Eylure Pre-Glued Wispy Light No. 117 Lashes Review

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I've talked about how much I liked the Amazon magnetic lashes in a previous post, but I dropped by Target today and just had to try the Eylure Pre-Glued Wispy Light Lashes.  I really hate applying glue to my lashes because it tends to pull out my natural lashes.  That said, I'd like to stick to magnetic lashes as much as possible.  However, I was drawn to this one because the packaging says it is a 15-hour wear but takes only 15 seconds to apply.  I was sucked into buying because of the promise that it will only take so little time to apply, and will work especially well for hectic mornings.  Well, that proved to be - quite true.

It was so easy to apply; it's even easier to stick on than magnetic lashes, just because there is no separate application of either magnetic liner or glue, no waiting for the glue or liner to dry.  However, there is a downside - the pre-glued application only works once.  If you want to use the lashes again, you'll probably have to apply glue to your lashes because it won't stick anymore.  My falsies started to become unglued on the 4th or 5th hour of wear.

It is a beautiful, wispy pair of lashes though.  It feels light and airy, and very comfortable to wear.  It is a bit expensive for around $5 a pop, but you can wear this more than once, so cost per wear goes down considerably.

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