Benjabelle Makeup Brush Tree Review

Hey makeup brush connoisseurs! If you have been reading my blog for years- do you remember this?

My handyman husband created this little brush dryer hanger for me to use. It was one of the best inventions he's made, mainly because it is based on one very important fact: you need to dry the brushes upside down (or at least not standing up) because you need to get the moisture away from the ferrules. This is exactly the position I want my brushes to be in while drying from their weekly washes, especially my synthetic mineral makeup kabuki and flat-top brushes because it takes one whole day for them to dry. I want all the moisture away from the ferrules and the base of the hairs, so I want them upside down.

Apparently, my Macgyver hubby is not the only one who had this concept in their head, because the Benjabelle folks invented the Brush Tree that is so simple yet so ingenious, I don't know why nobody (not even my husband) didn't think about it before!

Benjabelle Brush Tree
Benjabelle Brush Tree

Drying Makeup Brushes

Drying Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

It is so simple that it doesn't even have to be explained at length.  The Benjabelle Brush Tree is a plastic piece that has a tray on top with holes, and two pieces that form into a stand that can be assembled in less than five minutes.  It has silicone grippers that can hold brush handles of any size in place.  My big fat bronzer  brush handles fit snugly in place, and I can insert three eyeshadow brushes in one hole to maximize the space.

To assemble, take the two small pieces that come with the package and slide them together to the "X" shaped trunk of the brush tree.  Place the large top on a flat surface and press the trunk into the center slot on top.  Voila!  Your brush tree is ready to use!

For best results, it is important to insert brushes from below.  When the brushes are dry, pull the brushes through the top.

As you can see, there is enough space on top to dry additional brushes lying down.  This brush tree holds the shape of my brushes because gravity helps the bristles to align naturally while turned upside down.  The most ingenious part of the tree are the silicone grippers.  They hold brush handles of any size and really keep them in place while they dry naturally.  The best part is that since the brushes are drying upside down and pushes moisture away from the ferrules and hairs, I noticed that dry time is a lot faster especially for my synthetic brushes.

I am really impressed with this tool.  I definitely recommend this to people who value their brushes and take good care of them.  Since I have a bajillion brushes, I think I need at least one more brush tree!

You can buy the Benjabelle Brush Tree at for $24.95.  They have black, white, and pink brush trees for sale.

Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration.  All opinions are completely mine.


NikiD40 said...

I saw your husband's Macgyver option of drying your makeup brushes a few years ago, and it inspired me to make a variation of my own using a skirt hanger, clothes pins and rubber bands - and although I love my Macgyver method of drying my makeup brushes; I, too, am going to purchase the Benjabelle for it is even simpler and easier to use than what I currently use.

Thanks you for the inspiration. Blessings.

The Shades Of U said...

Thank you for reading my blog through the years! xoxo