry, but softened by the fruity scent of blackberry. Its heart notes are definitely the unmistakable sensuality of damask rose, mixed with the powdery violet. It is this powdery violet that I don't really care very much for. However, the drydown is amazing on my skin. Its base notes are a cornucopia of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

Imagine the sensuality of roses mixed with the mysterious, woodsy scent of sandalwood and musk, but uplifting the somewhat dark elements are the fruity notes of blackberry and cranberry. It evokes mystery, sensuality, confidence, with a touch of playfulness. This is not your high school or college fragrance, but it's also not your grandmother's perfume. This is definitely for a woman in her prime, not too young, but not too old either. A woman in her thirties perfectly captures the fragrance, and I believe Kate Moss in the commercial depicts the kind of woman who wears this fragrance.

At first spritz, I found myself attracted to the alluring rose notes, but I was kinda disappointed at the powdery violet notes. Amazingly, though, the powdery violet scent disappears as the product stays longer on my skin, and as I said, the drydown is pleasant - a wonderful mix of woodsy floral with the tiniest hint of fruit notes.

The fragrance was created by Sophia Grojsman and Sophie Labbé for YSL, and the Eau de Parfum is available in 1 oz., 1.6 oz., and 3.0 oz. bottles.

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jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

the bottle itself looks very luxurious! :)