MAC Apres Chic Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm, Pro Longwear Liner Swatches, Review

 MAC Mineralize eye shadow

MAC Mineralize blush  

MAC Warm Companion lipstick

I already posted a Video Review of the MAC Apres Chic collection on my YouTube Channel and on this blog, but here is the promised written review with swatches.  As I said in the video review, if you are a lover of mineralized eyeshadows, blushes or skinfinishes from MAC, you will love this collection.  However, if you are not into mineralize anything from MAC (I know that there are a number of people who are not fans of the mineralize stuff from MAC, especially the mineralize eye shadows), you might want to skip this collection.  I personally love and collect MAC mineralize skinfinishes, so this is definitely right up my alley.  Here are my thoughts on the collection items.

MAC skinfinish
 MAC Stereo Rose skinfinish

Wearing MAC Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish

MAC Apres Chic
MAC Porcelain Pink MSF

 Left: MAC Stereo Rose skinfinish

 Left: MAC Porcelain Pink

Six years ago, MAC Stereo Rose was the most coveted skinfinish of all next to Pleasureflush.  A slightly used one cost almost a hundred dollars on makeup forums, and a brand new one on Ebay could fetch hundreds of dollars.  Three years ago, however, it was re-released, so demand kinda died down, but it it still one of the prettiest and most coveted mineralize skinfinish of all time.  I even had a Stereo Rose giveaway on my channel a few months ago, because I know that this is such and in-demand MAC item.  It's a beautiful shimmering coral with golden bronze veining.

Porcelain Pink gives a very ethereal kind of glow to the complexion.  It is described as a soft pinky coral with gold veining.  This is also one of my favorite MSFs.

 L-R: Mountain Air, Black Ice, Rich Experience, Snow Shadow, Night Trail

I was pleasantly surprised with the Pro Longwear Eye Liners.  They really glide well on the lashline, and they tolerate the waterline and tightline.  I was most amazed with the staying power.  This.does.not.budge.  This would have to be removed using an oil-based eye makeup remover because I had to literally scrub my skin hard and the swatch still did not come off.

My favorite of them all is Mountain Air.  It comes off as a vibrant teal in the swatches, but it looks really nice and not garish on the lashline.  It defined my eyes without giving an obnoxious teal shade.  This came out as more of a deep blue green on my eyes.

Black Ice is a black but it's not as pigmented as the other black liners that MAC has released.  Night Trail is a navy blue, Snow Shadow is a purple violet, and Rich Experience is a true brown.  I also like the latter because the brown is very rich and creamy-looking.

 Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm in Warm Companion

MAC Apres Chic

MAC Apres Chic
 Warm Companion

MAC mineralize tinted lip balm
 L-R: Nice & Simple, Slightly Nude, Pure & Tender, Stay Warm, Rosy Romance

MAC Apres Chic

The Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm is a new product from MAC.  It comes in a squeeze tube, and the consistency is slightly similar to the discontinued lip gelees, although the Tinted Lip Balm is slightly tackier than the lip gelees.  However, it is less sticky than the lipglass.  As the name suggests, it is meant to be a tinted lip balm so it is used under lip products to make the lips soft and moisturized prior to application of lipstick or gloss.  However, I tried this over lipstick and it also worked well as a lipgloss.

Stay Warm! is a creamy light pink, Slightly Nude is a nude coral and subtle pink pearl. Pure & Tender is a plummy cream nude, and Nice & Simple is a bronzy gold with multi-dimensional pearl.  Rosy Romance is the darkest of the bunch, a bluish plum with subtle pink pearl.  I guess the fact that some of these have pearl means that these are probably meant to be worn alone and not under a lip product (?), because the pearl would be buried underneath lipstick if it's meant to be a lip balm to be applied prior to lipstick.  I don't know - I may be just rambling, but to my mind, if a lip product has pearl, it is meant to stand out - therefore it should be just used alone or over another lip product.  But yes, I know, makeup does not have "rules"; do what makes you happy!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Apres Chic written reviews.  Coming up are the lipsticks, mineralize eye shadows and blushes!

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Laura Anies said...

The tinted lip balm is so excellent! I can avoid having the chapped lips with tinted lip balm during the cold and dry winter days.