My Lumiere Pre-Buy Brushes Are Here! (2009 Version)

If someone offers you amazing makeup brushes with dirt-cheap prices, but the only catch is that it would take a little more than two months to receive them, would you buy them? That's exactly what I do every time Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics offers their pre-buy special on their beautiful vegan brushes. I've been joining their pre-buys since last year, and I've been pretty much satisfied with the brushes every time. I ordered these brushes I believe early or mid-January, and I just received them today. They are beautiful! I bought each for around $6 or so, when the retail prices of these are $22 and up. I am sure hundreds of ladies bought a bajillion brushes during the pre-buy, but I already bought several from last year's pre-buys, so I just bought four of the angled blush brushes and one long-handled kabuki.

This is part of my Lumiere brush collection which I bought during the pre-buy last year. I had several of the long-handled kabukis so I got two more from the 2008 pre-buy.

These are some of the best brushes I've used to apply my mineral makeup, blushes and glows. I like the long-handled kabuki brush because the head is very dense, but the vegan hairs are SO soft; they really baby the skin and give a smooth, flawless finish to my mineral makeup. It blends mineral foundation into the skin seamlessly, and the long handle gives a better grip and control to the application. The fact that these are vegan brushes would also earn the approval of animal rights activists.

As for the angled duo-fibre brush, this is a holy grail product for me. Lumiere is the only company that manufactures an angled duo fibre brush. This is one of the best brushes to apply mineral blushes, mineralize skinfinishes or glows, and pigmented blushes or bronzers because it applies the softest whisper of color to the skin to give a lit-from-within effect. The hairs give the slightest sheen of glow to prevent the discoball look, and the delicate application also prevents clown cheeks. The angled head makes it easy to apply the product exactly where you want it, which prevents the glow, contour or blush product from getting all over the cheek area. If you want an angled blush or bronzer on the cheeks, this angled duo fibre easily gives a beautiful contoured look. It's like the MAC 187 with capacity to give an angled, precise application.

I also got Lumiere's regular duo-fibre brush, which is great to apply glows and skinfinishes. The hairs of these brushes are not as dense as the 187, but they still do a great job.

All in all, I love these brushes, and I can't wait to use them (of course after giving them a thorough wash first!). For the price, these are really good value for your money, especially in this economy. I hope Lumiere comes up with more pre-buys of these brushes.


Crystal said...

you're the first blogger i've seen to post their lumiere loot. i can't wait for mine but it will be a while pa. your brushes look so nice! the feedback on the FT is good, which makes me regret not getting one. it's not obvious that you love their FO brushes! LOL.

AskMeWhats said...

wow..never heard about the prebuy :) But it's a good buy for the price!

Anonymous said...

am so jealous sis you got yours na!

GurlOnA"Diet" said...

wow! the duo fibred coveting lmao

Bijin Blair said...

Never heard of the pre-buy.. I'll be getting some the next time a pre-buy deal comes around haha

Fabuless Beauty said...

I'm waiting for mine as well!

A. Rose said...

Oye. I knew I should've ordered when I first heard about it...those angled brushes look perfect for mineralized blushes.

The Shades Of U said...

Crystal-Yup I obviously love the FO, LOL! It's my glows and MAC MSF's best friend!

Askmewhats- they're very good especially for the price, that's why I keep coming back again and again whenever it's pre-buy time!

PaintMeGorgeous- very tempting, indeed.

A. Rose- AMEN! They're absolutely perfect for mineralize blushes, glows, skinfinishes. It can even be used for liquid foundation.

Fabuless Beauty- hope you get yours soon, they're worth the wait!

Blair- same here. Getting some more next time, either late this year or early next year (wishful thinking).

September said...

They're so pretty sis Aileen! Too bad I didnt get the LHK and AFOB =(