Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Nail Look: Effie Trinket's Gradient Nails

Here's my interpretation of Effie Trinket's nails during the reaping in The Hunger Games movie. I am such a fan of the books; I am on the third book and I am excited to finish it! Anyways, for this nail art, I used two coats of OPI More Time For Me, a cream berry-ish mauve, and added one coat of Orly Razzle, a beautiful sparkly magenta, on top. I applied Butter London in The Full Monty over Razzle using a makeup sponge. I did a couple layers and added a third layer on the tip. I used Orly Prisma Gloss Gold glitter topcoat over it.

If I would do this again, I would put the gradient a little lower on the nail, maybe just a little over half of the nail, as my short nails look a little overwhelmed by the gold gradient. Anyways, I really like this design and I would love to use The Full Monty as a sponge glitter gradient over other polish shades.

Happy Hunger Games!


emmabovary said...

That nail look is really beautiful, and perfectly Effie Trinket!

Rainbow Nails said...

Beautiful Design