Milani Lip Series: Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss Review

This is the third and last (for now) installment of the Milani Lip Series on this blog. I have featured two other new lip products from Milani: Lip Mixer lipgloss and Pretty Pair lipstick-and-lipgloss-in-one. This time, the most perfect lipgloss for spring and summer is here - Buzz Worthy lipgloss. Its honey-like consistency, literally yummy taste and luscious colors make it the perfect product to wear on your puckers as the weather gets warm. It's glossy but not tacky, light and sheer but with enough oomph, and moisturizes the lips as well.

BUZZ WORTHY - in a land not so far away where everything is beautiful and beauty is attainable for everyone, Milani introduces Buzz Worthy lipgloss to princesses, commoners and everyone in between. The luscious formula is enriched with botanicals straight from the earth, which treat, heal and protect all of womankind.
SRP- $5.49

Buzz Worthy Tubed Lip Gloss
Milani Buzz Worthy tubed lip gloss will have everyone talking! Non-tacky and long-lasting, lips will gleam with high shine with this deliciously fragranced, honey-infused lip gloss. Soothing and moisture balancing honey extracts, cranberry seed oil and jojoba seed oil penetrated into the skin for supple lips with super high shine. Shades range from sheer to medium coverage. Available in nine buzz worthy shades.

Features and Benefits
-Non-tacky and long-lasting
-Formulated with Honey Extracts, Cranberry Seed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil
*Honey Extracts (moisture balancing, anti-inflammatory)
*Cranberry Seed Oil (powerful anti-oxidant, enriched with Vitamin A (improves skin structure) and Vitamin E (protects skin from stress caused by sunlight)
*Jojoba Seed Oil (pentrates deep into the skin to improve lip elasticity, smoothness and suppleness; locks in moisture and nourishes the lips)

My Take: This lipgloss I believe is perfect for warmer weather, especially for summer. I love how light this feels on the lips, and the yummy watermelon taste and scent truly scream "Summer!" for me. This reminds me of Lancome's Juicy Tubes as the presentation, packaging, texture and consistency are almost exactly like the Juicy Tubes, except of course for the much lesser price and different scent. I also like how this can be worn without the need of a lip balm underneath, because it also moisturizes the lips and keeps them supple. Upside is that this is very light and can be worn anytime or anywhere. This would be the perfect beach gloss. It can be applied without the aid of a mirror because it is sheer enough and bleeding will not be obvious. The downside is that these are pretty sheer, and if you want a more pigmented gloss, this is not for you. However, even though they are sheer, they last quite a while. Also, some might not like the taste as it has a slight chemical aftertaste, although the first burst of flavor is distinctly fruity - like watermelon or strawberry. My favorite would be Bee Mine because I love the pretty mauvish-strawberry shade.

As you can see, these are sheer, and would operate as a lipgloss-and-balm in one. If you are looking for more pigmented lipgloss with a high watt shine but also from Milani, I highly recommend the Lip Mixer lipgloss. Buzz Worthy caters to those who crave for a pair of no-fuss, kissable lips with luscious shine.

So enjoy the coming heat of the summer and make sure to grab one of these babies on your way to the next pool or beach party.


berna said...

I wanna try busy bee and buzz off :)

GurlOnA"Diet" said...

ooo gonna try these for summer!

Karin said...

These sound good! Interestingly enough, I have reviewed several Milani glosses, with swatches on my lips, but I have not tried any that you have reviewed.

I'm going to read your other reviews now and will check them out at my CVS. Does anyone else carry Milani?

The Shades Of U said...

lulu- I like Buzz Off too!

Paint Me Gorgeous- it's definitely a summer gloss for sure.

Karin- Select Walgreens stores have them too. Milani is one of my favorite budget (for some reason I don't want to call it "drugstore") brands.