Zoya Naturel Collection Swatches, Review

Zoya Naturel

I was a bit surprised that Zoya came up with a neutral and nude color collection.  I am so used to Zoya churning out a lot of colors that I didn't know what to expect in a neutral/nude collection.  I was actually pretty pleased when I tested the shades.  They are like "palate cleansers" for us who have been saturated with glitter and color this past holiday.

Here are the swatches of the Zoya Naturel collection and my thoughts on them.

Zoya Chantal

 Zoya Chantal is described as a French vanilla cream.  I think it looks classic on the nails and can be worn by almost everyone.

Zoya nail polish in Taylor

Zoya Taylor is described as a light toffee cream.  I think I prefer this over Chantal because I like my creams a little darker.

Zoya Nail Polish in Brigitte

Zoya Brigitte with Lynnderella Ice the Snowcake layered on top

Zoya Brigitte is a mauve cream.  This is such a pretty neutral!  Some people think mauve creams are an old lady color, but I disagree.  You can definitely rock this color even when you're young, and you can definitely spice it up like what I didd with Lynnderella glitter polish in Ice the Snowcake as shown above.

Zoya nail polish in Odette

Zoya Odette is described as a sultry maroon cream.  I like how this looks darker than Brigitte, but it is still pretty wearable.

Zoya nail polish in Rue

Zoya Rue with Lynnderella Spot On layered on top

I think Zoya Rue is one of my favorite shades from this collection.  It looks so clean on the nails.  It is described as a Boudoir Blush Cream.  I guess it means it has pink undertones, and it looks very pretty and delicate on the nails.

 Zoya Normani

Zoya Normani

Zoya Normani is a sable mauve cream.  I love how dark but neutral it looks on my nails.  I think it can be worn year-round even when it is on the dark side.  Super chic!

All in all, I believe this is a great collection for those who like nudes and neutrals, and would like to have a break from all the fun and shiny glitters, holos and duochromes.

(Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are mine)

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