Knockout Nails UV Nail Hardening System Review

Knockout Nails pack: 2-minute Drying Polish and 2-minute Knockout Nails Top Coat

Knockout Nails System: Cleaner, Bonder, Hardener, File file, Smooth file, Remover file

Knockout Nails System: Step-1-and-4-Cleaner, Step-2-Bonder, Step-3-Hardener

Okay, you know guys that I love nail polish. I have more than I can ever wear during my lifetime. The problem is, they always peel off my nails in as little as 24 hours after application. I want to have my manicure last for at least 3 days before I change my polish. I want that it is ME who shall decide if I have to take off my polish, and not have it peel off on me. I sometimes get lucky and have my nail polish last two days on my nails, but that doesn't happen all the time.

I also have brittle nails. This happened maybe around a year ago. I used to have strong, long nails, but last year, they started to always break on me around the corners. They're still terribly brittle and I've tried everything. When I was given the opportunity to try the Knockout Nails UV Hardening System, I was pretty excited to try it because it's like my last opportunity to have long, hard, beautiful nails.

First of all, I am not new to UV gels. I have around 25 soak off gel polishes and my own UV 36-watt lamp. I gave up on soak off gels because they don't last on my nails even though I follow the instructions to the letter. I'm thinking I really have soft nails because the gel doesn't really grab on to my nailbeds.

The difference between soak-off gels (like Shellac, Gelish, ULTA's Red Carpet, etc) and Knockout Nails is that Soak-off-gels can be removed by soaking the nails in acetone. Knockout Nails gel can only be removed by filing it off, so you can apply nail color on top of your Knockout Nails and change nail polish as often as you want, because acetone will not damage Knockout Nails. This is great for me because I can change my manicure as often as I want, WHEN I want, and not have my polish peel off on me because my nails are soft and brittle. Knockout Nails will help keep my nails grow long, hard, and beautiful, and yet allow me to change nail polish colors as often as I want. And yes, I can use my regular nail polish and I don't need gel or UV-treated nail polish to wear over Knockout Nails. In short, it is the best of both worlds!

Knockout Nails is a UV Nail Hardening System that is specifically designed to be used at home. You don't need to go to expensive salons to have strong, beautiful nails. By strengthening the nails with its unique hardening ingredients cured in the UV light, Knockout nails prevents the nails from chipping and breaking. The nails are completely dry after two minutes of curing under the UV light, and you can wash dishes, do garden work, do any strenuous work right after curing and it won't affect the gel at all. For $89, you get the following:

Knockout Nails UV Nail Lamp
Knockout Nails Cleaner
Knockout Nails Bonder
Knockout Nails Hardener
3 Knockout Nails Files (file, smooth, and remove)
3 Orangewood Cuticle Sticks
24 Lint Free Cleaner Pads

Knockout Nails Cuticle Oil
3 Bottles of Knockout Nails 2-Minute Drying Polish
Knockout Nails Topcoat

I think this is already a pretty good deal, because the 36-watt UV lamp I got from my neighborhood beauty supply store already cost me $45, and that didn't include any bonder, hardener, or any of the gel polishes.

Some helpful tips from Knockout Nails PDF file of instructions:

- Water causes your nails to swell which reduces adhesion of Knockout Nails Hardener. Be sure your nails are not exposed to water at least 30-60 minutes prior to application.
- Always apply VERY THIN coats of Knockout Nails Hardener. A thick coat will flow into the cuticle area causing unnecessary repair.
- Do not apply cuticle oil prior to application of Knockout Nails Hardener or Color Polish.

So this is how I tried on Knockout Nails for the first time:

STEP 1: Buffing and Cleaning:

Use the “File” to shape and file nails to eliminate all rough or sharp edges.

Gently push back your cuticles with an orangewood stick.

After cleaning my cuticles and nailbeds and pushing the cuticles back, I use the “Smooth” file to remove any gloss from the nail.

Use a lint free cleaning pad and Cleaner to remove dust and oil from the nail by thoroughly scrubbing each nail for 10 seconds. Concentrate on the cuticle area and the tip of the nail. If you touch a nail before applying the Bonder, you will need to clean the nail again.

STEP 2: Apply Bonder

Apply Bonder to the entire nail surface, including the fingertip edge. Allow to air dry for 30 seconds.

STEP 3: Apply Hardener

Apply a very thin coat of Hardener starting 1/8 inch from the cuticle, carefully move the brush towards the tip of the nail without getting Hardener on your cuticles. Brushing over the fingertip edge of the nail is very important to seal the nail edge. If Hardener gets under the nail, use the orangewood stick to remove it. Do not try to save time by applying thick coats of Hardener.

(NOTE: I cured my thumbnail right after I did my fingers, but according to the instructions, you can cure all five fingernails including the thumbnail at the same time.)

Before drying the Hardener with the UV lamp, inspect each nail to ensure you are satisfied with their appearance, check specifically for bubbles or dust particles.

When you are ready to dry the Hardener, place your hand in the UV lamp and press the red button. The light will turn off when the Hardener is dry (2 minute timer). Repeat the process. Apply another thin coat of Hardener and cure for 2 minutes. In my case, I did three thin coats of Hardener on my left hand because my left hand's nails are very brittle. For my right hand, I only did two coats of Hardener.

STEP 4: Cleaner

After the final coat of Knockout Nails Hardener is cured, your nails will be tacky to the touch. Use the cleaner and the same lint free cleaning pad used in Step 1 to remove the remaining adhesive on the surface of the nail. Your nails are now completely dry and ready for any activity!

STEP 5: Application of Nail Color (optional, of course)

Apply Knockout Nails 2-Minute Polish or your favorite color polish if desired. Apply Knockout Nails Cuticle Oil after drying your top coat in the UV Lamp.

For best results, apply Knockout Nails Bonder as a base coat on top of your Knockout Nails Hardener to increase adhesion between your Knockout Nails and the color polish.

Note: Polish remover will not damage Knockout Nails so you can change your color at any time. I applied Knockout Nails 2-Minute Polish (the taupe one) on top of the Hardener. I cured each coat of the 2-Minute Polish under the UV light for 2 minutes.

I love how my nails look with the reinforced gel underneath. I really feel that they are becoming stronger and longer each day. I also like the fact that since the polish is not applied over natural nails that are moist and have natural oils, polish lasts longer because they are layered over gel, not natural nails.

Wearing Essie Over the Top over Knockout Nails

Knockout Nails can last for two weeks before you need to fill them in, re-smooth the nails and re-apply Hardener.

For complete instructions on how to use, re-apply and remove (if necessary) Knockout Nails, check out their .pdf of instructions via the link above.

All in all, I am loving Knockout Nails. This system is a lifesaver for someone like me who has brittle nails, but want to have long, beautiful nails and have my polish last a little longer. It also gives me the best of both worlds: I am not locked into wearing soak-off gels for two weeks, but I can change polish color as often as I want and have my nail polish last longer than a day or two on my nails.

The Shades Of U Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

The great thing is that Knockout Nails made a coupon code especially for The Shades Of U Followers! Enter KONSOU during checkout at, and you get $10 off the purchase price of the kit, plus free shipping!

Note: Press sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration. All opinions are completely mine.


Anonymous said...

I can use a system like this. I have always have a problem with putting nail polish without going to the nail salon.
It could also be a great Christmas gift.

Natalie said...

I am so glad I decided NOT to buy any of the soak off gel systems.I love that you're able to change your nail polish without ruining the hardener.I like to change my nail polish more than once a week!

Phyrra said...

I have this system and love it. Seriously! It's even easier to wear/remove glitter nail polishes. I'm blown away by how great it is :) Glad you like it too!

The Shades Of U said...

JoJo- it would be a fabulous Christmas gift! I would be over the moon if I were the recipient. :D

thalie- they say you can apply polish over your soak off gels, but the fact is that the gel itself wouldn't stay long on my nailbeds which really sucked.

Phyrra- I'm glad I'm not the only one loving this system. It's really my dream product as I want to have my polish last a little longer, but not as long as 2 weeks like the soak-off gels, and I get to have longer, stronger nails.

Natalie said...

Can I ask,is it much of a bother to file off the hardener?

The Shades Of U said...

Not really, some of the the hardener peels off by itself on the 2nd week, so you can easily peel off the rest, although filing is not difficult. As mentioned on their website, you really don't need to take off the hardener at all; it's very inconspicuous and it is supposed to be a long-term thing. I personally prefer to leave the Hardener on permanently.

Natalie said...

thank you,sounds like a no brainer to me! I am getting ready to press the buy button!