New Meow Mix, Aromaleigh Lipglosses and Lure Loot

I asked Lili what her Meow summer mix is, and she said she uses a mix of Purrrfect Puss foundation in Naughty Angora and Naughty Chartreux. It was uncanny that I have those exact foundations (right down to the formula) in full size tubs. Lili, bless her heart, offered to send some samples my way, but that won't be necessary (thanks for the invaluable heads up on your shade, though!). I tried her mix and I can say it does work on me as well; it's a little lighter than Naughty Abyssinian but I think I can still hack it since mineral makeup shades are very forgiving. It's a little perkier and less golden than Naughty Abyssinian, but at least I'm glad those gigantic tubs won't be put to waste. I was almost ready to sell them off; good thing I didn't!

I am also getting attached to my Aromaleigh Pure Shine lipglosses! In my previous review of these, I said that I am not a fan of click pens with the annoying brush tip, and I still am not. However, the scent of chocolate oranges is making me go bonkers. I super LOVE the scent, mainly because I'm a certified chocoholic. The staying power isn't that great, but that actually gives me an excuse to apply it often, because the taste and scent are so freaking addicting. Using these chocolate scented/tasting lipglosses actually provide my sugar fix (no, really), so much so that I don't crave for chocolate that much anymore when I apply it. For that reason alone, I think I need to hoard more of these!

The finish of the lipglosses is also a winner in my book because it's semi-sheer but gives a significant amount of color, and the shine is unbelievably luscious. I have seven of these babies, but one of them is a back-up (Zen). Below is my attempt to create some swatches of these; yes crappy lighting, but I think these will suffice for now:

Camellia Rose Skin Smoothing primer
Meow Purrrfect Puss mineral foundations in Naughty Angora and Naughty Chartreux
Mary Kay undereye concealer in Ivory topped with
Bare Escentuals Well Rested
Bare Escentuals mineral veil
NARS blush in Oasis

Rimmel 1000 Kisses lipliner in Tiramisu
Aromaleigh Pure Shine lipgloss in Gosh

MAC Beige-ing shadestick as base
MAC shadow in Ricepaper to highlight
Bare Escentuals glimmer in Bali inner to mid lid
Bare Escentuals glimmer in Morocco outer V and crease
Bare Escentuals shadow liner in Black Ruby applied wet on upper lashline with MAC mixing medium
Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost mascara

I just bought some more body butters from Lure Beauty, but this is a much smaller haul. I am so glad I already have my Peaches n Cream body butter, this scent is driving me crazy, it smells so good!! I also got Honeysuckle and Banango body butters in trial sizes, the Banango is a heady, fabulous scent as well. Honeysuckle smells so clean and fresh, and reminds me of breezy summer days.

Body butters in Peaches 'n Cream (full-size tub), Honeysuckle (top) and Banango. If you can only sniff these from your computer screen. These smell so good, and are also very thick and moisturizing.


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

shades of hue said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by! =)

mel said...

hi sis annielise, it's melvel from Gtalk. Great blog, really helpful. Your makeup stuff is drool-worthy :)

Anyway, I finally got the MK concealer as you suggested and you're's perfect! And very economical too. I hope this is not the start of a new obsession...MK products are really tempting!

shades of hue said...

Hi Mel, thanks for visiting! MK concealer is my HG. I've never found something as good and as affordable as this one. And it lasts forever too!