MAC Matte2 and Mattene Look, Reviews, Swatches

Pardon the quality of these two pictures; these were taken using a crappy camera phone


I did a look using Matte and Mattene products, but first I am posting some swatches of these in addition to the swatches I posted in the previous entry. I am glad Matte2 is permanent so I don't need to stock up should I run out of my favorite colors. I am loving Newly-Minted (I saw the MA today wear it packed on the lid with Chrome Yellow in the crease, and it looked totally amazing), Fig. 1, Flourishing, Post Haste, Tete-A-Tint, heck, everything, except maybe Pen N Pink because it's much too pale on me. Tete-A-Tint is the perfect transition color: those boring hues you use to blend with other colors to show the gradient or progression of the shades. Flourishing is a deep, dark olive that can be used for a neutral or smoky look, depending on the amount of product you use or what colors you use to blend with it. Fig. 1 is a beautiful, rich, grape-purple matte shadow that is totally goes well with plums, pinks, and everything in between. The deeper ones like Graphology and Typographic are just perfect for smoky looks; however, if you have similar colors, these are probably not must-haves. Post-haste is very similar to Passionate, and both of them are matte as well, although the matteness of Post-haste is much more buttery and easier to blend. Brown-script and Handwritten are beautiful neutral browns. They are not must-haves because these can be duplicated by most existing MAC brown shadows. The advantage of Brown-script and Handwritten however are the rich, uber-pigmented formula (that is perfect for taking pictures, by the way, because it doesn't clash with the flash), and the fact that there is very little fall-out when you use these. You know those annoying dustings of product that fall on your cheekbones or under your eyes? There is very minimal fall-out (or even none at all) with Matte2.

I got Inkspill Liquidlast liner, and it's totally up my alley, being the green girl that I am. I plan on getting Coco Bar too, it really makes the eyes pop and draws attention to your lashline. Just gorgeous.


Can you say love? I am amazed at the wonderful texture of these lipsticks even though they are supposed to be matte, or semi-matte for that matter. I abhor totally matte lipsticks that make my lips chap and turn them into a flaky mess. The old MAC matte lipstick formulas did that to my lips. With the advent of the new Mattene lippies, though, flakies are a thing of the past (well, sort of, unless they make Mattene permanent because I heard they're not). I sooo love the packaging; they are in these slim tubes of Slimshines but are coated lovingly, luxuriously in rubber, and thus look much more sophisticated than the Slimshines. The pigmentation is amazingly rich, and these look great alone or worn under lipglasses. The advantage of these over the regular lipsticks is of course the amazing staying power. When I swatched these on my arm, I had to scrub my skin really hard before they were completely erased. Trying them on my lips one after the other was not a good idea as well because the previous lipstick stained, making the new one take on the undertones of the former because of the residue color. I love the beautiful reds/plums like Rapturous and Rougette, they really brighten my entire face. I have to layer them though with a warmer lipgloss because they have cool undertones that don't flatter my skin when used alone. I used Flattering in my look below, and I just felt naked without my lipgloss that I had to use my new Soft and Slow lipglass over it. The shade that I would probably wear alone in all its glory is Composure. I am SO in love with this shade, I plan on getting at least two more. Beautiful shade that flatters my warm-toned skin, crazily pigmented, and very long-wearing. An A+ in my book.

MAC Lash:

I just saw the new lashes and I was totally floored by how beautiful they looked in person. Packaging was nifty, and I got dizzy with all the amazing styles I had to choose from. My SA was kind enough to help me pick the most natural-looking, yet lush lashes for more oomph. Here's what she chose for me:

And here's the EOTD/FOTD for today. Please pardon the wonky lashes:

MAC Beige-ing shadestick as base
MAC Moss Scape paint pot on lid
MAC Gorgeous Gold inner to mid lid
MAC Matte2 eyeshadow in Flourishing on lid and crease
MAC Cloudbound eyeshadow (love this!) from the Pandamonium quad to highlight and on inner corners
MAC Humid eyeshadow on outer V
Meow Feliner in Purr mixed with MAC mixing medium to line
black mascara

Camellia Rose skin smoothing primer
Meow Flawless Feline foundation in Naughty Abyssinian and Pampered Puss foundation in Fierce Manx (mixed)
Mary Kay undereye concealer in Ivory topped with
Bare Escentuals Well Rested
Bare Escentuals mineral veil
MAC Emote blush to contour
Lumiere veena mineral blush in Cinnamon
MAC Northern Lights MSF over blush

MAC lipliner in Whirl
MAC Mattene lipstick in Flattering
MAC lipglass in Soft and Slow


etirv said...

I definitely want to try the Liquidlast liner! Your reveiws are excellent!

Velyana said...

You always make me lemming for Purr Feliner every time I saw your posts with it :). And please review the Liquidlast more, I heard they're budge-proof but I'm skeptical with the thin brush.

Crissy said...

Wow, your post just convinced me to save up for some eyeshadow, at least 2 Mattene lippies & that liquidlast liner!

You look absolutely stunning in that FOTD :D

shades of hue said...

etriv, thank you! As velyana said, the liquidlast doesn't smudge and really stays on till you take it off, so if you're okay with waterproof liners, this one's for you.

velyana, I will do a look with my liquidlast soon. I took swatches using my camera phone and they didn't turn out well. A lot of people use a different brush with their liquidlasts, I will use my Amazing I-liner applicator with this one. You need an oil-based eye makeup remover to take it off. Purr is great, it's one of Meow's prettiest Feliners. =)

Crissy - thank you hun! The lippies are just gorgeous, and the e/s too.

Roberta said...

Thank you so much for the swatches! Everything looks beautiful. I need some lippies.

Beauty Hon said...

Thanks for the detailed reviews! The mattene lipsticks definitely don't look like the dry mattes I'm used to! I can't wait to try one and see if they last on my lips (my face seems to just absorb makeup, so I'm always skeptical).

PiesBonitos said...

I love those lipstick colors! I love how you show each color individually. Makes me wanna go shopping!

Melissa said...

LOVING the eye look featured here. The model looks great, and her lovely eyes are so nicely highlighted. I will have to pick up the shadow and liner (MAC has magnificent eye shadows and liners, so this is a great buy).

shades of hue said...
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shades of hue said...

roberta, beautyhon, piesbonitos, melissa, thank you for the kind words! =) Beauty hon, these are definitely not the old mattes we were used to (think 90's dry matte formulas). These are moisturizing but with the unmistakeable matte texture. Melissa, MAC does have the best pigmented shadows ever. Even the lustre formulas (the ones with the least color pay-off) give decent pigment as long as you apply a good base underneath.

Anonymous said...

Can you say which lashes these were? I'm in love with the second set!