MAC Originals Collection: Images, Swatches, Review

I was away for the holidays with limited access to the internet, so I apologize for the delay in writing this entry, MAC addicts! Here are some beautiful product images and swatches of this collection. I must admit I wasn't too excited about this collection because I am a pigment fiend and I was a little disappointed with the releases of old but relatively easy to find pigments (a number of these are from the permanent collection). Nonetheless, when I received my Originals products, I completely understood why MAC chose to re-release these colors, and why these are called Originals. The shades and products in this collection are the most beautiful BASIC colors every woman needs on her dresser and in her traincase. The shades take any woman from having the most gorgeous set of neutral eyes to the smokiest of looks, and can transform her from a shimmery-lipped fresh-faced mademoiselle to a sultry, breathtaking vibrant red-lipped vixen. I am most blown away by the eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglasses and eye pencils. MAC has put together the prettiest, most wearable shades of lip and eye products for a lady to mix and match to her heart's content. I am simply in awe of the rich shades of eyeshadows and lip products on opposite ends of the color spectrum, combined in one beautiful collection.

Let's start with the lipsticks. I am crazy over Twig-Twig, an improved version of Twig from the permanent collection. This one though is a little more - I don't know - alive on my lips compared to the original version, and when I swiped Nico Now lipglass on top, it totally gave the look a whole new dimension. Rozz Revival is a wonderful surprise for me. I usually loathe watermelon pinks on my lips because they make me look like a 1950's reject, but this one came out soft and sheer on my lips. It truly brightened my complexion and I've suddenly craved for watermelon colors because of Rozz Revival. Noveau Frou is my favorite pale lipstick shade of the season. It is described as "beigey grey pink with white pearl". It sounds like dead-looking lips but it actually flatters my complexion. This would be a staple of mine for dark, smokey eye looks. The prettiest colors for me are the berry-ish, plummy ones like Back To Del Rio, Retrofluid, Supersequin. These colors are gorgeous because for some reason they really complement my skin undertones, and brightens up my entire face. They may look dark in the tube but because they are lustre formulas, they apply sheer and moist and luscious. Mmmmm. Chintz on Chintz is another favorite. It is a sheer mid-tone yellow brown but applies on my lips with a slight rust cast, and complements my warm-toned skin. This shade is truly a toast to the modern woman and very apt for any kind of occasion, from the office to the dance floor to the runway. My least favorites are Russian Red and Utter Pervette, mainly because they are either too dark or too light for me, and not the shades I usually wear. I will keep them, though, just in case an occasion calls for me to wear either one. Don't get me wrong; both are gorgeous colors, and I salute every woman who can pull off Russian Red (intense matte bluish red), and such color is perfect for the vintage 1940s glam look.

I remember I used to have Lust, and I never wore it because it came out flat without any shimmer, and I prefer a little luscious shimmer on my lips. Full On Lust is a big improvement because it is still a cream formula, but gives off the tiniest glimmer on the lips when worn. So pretty. Real Desire and Avarice may look scary dark in the tube, but these leave a sheer stain on the lips that is not too overpowering. C-Thru is a thrill to have because I like light-colored glosses to tone down darker lipsticks. My hands-down favorite however is Nico Now. It is described as a "mid-tone grey purple with multicolored pearl", but this one truly transforms the lips into objects of beauty. Really. This makes ordinary lips look neutral but luscious and very inviting. I love how understated the look Nico Now creates, but it evokes a subtle sexiness that most MAC customers quite understand, given how truly popular the original release, Nico, was.

I have not worn the shadows yet, but looking at the swatches, they are sooo beautiful, richly pigmented, and can create a myriad of looks from the smokiest sultry eyes to the subtlest neutrals. I think my favorites are going to be Ochre Style, A Little Folie, Memorabilia, Clue, Charred, and Alum. Not Parrot you say? Hmmm, I know how hugely popular the original release was, and how it fetched insane prices over at eBay, but really, just how often would you use an aqua eyeshadow during your lifetime? I love the color though, and I am glad to have one in my collection just for that subtle pop of color on the lid or an all-out aqua fest on a summer day, who knows, maybe. I'm just glad eBay vultures' happy days are over when it comes to Parrot.


Phoebe Ann said...

OMG! That's E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from The Originals! *faints*

Olga said...

I always love your MAC reviews. Lucky you for having everything from The Originals...I am just drooling over everything from this collection all over again.

shades of hue said...

Thanks lovelies! Phoebes, I love your blog!

Olga, Rozz Revival looks GORGEOUS on you. Watermelon pinks are really made for you. I'm really digging this collection!

Amanda said...

Awesome review! What are the images in the back of your pictures? Postcards from the collection?