DreamWorld's Dreamy and Creamy Cream Toppings

EDITED to add: I noticed some of you were trying to click the link to the cream toppings but it was broken. I finally fixed it; go ahead and click away! :)

I recently got my finishing powder order from Dreamworld Minerals. This is a small mineral cosmetics company that doesn't have a big machinery for ads and all that, but I really believe that Ellie (the owner) makes excellent mineral foundations, shadows, blushes and even lip glosses. Some of her best products in my opinion are her finishing powders. She doesn't have just one or two colors or formulas, but she has a wide spectrum of different colors of finishing powders with different formulas to suit different kinds of skin. The names are very scrumptious and whet the appetite too! Dreamworld has finishing powders called "cream toppings", which is an apt term to describe a creamy finishing powder that you apply on top of your foundation to set your makeup. These can also be used as primers applied before foundation.

The different kinds of cream toppings can be seen HERE, and the names are delicious: Angel Cream, Banana Cream, Peanut Butter Cream, Butter Scotch Cream, Peach, Cocoa, and even Iced Cream! The Cream Toppings come in three different formulas to suit different skin types: With Silk, With Clay and Silica, and With Clay but No Silica. The Silk formula is good for dry or more mature skin, while the last two formulas are for oily skin because kaolin clay soaks up excess oil. I most often get the Clay and Silica formula because I have combination skin, and the clay mattifies my skin while the silica diffuses light and makes my pores look smaller, and basically just make my skin look flawless and immaculate.

Here are some samples of the cream toppings I got from a previous order. These little baggies actually hold a generous amount of product and each baggie is good for several uses.

DreamWorld's Glo Worms are amazing as well. So gorgeous! These are highlighters that can be used over blush or by itself to create a dewy, youthful sheen on your skin.

Going back to my most recent order, I got a full size of Whipped Strawberries, Creams-To-Go in Angel and Butter (both Clay/Silica formula), Illuminizer in Dark Yellow and I got a free pigment, a lovely rosey bronze-salmon color named Snap-Apple. I am using Whipped Strawberries everyday as a finishing powder and I am loving it so much. It is not under Cream Toppings but it is called Whipped Cocoon. It is a play of words from Ellie because Whipped Strawberries is made with silk powder, and silk is the fiber from the cocoon of the silk worm moth. Whipped Strawberries is a light pink colored finishing powder but it doesn't make my face abnormally pink; it gives the prettiest radiance and a flawless finish to my skin. It also helps seal in moisture. To check out the Whipped Cocoons, click HERE.

I got a fullsize jar of the illuminizer in Dark Yellow, and it's not really dark at all. It operates more like a highlighter for the cheeks and temples, whenever you want a little bit of radiance to make the skin look dewy and younger. I can't wait to use this for my looks.

If you like all these products, wait till you try Dreamworld's foundations!! Oh my, they are really some of the best I've tried. My shade in DreamWorld (Theia) has tiny specks of sheen that don't really make my skin look like a discoball, but it makes it look radiant, not shiny or glowy, mind you, but there's a radiance in my skin that is just gorgeous. I mix Theia with Amenti to come up with my perfect shade.

Don't feel intimidated with DreamWorld's website; it is a great escape to the land of enchanted fairies, goddesses and muses, and you will learn a bit of Greek mythology, ancient folklore and the like, while shopping for gorgeous minerals. If you find it a bit tricky, DreamWorld's Vox Site is easier to navigate and has a lot of pictures and descriptions of the products.


Justme said...

I can't wait to see a look with Angel Cream Topping. It's yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the dark yellow illuminizer looks very pretty. I might order that for myself. :)

Shades Of U said...

Justme: It is! I wore Angel Cream Topping in this look: http://shadesofu.blogspot.com/2008/08/mac-cult-of-cherry-review-and-look.html

Morgan- I like this illuminizer, the sparkles are really pretty but not over-the-top.