The Shades Of U's Summer Hacks With Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover

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The sun is upon us again!  I live in a place where the temperature rises to as high as 113°F on any given day during the summer.  That said, it can get really hot, scorching hot here during summer.  I have been used to devising ways and means to beat the summer heat, or my own The Shades Of U's Summer Hacks.

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover

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Hair Removal:

The first one is about hair removal.  The abnormally hot weather in my area during summer means that I am almost always wearing shorts and skirts during the hot season.  I can never wear jeans here during the summer, it's just too hot!  This means that my legs are almost always exposed for everyone to see.  I used to shave my legs, but I often get nicks and cuts that are not a good sight.  Plus, it's pretty painful and I hate the scars they leave behind.

I turned to cream hair removers a while ago, and I've been loving them.  I tried the Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover for sensitive skin that comes in a pump.  I like that it has a pump for easy dispensing of the product with one hand.   The instructions specifically say that you cannot leave the product on your skin for more than 10 minutes, so this method of hair removal is very quick and efficient.  It's also painless, as it is specifically made for sensitive skin.  With the Veet Hair Remover, I can have soft, smooth legs all summer in as little as 10 minutes.


I like to wear BB creams and tinted moisturizer topped with a light layer of mineral foundation during summer.  The foundation sets my BB cream and keeps it from melting off in this heat.  BB creams or light foundations work great during summer to avoid cakey makeup.  I also like to spritz my face with a facial mist to refresh myself in the middle of the day.  Cream blush also looks more natural than powder blush and gives a beautiful "lit-from-within" look, and it is perfect for summer.


I like to apply a spoon cooled in the fridge on my lids and undereye area for an instant cooling effect.

Sun Care:

I don't use a sunscreen on my face with less than SPF30 sun protection.  I am very cautious about how the sun can damage my skin, so I always slather sunscreen on both my face and body every time I leave the house.  I like to use a spray-on sunscreen on my body to eliminate or lessen the white cast on the skin.

Keep Hydated:

One word: WATER.  When I leave work on my way home, the sun is at its hottest and harshest.  I always carry a water bottle filled with ice cold water to hydrate myself; and also remember that drinking lots of water helps keep the skin look glowing and smooth.

What are your tried-and-tested ways to beat the summer heat?

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