Nail Stamp Haul: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup and Red Angel Plates

Many people who do nail stamp art know that chrome polishes work great on images. That's why I really wanted to get my hands on some discontinued Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup polishes that I just ignored at drugstores when they were still available. I am regretting that because I have been on the hunt for these. I finally found a good ebay seller who sold a dozen to me for about $3.75 each. Not bad at all! I tried them out with stamping and I love that they are smooth and transfer easily from the plate to the stamp to the nail. I could stamp all five fingers on one hand in less than 5 minutes with these Chromes!

21-piece Red Angel plates

I also got some Red Angel plates from Amazon. They were only $13 for a 21-piece set so it wasn't bad at all. I will however say here what many other nail stamp enthusiasts have noted about Red Angel. First, the edges of the disc are so sharp that you are bound to cut yourself if you aren't careful. Even when I was careful while peeling the blue plastic sheet off the plate, my finger still got cut. It felt like one nasty paper cut but worse because at the back of my mind I'm thinking I got cut by metal, and I hope I don't get tetanus. Anyways, the images are nice and they transfer easily onto the stamp and nails. If it weren't for the fact that I got cut, I would be raving all over the place about these plates.

Also, for some odd reason, the fairy wings are not there on the plates, making it look like it's a girl jumping or dancing instead of a fairy. Really bummed about that because I like fairies.

So I tried these and I used Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup polish in Taupe Pearl Chrome over OPI Thanks a Windmillion from the OPI Holland collection. I used RA-102 stamp.

Looks very vintage-y especially the paisley design, but I kinda like it. Watch out for more nail looks using these image plates and Chrome polishes!

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Wonni said...


I am from Germany and I'm on the lookout for these Red Angel Platen.
The Platen it is only at Amazon.
Amazon does not deliver to Germany.
Can anyone tell me where I can still buy the supplies to Germany?

love greetings