Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches and Review

Zoya Pixie Dust Spring collection

I was able to try the Zoya PixieDust Spring Collection, and so far the textured polishes coming out are pretty interesting.  Zoya PixieDust is another collection of those polishes that create fuzzy looking or gritty effects on the nails.

Here are my swatches of the Zoya PixieDust polishes and my thoughts on them.

Zoya Godiva (sunlight)
Zoya Godiva (shade)

Zoya Godiva is a nice nude textured polish with glints of gold.  You can definitely see and feel the gritty texture of this polish, and the gold micro-glitter gives a nice touch of sparkle even though the finish is actually matte.

Zoya Vespa (sunlight)

Zoya Vespa (shade)

I am really loving Zoya Vespa; I think this is one of my top picks in this collection.  It's a very pretty sage/mint green with lots of tiny micro-sparkle.

Zoya Nyx (sunlight)

Zoya Nyx (shade)

Zoya Nyx is another fave next to Vespa.  This time it's a periwinkle blue with lots of gold micro-sparkle.  It's a dusty kind of blue that is not in-your-face and can be very neutral or office-appropriate.

Zoya London (sunlight)

Zoya London (shade)
Zoya London is a beautiful matte grey with the same textured finish.  The color, combined with the gritty texture, makes it look really edgy.

Zoya Chyna (sunlight)

Zoya Chyna (shade)

Zoya Chyna is super pretty!   True to its name, is indeed a chinese cheongsam kind of red.  This shade of red really goes well with the gritty finish.

Zoya Dahlia (sunlight)

Zoya Dahlia (shade)

Zoya Dahlia is just like Zoya Storm from the Ornate collection, except that the former has a gritty matte textured finish.  This looks pretty edgy as well and is quite eye-catching.

Zoya recommends that the Pixie Dusts be applied in thin coats (usually 3 coats for full opacity), and without base or top coats.  I personally still use a base coat just because my nails are peely and brittle.  Adding a topcoat does not work, though.  It's useless because it will not make the polish look shiny at all.  The topcoat will just get absorbed into the polish.  Adding topcoat doesn't make sense too because why wear Pixie Dust if you don't like the gritty matte texture, right?

All in all, the Pixie Dusts are not for everyone, especially those who like shiny, smooth surfaces.  I do know that a lot of people are fascinated with textured polishes because they are unusual and are trend right now.  I am particularly liking Zoya's Pixie Dusts because they look very appealing and do not make the hands look odd or gnarled.  I also like that Zoya's Pixie Dusts stay pretty long on my nails - up to 4 days which is a miracle because most of my manis only last a couple of days on my nails (I am not complaining because I quickly get bored with manis).  I can't wait till spring when Zoya comes up with the Summer Pixie Dusts (coming soon!).

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are completely mine.

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