MAC Brush Set Giveaway For Subscribers Of The Shades Of U

As promised, here is a giveaway that is available to all The Shades Of U subscribers, including international readers (outside of the U.S.). MAC enthusiasts will love the prizes as well. Two holiday brush sets will be given away, and two winners will get one brush set each. The first one is from the 2009 Holiday Magic, Mirth and Mischief brush sets: the Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set. It contains the following special edition (SE) brushes:

129 SE Powder/Blush Brush
190 SE Foundation Brush
227 SE Large Fluff Brush
212 SE Flat Eye Definer Brush
275 SE Medium Angled Shading Brush

Another winner shall win the MAC Holiday 2008 Adoring Carmine Face Brush Set:

It has the following special edition brushes:

187 SE Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
190 SE Foundation Brush
168 SE Contour Angled Brush
194 SE Concealer Brush

And yes, the uber-cute bags will be included with the brushes!

Please note that these are not the regular long-handled brushes but are actually the short-handled brushes specifically made for travel as part of the holiday sets. These are new, unused brushes and the winner will love these!

How To Join:

It is easy to join. First of all, you need to be a subscriber or follower of this blog, either via Twitter, Blogger or Google Friend Connect, RSS Feed, Facebook or e-mail.

Also, this is a viral contest, so you need to post a link to this blog contest or a link to The Shades Of U homepage, on your blogs (Blogger, Vox, Livejournal, Xanga, etc), forums you visit, or social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, etc). Re-tweeting on Twitter or sharing this link on your Facebook account fulfills this requirement. One post about this contest is enough to become eligible. Then come back to this blog entry and fill in the form below, answering the question "How Are You Subscribed to The Shades Of U?", and including the link to your blog/forum/social network post about The Shades Of U or the contest.

Contest Mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all The Shades Of U Subscribers/Followers 18 years old and older. International subscribers (outside of the U.S.) are welcome to join. Subscribe to The Shades Of U via one of the following: the RSS Feed, e-mail subscription, Twitter, or Blogger/Google Friend Connect or Facebook. If you are currently a subscriber, you are automatically eligible to join and you do not need to re-subscribe.

2. Fill up the contest entry form below, include your name and e-mail address (don't worry, only I can read your information and these details shall not be published). You also need to answer the question, "How are you subscribed to The Shades Of U?". Your answer should be one of these:

a. RSS Feed
b. Twitter (include Twitter ID)
c. E-mail subscription (include email address)
d. Blogger/Google (include Blogger name)
e. Facebook (include Facebook name)

3. In the entry form, also include the link to the post you created on your blog, social network, or forum you visited about The Shades Of U MAC Viral Giveaway.

PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT: We've been receiving entries with no link to the blog, forum or Social Network post about this Giveaway. Please include the link to the post you've created about this Giveaway in your entries. If you have re-tweeted this post, it is enough that you enter your Twitter username. Thank you.

4. The contest shall run starting today,December 18, 2009 and ends on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 11:55 p.m. EST.

5. Contest Machine and The Shades Of U shall randomly pick two winners who shall win one brush set each, announce the name of the winners on this blog, and shall contact the winners via the e-mail addresses provided in the entry form.

6. The winners shall respond with his/her mailing address within seventy-two (72) hours of the delivery of the notification e-mail; otherwise, the entry shall be disqualified and another winner shall be chosen. Thus, this is also the reason why entrants should subscribe to this blog to be promptly apprised of the winner's name just in case the notification e-mail does not go through or goes to the spam inbox.

7. The Shades Of U will ship the prize packages to anywhere in the world via First Class mail. If the winner is a US Resident, the prize shall be sent with delivery confirmation. If the winner resides outside of the US, the prize shall be sent to the international winner using First Class international mail with no tracking number. However, the postal receipt shall be kept as evidence of shipment. The Shades Of U shall not be responsible for loss or delays in the delivery of the package after the prizes has been mailed, nor shall it be responsible for customs duties or fees.

Goodluck to everyone! Don't forget to subscribe or follow, fill up the entry form below (don't forget to include the link to the post you created on your blog, forum you visited, or social network about this contest) and click "Submit".


G said...

Great stuff :D

Good luck~! :D

Anonymous said...

I have posted the contest on my facebook page

and also tweeted on twitter

But I don't see the entry form!
I'll keep looking :D

The Shades Of U said...

Geli- thanks! Hope you joined!

Anonymous- that's strange, there's a ton of entries so I'm pretty sure it's viewable. I think it's your computer settings then? It's perfectly viewable on mine.

Ashwini said...

I've posted about this giveaway in my blog:

I also filled out the entry form. :)

ghreizy said...

I repost your give away

Unknown said...

I've retweeted but I gave the wrong link. It's

So sorry about that.

email address:

Nicole Lee said...

hi, i found a MAC 187 golden brush, i really love it, and price is $12.78, i would post a link here to show, but you are not allow, do you think is it good price ? thank you

The Shades Of U said...

Slavic- if it's an SE short handled brush, it is possible that it's real. But if it's the regular long-handled 187, I'm pretty sure it's a fake. Goodluck!

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