MAC Holiday 2011: Ice Parade Brush Sets and Eye Shadow Palettes Swatches and Initial Review

Glitter and Ice

I attended the unveiling for the MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter and Ice and Ice Parade collections last night. Click here for my initial thoughts, swatches and product photos of the Glitter and Ice color collection.

Tall, lovely servers carrying hors d'oerves and cocktails for the guests. They were wearing rollerblades.

Parmesan crisps being served at the event

The designs are pretty cool- the products were housed in these bubble-like displays
Left- Wintercool Fabulously Festive face kit, Right- Warm Fabulously Festive face kit

Wintercool Fabulously Festive face kit
Phloof! Eye Shadow
Quarry Eye Shadow
Dance in the Dark Eye Shadow
Brun Eye Shadow
Emancipation Lipglass Creamy light pink
Hot Gossip Lipstick Medium pink (frost)
Mocha Blush
129SE Brush
275SE Brush
266SE Brush

Warm Fabulously Festive face kit
Golden Flurry Eye Shadow Nude sparkle (lustre)
Soft Brown Eye Shadow
Carbon Eye Shadow
Omega Eye Shadow
Join The Party Lipglass Creamy pale peach
Mellowarm Lipstick Medium peach (frost)
Seasonal Appeal Blush
129SE Brush
275SE Brush
266SE Brush

Swatches of the Warm Fabulously Festive face kit: Mellowarm l/s, Join the Party l/g, Seasonal Appeal blush, Golden Flurry, Soft Brown, (below: Omega, Carbon)

Swatches of the Wintercool Fabulously Festive face kit: Emancipation lipglass, Hot Gossip lipstick

Swatches of the Wintercool Fabulously Festive face kit: Top: Mocha blush,
Phloof!, Dance in the Dark, Quarry, Brun

I like these Fabulously Festive face kits because they are truly all-in-one, fool-proof kits. These are the perfect traveling companions because you have everything you need for a weekend getaway. You have your lipstick, lipglass, coordinating shadows, brushes, and your blush. Just throw in a lipliner, eyeliner and mascara and you're good to go. I don't recommend these for MAC enthusiasts as they probably have several of these permanent colors. I recommend these for beginners or for those who are going to have to first foray into MAC cosmetics or makeup in general.

Brush Kits:

Special Edition, Mineralize brush kits

Top: Special Edition, Essential
Bottom: Mineralize

Special Edition



Make It Perfect brush kits

286SE Duo fibre tapered blending
282SE Duo fibre shader
$49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

190SE, 129SE, 275SE,
266SE , 226SE
$49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

Special Edition
167SE Bronzer Brush,
168SE, 239SE, 217SE, 212SE
$49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

I LOVE the Mineralize brush kit!! It is exactly what I'd wanted in my makeup brush collection. I love the 286SE Duo fibre tapered blending
and 282SE Duo fibre shader; they are great for applying concealer or other emollient products, or even for precise application of glows, and other mineralize products. This is such a gorgeous kit.

I also like the Special Edition because it holds all my favorite brushes. I just got a full size 168 brush, but I can never have too many 168s. I also like the white hair because in my experience, they pick up more pigment which saves me time.


I also like the Essential for the 226SE, but I prefer the other two brush sets as I already have full sizes of these ones.

Iced Delights Lip and Nail Bags:

Top Left: wintercool
Fashion Whim Lipglass Pink flesh (cremesheen)
Crème de Nude Lipstick (cremesheen)
Stripdown Lip Pencil

Top Right: sultry
Deelight Lipglass Raisonette (cremesheen)
I Love Winter Lipstick Medium passionfruit (cremesheen)
Boldly Bare Lip Pencil

Bottom Left: rocking
Kanga Rouge Lipstick Bright red (amplified)
Golden Blanket Lipglass Translucent with silver pearl (frost)
Asiatique Nail Lacquer (cream)

Bottom Right: pure drama
Hang up Lipstick (cremesheen)
Frozen Lamé Lipglass Frosty nude (frost)
Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer (cream)

I don't have swatches of these products, but I will be swatching them once they are out in stores. The colors are pretty much accurate in the photo above. My favorite is Asiatique, a really bright red cream nail lacquer that suits is name; it's like a really bright and festive Chinese red. Love it.

Eyeshadow x6 Palettes:

Top: Warm, Cool
Bottom: Sultry



Eyeshadow x6 Warm palette

Eyeshadow x6 Cool palette

Eyeshadow x6 Sultry palette

Eyeshadow x6 Cool has mostly shades from the purple family. Howzat is a pale lavender satin, Snowball is a frost white, Warm & Smoky is a medium purple lavender in the veluxe pearl formula, Idol Eyes is a lustre, Illegal Cargo is a slate in the frost formula, and Set To Dance is a dark royal blue matte. Idol Eyes is one of those eyeshadows that have been on the infamous side because it is a lustre, and not a lot of people like lustres. However, if you don't have these shades yet and you are into purples, you may like this particular quad.

Eyeshadow x6 Warm is okay, but I think I have these shades or similar ones in my stash. Buckwheat is a bark brown velvet, Gaelic Gold is a gold shade in the veluxe pearl formula, Patina is a light brownish shade in the permanent line, Magical Mist is a sparkle concrete shade in the lustre formula, Winterscape is a bright taupe pearl, and Midnight Flurry is a dark warm black matte. My favorite shades in this palette are Gaelic Gold and Winterscape. This is a great gift idea for those who are still starting with their makeup collection. There are good shades here for neutral and holiday gold looks.

Eyeshadow x6 Sultry is the palette that caught my fancy. I loved Festive Delight, a Bordeaux wine shade, and the sparkle in this eyeshadow is amazing. Black Tied is a black with sparkle from the permanent collection. Trax is like a mauvish shade brown shade from the permanent line as well. Shadowy Lady is a dark matte purple that has been included in many holiday palettes. Fun! is described as a pink reflect with lustre. Lightfully White is a nice white highlighter with pink reflect. The downside to this is that there are a number of these shades that are part of the permanent line.

If I were to choose just one, I would choose the Warm palette, just because I already have most of the shades or similar to those from the other palettes.

Iced Delights Eye Bag

Top: Gold, Silver
Bottom: Pearl

Gold, Pearl, Silver

Iced Delights Eye Bag in Gold: Brown Border Technakohl, Baby It's Cold..., Woodsmoke

Top: Gold, Pearl
Bottom: Silver

L-R: Gold Iced Delights, Pearl Iced Delights (Taupeless, Celestial Black, Purple Dash Technakohl)

Iced Delights Eye Bag in Silver: Silverwear, Blue Spruce, Graphblack Technakohl

If you are thinking of gifting somebody who likes eye makeup, the Iced Delights Eye Bag may be the one for him/her. It comes with an eyeshadow duo of coordinating shades, a Technakohl liner, a Zoom Fast Black lash mascara, and a 275SE Brush. My favorite has got to be the Gold one, as it has the gorgeous Woodsmoke, a muted emerald green frost with a black base I think - reminds me of the back of a beetle! If you want to play safe though, get the Pearl one as it has a neutral lavender pink called Taupeless, and a rich blue black with red pearl called Celestial Black with Purple Dash Technakolh. Silver has Silverwear, a metallic lavender, and Blue Spruce, a marine blue velvet with lavender sparkle with Graphblack Technakohl.

All in all, I am really liking the brush sets because they are not the same old collections of brushes of the years past. I definitely love the Mineralize brush set with all those yummy duo fibre brushes! I also like the Special Edition one with all those white goat hair brushes. I am also liking the Eyeshadow x6 Warm palette, and Iced Delights Eye Bag in Gold. Woodsmoke is such an amazing color.

Which ones strike your fancy?

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