MAC Hey, Sailor: Crew Highlight Powder, Suntints SPF 20 Lip Balm and Blush Swatches and Review

Here is Part 4 of the MAC Hey, Sailor series.  In this post, the Crew Highlight Powder, Suntints SPF 20 Lip Balmn and the blushes are the focus.

Crew High-light powder


Peach stripe, purple stripe, pink stripe (sunlight)


Swirled together (sunlight)


MAC Crew High-light Powder (SRP $28) is a combination of three different highlight and/or cheek color shades: a soft peachy shade, a blue-based pink shade, and a sort of lavender shade.  When swirled together, they give this soft pink finish.  It looks chalky in the swatches, and I believe that's because this is not meant to be applied heavily, or this is not meant to be too pigmented on the skin.  I can see this as a complexion enhancer, like some of those Laura Geller baked body frosting or even Bare Minerals radiances.  I don't know if this can really be a highlight powder, as I imagine highlighters to be like MAC mineralize skinfinishes.  I do think that this can work for light to medium-dark skintones.  I think (although I am not 100% certain) that this will look chalky on dark skintones just because of the finish and the light shades.  It does brighten the complexion and makes it look less dull, but as I highlight powder, I am not sure, unless MAC's concept of a highlight powder is different from mine.

Suntints SPF 20 Lip Balm:

Abalone, Au Rose

Abalone, Au Rose

Au Rose, Sea Mist, Abalone

The Suntints (SRP $16) are some of my favorite lip balms from MAC.  This is because I am a sucker for SPF protection. I don't know why my lip balms have no SPF in them, when I am very particular about slathering sunscreen on my face. It seems that my whole face is protected everyday except the lips! I am glad MAC brought back the Sun Tints in this collection.

Honestly, I live in a very hot environment during summer, and I am very particular about slathering sunscreen on my face (nothing lower than SPF 30) and my body (I use SPF 100 most of the time). But I ALWAYS forget to put sunscreen on my lips. This product is probably the best product for me. It has the famous MAC vanilla scent. The texture is not sticky, and it reminds me of MAC's lip gelees, but a bit thicker.

This collection has 3 Suntints variants. Sea Mist is a peachy nude with pearl, Abalone is a sheer hot pink with no pearl, and Au Rose is a poppy coral pink with gold pearl. My favorite has got to be Au Rose, as I am a sucker for corals with gold pearl. They don't impart much pigment, so they always look sheer on the lips when worn alone. This is fine with me because I am really after the SPF20 in these products more than the pigment or shade itself.


Fleet Fast


Launch Away!, Fleet Fast (sunlight)


This collection features two blushes (SRP $21): Launch Away! which is a true peach in the satin formula, and Fleet Fast, a pinky golden coral in the satin formula as well. I think the bestseller is Fleet Fast, as I see a lot of people liking this. It is very pretty and I think one of the more unusual colors in my blush stash. I can really see myself using this a lot, as this suits my coloring. I also think it is a universal color that mostly everyone can wear.

All in all, I am liking Fleet Fast blush in this particular group the best. I also like all the Suntints because of their sun protection, and I will definitely be using them this summer. Crew High-light powder works more like a complexion enhancer, and will perk up dull, tired complexions. I am not sure how it can work as a highlight product, though.

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Note: Media sample was provided by a representative of the brand for consideration. All opinions are competely mine.


Victoria said...

The Highlight powder looks pretty in the pan but I'm not sure I have a use for it and I have way too many pretty makeup items already that I never use! The suntints look very nice, especially Au Rose and the added SPF is a major bonus. I don't like wearing heavy lip colours in the Summer anyway so these sound perfect.

Phyrra said...

I like Au rose :)