Silk Naturals Lippies and A Neutral Look

A while back, I ordered some of my favorite lippies from Silk Naturals. I had a problem with my order because it took them two weeks to ship them out (very unusual for SN, and caused by some glitch in their system), but Karen made up for it by sending a long hand-written letter of apology (thanks Karen, no worries!) and a free Monarch lipstick for my inconvenience. That's why I like buying from small companies because the owners are very hands-on and their customer service is very personalized. Needless to say, I loved everything they sent, and I can't wait to try them all.

I got two Birthday Suit and Jaybird lippies. They are called glosses on the site but I see them more as sheer lipsticks, or maybe pigmented lip balms, take your pick. I LOVE these two. I am on my fourth fifth Birthday Suit tube and my second Jaybird. They are staples in my makeup bag, and my touch-up lippies after meals, because I don't need a mirror to apply these babies. They also look great on my skintone and the scent or taste isn't cloying and doesn't make me gag. Berry Crush (sorry, no swatch today!) is their version of MAC Viva Glam V.

Nectar is SN's version of Clinique's cult favorite, Black Honey lipstick.

Wow, edible 23K gold crushed in a lippie? This tastes slightly metallic, but nothing repulsive or anything like that. Makes me feel like a million bucks since I'm wearing gold on my lips! ;-)

Lastly, here's a look using MAC's beauty powder blush in Enough Said from the "Red" She Said collection. I'm sad that this blush has been overshadowed by its popular sister, Stark Naked. However, shoot me if you want, but I think I prefer Enough Said over Stark Naked because it's just gorgeous on my skintone. And hey, I'm all for the underdog.

Also wearing Earthen Glow minerals lipstick palette and MAC lipglass in Sugar Trance from Fafi.


Askmewhats said...

You're right about smaller companies on owners being hands on, you can't get mad if they had some glitches on their service as they personally would apologize!

I love the lippies swatches..GOLD on lips..yum!!!!

Vanessa said...

I too love "Enough Said" over stark naked, it definitely looks nice and natural on our skin tone!