MAC Chill and Dame Edna Swatches and NYX Haul

I checked out Dame Edna the day it came out, and here are swatches of some of the products including that of Chill. First impressions: these two collections are total opposites of each other. Dame Edna sports products saturated with crazy, fun colors, while Chill is as tranquil as ice blue waters, showcasing colors an ice maiden I would imagine would have in her makeup arsenal. Chill has beautiful, neutral cool colors that are staples in any makeup traincase, but I am not too fond of the color payoff especially on an NC30 skintone like mine. They would definitely work though if paired with a good colored base (like paints, shadesticks or paint pots), but I really expected more from the color payoff. I am in love with Arctic Grey, though. It has relatively good color payoff compared to the others, and the color is quite unique and beautiful. I will definitely use this an inner lid or a highlight color. Another gripe is that apart from Arctic Grey, the other colors are easily dupe-able. If you have Black Tied, Knight Divine, Silver Ring, Gentle Fume quad from the Smoke Signals collection or any of the Holiday Smokey Eyes palettes, you can easily find something similar in place of the Chill eyeshadows, and the said shadows have better color payoff compared to Chill's. However, if you don't have the above-mentioned colors, the Chill collection can be a good start.

The lipglasses from Chill, however, are beautiful. They are definite must-haves in my book. They are gorgeously glossy, and to my mind, are not as sticky as the usual lipglasses that I have. I will definitely be getting Frozen Dream and Naked Frost - they are my kind of colors.

As for Dame Edna, I didn't see anything that piqued my interest, but who knows, I might change my mind. It's not that Dame Edna has no products worthy of purchase, but it's just that I already own a lot of similar colors. The shades are beautiful though and are must-haves if you are just starting to build your collection. The packaging is super cute as well.

On to my other purchases. I finally got NARS Super Orgasm blush, a product I had been lemming for a while now. I used to have a dozen NARS blushes, but realized that not all were flattering on my skintone. I swapped or gave away everything except seven: Angelika, Oasis, Sin, Matahari, Cactus Flower, Gina and Madly. These blushes look amazing on my skintone, so I decided to keep them. I am glad to include Super Orgasm to my little NARS blush collection. It's the perfect coral-pink that I'd hoped Orgasm, Deep Throat and Torrid would be but weren't (sadly, I used to own those colors but had to let them go). Some people don't like the gold sparkles, but for me, as long as I use a stippling/duo-fibre brush, I don't end up like a discoball.

I'm rediscovering my passion for NYX shadows. I used to love NYX before I got addicted to MAC shadows. Now I am realizing again what made me fall in love with NYX in the first place: silky smooth application, wide range of colors, good color payoff, and amazingly affordable price. I got some neutral colors which I will be using again and again.

I will be back with more news for you guys. I had been away on vacation for the holidays so my blogging had been sporadic, but I will be making up for it, so stay tuned!


Ashley said...

Snowscene lipglass is my favorite lipgloss ever. It is so so so pretty. I'm loving Vellum e/s too. Chill is an awesome collection.

Askmewhats said...

welcome back! :) Eeeekk You got Super Orgasm, can't wait to see it on your cheeks :) Take care!!

Vanessa M. said...

omg volcano is gorgeou! im still uneasy about dame edna too :(

Francisca said...

I really like the colors you swatched from the Dame Edna collection. They are gorgeous. I don't have any MAC eyeshadow yet, since I am just starung to build my collection and am just starting to buy MAC. Mainly all my shadows are Urban Decay which I loooove!!! I heart your blog, BTW.