MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Collection Series Part 2: The Sonoran Rain Lipglass Inspiration

This is a continuation of my story on how I and eight other beauty bloggers were tapped to go to the MAC Markham headquarters in Ontario, Canada to create our very own eye shadow or lipglass shade for an online exclusive collection called Bloggers' Obsessions. I already knew the colors I wanted to submit for this creative concept. The lipglass shade I was thinking has to be uniquely personal to me and intimately connected to my personal life. What can be more personal to a person than the place where he/she is living and thriving?

I live in the beautiful Sonoran desert and I have come to love the lonely but majestic landscape. I love the palette of terracotta browns, burnt oranges, golds, and reds of this desert landscape. Everywhere I go, this intermixture of beautiful warm colors greets me via the hills, mountains and earth of this arid region. I'd thought, "Why not turn this beautiful palette of colors inspired by the grandeur of nature into a product shade?". However, I just didn't want another shade inspired by the Sonoran desert. I wanted to depict the colors of the desert but with a unique twist. Much has been said about Sonoran sunsets or Grand Canyon-inspired shades and colors, but not a lot has been mentioned about the Sonoran desert during the monsoon season, which is about August through September here.

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During this time, a beautiful symmetry of two elements of nature occurs- the fiery golden sunsets in tandem with enthralling silver curtains of rain. Fiery sunsets and curtains of rain. Gold and silver. Warm and cool. Yin and yang. Two entirely different elements are actually interconnected and are parts of a mutual whole. It is this unique synergy of two completely opposite forces of nature that really fascinates me so much that I wanted the concept incorporated in a lip product. I had envisioned a warm coral red base which would depict the oranges, golds, and reds of the desert landscape. However, to represent the golden sunsets, I want gold pearl infused in the product. Silver pearl would also be added to represent the silver rain. This symbiotic relationship of sun and rain, represented by the gold and silver pearl, co-existing in the coral red base, is the perfect formula for my creative concept, the Sonoran Rain lipglass.

I never once thought of changing this concept because I really believed that this was a unique shade that a lot of people will find interesting. I submitted the concept and in late March, I was informed by MAC Cosmetics that my lipglass shade was chosen as part of the MAC Bloggers' Obsession Collection! I was over the moon with excitement. I have always liked MAC Cosmetics and a MAC customer since 2001, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be able to create my own MAC lipglass shade.

So ladies and gentlemen, introducing- Sonoran Rain lipglass:

Wearing Sonoran Rain lipglass

Sonoran Rain

L-R: Comparison: Russian Red, Sonoran Rain

Sonoran Rain

You can clearly see the gold pearl!

Sonoran Rain lipglass over Hibiscus lipstick

Sonoran Rain lipglass over Hibiscus lipstick

Sonoran Rain lipglass over Hibiscus lipstick

Read Part 3 which talks about the process of creating the Sonoran Rain shade.


Angela said...

Wow,what an exciting experience that must have been! I really love the color and that you actually put thought and detail into your lip gloss. Will this shade be available for purchase or is it a one of a kind item? It's so pretty,I'd definitely purchase it if it became available on the market!

Laurz said...

Wow that is so gorgeous!! I can't wait, and I am super jealous! Thank you and congrats!

The Shades Of U said...

Angela- thank you! This collection is an online exclusive that will be available at (US and Canada) starting June 21, 2011.

Thank you Laurz!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

so pretty! it looks perfect with hibiscus!

Sylvie said...

That's an amazing colour, but I hate that it's only available in North America!

Angela said...

Yay,I can't wait!I just love this color,you did an excellent job!

The Shades Of U said...

Blushing Noir- Sonoran Rain over Hibiscus is my favorite combination!

Sylvie- I am hoping that with good feedback, MAC will eventually decide to release this collection to the international MAC community.

Angela- thank you, your support means a lot to me!

Revampy said...

Hello, I am buying all the bloggers glosses to support you ladies and I think they are beautiful. Happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased SR! It was the only thing in the collection that made me go "OMG I must have that!". Can't wait for it to get her.